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ROS Package for PhoXi Scanner/Camera. If you like us, STAR US! :P
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This package enables interfacing Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner/Camera from ROS.

Installation of latest version 2

phoxi_camera package depends on:

Installation of version 1

phoxi_camera package depends on several state-of-the-art libraries and latest version of g++ compiler. Script which is available in main repo folder install all packages and libraries required for successful phoxi_camera compilation. Follow steps below to get phoxi_camera package working properly on your system:

cd catkin_ws/src
git clone
cd phoxi_camera
chmod +x
cd ../..


~/scanner_id          - Default PhoXi 3D Scannet to connect after startup. Default value: "InstalledExamples-PhoXi-example"
~/frame_id:           - Frame id to which captured data relies to. Default value: "PhoXi3Dscanner_sensor"
# All folowing parameters are for PhoXi Control and they can override all dynamic_reconfigure parameters in cfg file.
# This values are set to scanner after startup of node.
~/confidence          - Default value 3.0
~/coordination_space  - Default value 1 # 1 = Camera, 2 =  Mounting, 3 = Marker, 4 = Robot, 5 = Custom
~/resolution          - Default value 1         # 0 = Low, 1 = High
~/scan_multiplier     - Default value 1
~/send_confidence_map - Default value true
~/send_deapth_map     - Default value true
~/send_normal_map     - Default value true
~/send_point_cloud    - Default value true
~/send_texture        - Default valuetrue
~/shutter_multiplier  - Default value 1
~/timeout             - Default value -3          # in ms, special parameters: 0 = Zero, -1 = Infinity, -2 = Last stored, -3 = Default
~/trigger_mode        - Default value 1      # 0 = Free run, 1 = Software

Available ROS services

For input and output parameters of each service please see coresponding service file in srv folder.


Available ROS topics


Test PhoXi ROS interface

Rostests are used to test ROS node interfaces. These tests will try to connect and check if there are topics, services, and some basic parameters.

In config file tests/interfaces/ set camera ID. You can set up real scanner or file camera. For more information read tests/

Launch test for phoxi_camera node interfaces:

rostest -t phoxi_camera phoxi_camera_interfaces.test 

Test PhoXi ROS interface without real 3D scanner

It is possible to test PhoXi ROS interface without real hardware.

  • Start PhoXiControl application
  • Launch simple test exampleroslaunch phoxi_camera phoxi_camera_test.launch
  • Application should connect to the camera and start aquiring example pointclouds
  • Notice that pointcloud data are also being published on ROS topics
  • Use available ROS services to control the dummy camera.

Test PhoXi ROS interface with real device

  • Start PhoXiControl application
  • Connect to your device
  • Run Interface node rosrun phoxi_camera phoxi_camera
  • Use available ROS services to control your 3D scanner

See phoxi_camera ROS Wiki page for further details.

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