Arcade.Body#rotation, #preRotation should be initialized from Sprite#angle, not Sprite#rotation #2708

samme opened this Issue Aug 20, 2016 · 2 comments


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samme commented Aug 20, 2016

Arcade.Body copies these from sprite.rotation, but that's incorrect.

They should be copied from sprite.angle, as in Arcade.Body#preUpdate.

This Issue is about

  • A bug in the API
@photonstorm photonstorm added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 21, 2016
@photonstorm ArcadePhysics Body.rotation now reads its initial value from sprite.a…
…ngle instead of sprite.rotation. The property was immediately replaced with the correct value in Body.preUpdate regardless, but it keeps it consistent (thanks @samme #2708)

It doesn't functionally make any difference, as it's replaced immediately via preUpdate anyway, but you're right, it should use that value instead, so I've fixed it in dev.

samme commented Aug 21, 2016

I figured as much, but thanks. :)

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