Revert PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer.getBounds call to updateTransform #2627

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Describe the changes below:

This reverts commit 4102378.

Calling updateTransform inside of DisplayObjectContainer.getBounds() has the following two
detrimental side effects:

  • getLocalBounds() actually returns world bounds.
  • PIXI.identityMatrix becomes corrupted because worldTransform is updated destructively in updateTransform().

There is probably a way to rewrite getLocalBounds() to work without reverting this, but I don't see an obvious route.

@st0nerhat st0nerhat Revert "PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer calls `updateTransform` at the st…
…art of `getBounds` to help avoid the bounds being out of date."

This reverts commit 4102378.

Calling updateTransform here breaks the behavior of getLocalBounds()

Closing, as this is covered by #2639

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