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A Big Thank You to All Our Sponsors! 💎

PhotoPrism is 100% self-funded and independent. Your continued support helps us provide regular updates and services like world maps. We currently have the following sponsorship options:

  • GitHub Sponsors is priced in USD and also offers one-time donations
  • Patreon is priced in Euro and also offers yearly payments
  • Stripe will be available in early 2022, so you can sign up directly in the app without having a Patreon or GitHub account
  • You are welcome to contact us for crypto donations, bank account details, and business partnerships

Visit to learn more.

Platinum Sponsors

Sid Karunaratne (Patreon, May 2019)

Andrew (Patreon, October 2021)

@ppibburr (GitHub Sponsors, December 2021)

Gold Sponsors

Simen Eriksen (GitHub Sponsors, December 2019)

Alex Leahu (GitHub Sponsors, January 2020)

Thomas Eg (GitHub Sponsors, April 2020)

@mpodshivalin (GitHub Sponsors, July 2020)

@kvtong93 (GitHub Sponsors, September 2020)

Thomas Eizinger (GitHub Sponsors, October 2020)

@FreshMosh (GitHub Sponsors, November 2020)

Cooper (Patreon, November 2020)

Asim Aslam (GitHub Sponsors, November 2020)

Garn Penrod (Patreon, November 2020)

@anaxmedia (GitHub Sponsors, November 2020)

Kevin Anderson (GitHub Sponsors, November 2020)

@reyman (GitHub Sponsors, January 2021)

Ben McCann (GitHub Sponsors, January 2021)

Steven Chan (GitHub Sponsors, April 2021)

Joseph Jacks (GitHub Sponsors, June 2021)

Daniel Hähnke (GitHub Sponsors, July 2021)

@jasontitus (GitHub Sponsors, October 2021)

Łukasz Anwajler (GitHub Sponsors, November 2021)

Let us know if you do not want to be listed.

One-Time Donations

David Pennington, Jun Li, Jonas Aaberg, Dmitry, Fabian Graf, Klemens Guder, Greg, Jean-Louis Frenkel, INIT_6, Sandro Rüegge, William Kray, Ovace Mamnoon, Clément Caplain Moreau, The Gordon Project, @pluja, @swingstate, Sola

Learn more about one-time donation options through GitHub Sponsors.