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What potential users are concerned about

  • For this to take off it needs an "import from Google Photos" feature because I'm way too lazy to do that manually and a mobile app that automatically syncs my photos to the server because not loosing them is my biggest concern and I don't want to do it manually.

    • Even better, just index perkeep (of, that downloads my photos from everywhere, automatically.
    • If you don't care about all the other features like picture content recognition or album sharing and collaboration then there is another way to get an automatic backup. There are apps watching and automatically backing up one or more selected directories. Then you only need to configure this app or the camera app to use this directory. Nextcloud is such an option.
  • Looks like it "imports" images, rather than indexes the images you might have scattered upon your filesystem? That's a dealbreaker for some - me included. I have around 1.5Tb of images stored at ~/Images/$year/$day/$event/{ RAW JPG Thumbs }, I don't have space for a second-copy, so importing them would fail. I just want to index and browse quickly/easily.

    • Does it work with existing photo folders? Meaning that I so do not want to upload gigabytes of my photos into another database.
    • This is my biggest gripe with all these web photos managers. I'd love to use one, but unless I can just point it to my existing huge, organized photo directory it's a no-go for me. I'd be fine with the application having its own directory to store metadata/thumbnails, but the data directory has to stay where I have it organized in the folders the way I have it.
  • Unfortunately, it still wants to move and rename your files. I don't want this. It should be read only.

  • I'm not criticizing docker itself, but i kind of hate having docker pushed down my throat. Let me just host stuff, the old fashioned way.

  • I understand that "docker run blah" might be comfortable or even preferable for a lot of people. But, for an open source project written in Go(capable of spitting out single executable binary), I would have loved to see plain old build instructions without Docker. as in Download this, and connect to a MySQL database like this. Not everyone is comfortable with running Docker for several reasons.

    • If you look at the Dockerfile you will realize this project uses a lot of stuff beyond just the go binary; it looks like docker is a good fit for this project.
  • Why are all social networks and discussion (slack) proprietary? May I suggest switch to IRC, Discourse, Mastodon, or Diaspora... Specially when it's privacy related.

  • After Snowden... the word "prism" on any software is a red flag for me lol

  • Needs auto-rotate so images are always upright.

  • Cool. Page needs simple download links.

We are working hard to solve those issues, for example by implementing a mode that doesn't touch directory and file names. Installing PhotoPrism without Docker also seems possible, at least on Linux and Mac OS X.

See also Ideas, Inbox, Related, Love, Research and Privacy.

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