Docker Compose

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To simplify running PhotoPrism on a server, you may prefer to use Docker Compose - a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.

Step 1: Configure

Download the config file docker-compose.yml (right click and Save Link As...) to a directory of your choice.

By default, a folder named Photos in your home directory will be used to store all images. You don't need to create it.

PhotoPrism will also create the following sub-directories in your Photos folder: Import, Export and Originals. Copy photos to Import and import them from there, if you want to avoid duplicates. Files that can not be imported - like videos - will stay in the Import directory, nothing gets lost.

If you prefer to use different directory names, you can change them in docker-compose.yml. See inline comments for instructions.

Step 2: Run

Open a terminal, go to the directory in which you saved the config file and run this command to start the server:

docker-compose up -d

The Web frontend is now available at http://localhost:2342/. The port can be changed in docker-compose.yml. Remember to run docker-compose restart every time you touch the config.

Step 3: Import

Connect to the application container and run photoprism import after putting files in the Import folder:

docker-compose exec photoprism bash
photoprism import

To index photos in the Originals folder:

photoprism index

You should now be able to see your photos. You can continue using your favorite tools like Photoshop or Lightroom to edit images in the Originals folder. Run photoprism index to reindex them as needed. Even deleting and adding is possible. Easy, isn't it?

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