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MagentaCLOUD is a German cloud service that currently gives you 10 GB of free storage. It is provided by Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. They have ~13m customers in Germany who can use the service plus external users worldwide.

Its previous name was Mediencenter. As the internal project title "Digital Life Storage" suggests, the idea was to provide storage for life, to upload all your files and share them with others. Features included photo editing, ordering photo books, sharing to other cloud services, creating various types of playlists/albums, music/video streaming to devices from phones to set-top boxes, Solr-based search, a complete Windows Explorer-like file manager incl drag & drop, and much more. On top, everything had to work in Internet Explorer 6.

Michael Mayer, the maintainer of PhotoPrism, coordinated front- and backend engineering teams in multiple locations worldwide during development of release 2 and 3 from 2007 until 2009. Creating a commercial single page application of that scale was absolute pioneering work at that time and laid the foundation for JavaScriptMVC's success as open-source project. It was renamed to CanJS / DoneJS after other MVC libraries for JavaScript appeared.

As it happens with many commercial services and products, the focus of Mediencenter shifted as teams were replaced and managers moved on:

Screenshot (2008)

Screenshot (2018)

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