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This repository holds all of the files used for configuring unix utilities. You can find vim configs, bash profile configuration, and more here. Setup symlinks for each so that you can easily version control them. See below for more info:

vim configuration

To setup the symlink for the repo, make sure to use the absolute paths like as specified below. If you don't, you'll run into some weird situations where the .vimrc can't be loaded.

$ ln -s ~/os/circlefiles/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

Once that is setup, follow the Vundle vim plugin manager instructions to install and then run the plugin install: :PluginInstall

bash configuration

This repo has both .bashrc and .bash_profile configurations, although all .bash_profile does is source .bashrc. Again when symlinking this, be sure to use absolute paths as specified below:

$ ln -s ~/os/circlefiles/.bashrc ~/.bashrc
$ ln -s ~/os/circlefiles/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile