an easy-to-use repo that you can clone to get a basic react site up and running.
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react webpack es6 skeleton

If you're confused by all the different tutorials out there for react, this is a good starting point for a boilerplate react, webpack, and es6 setup. This is meant to be easy, so if it's not, let me know. This also includes bootstrap for quick development.


If you want to get the demo running locally, follow these steps:

  • git clone
  • cd react-es6-skeleton
  • npm install - this may take a minute or two
  • npm run build - when you first start, you need to bundle the js the first time
  • npm start - run the small express server that serves up index.html

Some notes on how the project is setup:

  • the main app.js is the express server that serves up the index.html in the root directory.
  • static assets are stored inside the public directory, including the final bundle.js file produced by webpack.
  • express is configured to load assets from public, so once you put your css or images in there, you can reference their web paths as static/<your file path in public here when you need it in index.html
  • if you want to change where webpack puts bundle.js, just change the BUILD_DIR variable inside webpack.config.js
  • for an example of how to import local modules in your es6 code, look at the import inside src/index.jsx for the CommentBox class
  • if you want to dig further, react-router is included with a basic rendering of the Home component, but it's not necessary to understand for now