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Phovea NPM version Build Status

helper generator for phovea


First, install Yeoman and generator-phovea using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo generator-phovea

Then generate your new project:

yo phovea

Getting To Know Yeoman

  • Yeoman has a heart of gold.
  • Yeoman is a person with feelings and opinions, but is very easy to work with.
  • Yeoman can be too opinionated at times but is easily convinced not to be.
  • Feel free to learn more about Yeoman.


Command Description
yo phovea Initialize a new web application, library bundle, web library, server library, or service
yo phovea:app Add an application or library
yo phovea:add-dependency Add an additional plugin or external libraries to the current plugin
yo phovea:add-extension Add an additional web or server extension to the current plugin
yo phovea:clone DEPRECATED Clone a plugin (by plugin name) and resolve the dependencies
yo phovea:resolve DEPRECATED Clone dependent plugins of the current workspace into the workspace
yo phovea:init-product Create product files and repos
yo phovea:install Add an NPM dependency to a plugin in a workspace setup
yo phovea:workspace Create a workspace of multiple containing plugins
yo phovea:setup-workspace Clone a product repository as new workspace and resolve dependencies
yo phovea:update Update the current plugin or workspace
yo phovea:prepare-release Utility to release a set of plugins

This repository is part of Phovea, a platform for developing web-based visualization applications. For tutorials, API docs, and more information about the build and deployment process, see the documentation page.