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# Add `~/bin` to the `$PATH`
export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH";
# Load the shell dotfiles, and then some:
# * ~/.path can be used to extend `$PATH`.
# * ~/.extra can be used for other settings you don’t want to commit.
for file in ~/.{path,bash_prompt,exports,aliases,functions,extra}; do
[ -r "$file" ] && [ -f "$file" ] && source "$file";
unset file;
# Case-insensitive globbing (used in pathname expansion)
shopt -s nocaseglob;
# Append to the Bash history file, rather than overwriting it
shopt -s histappend;
# Autocorrect typos in path names when using `cd`
shopt -s cdspell;
# Enable some Bash 4 features when possible:
# * `autocd`, e.g. `**/qux` will enter `./foo/bar/baz/qux`
# * Recursive globbing, e.g. `echo **/*.txt`
for option in autocd globstar; do
shopt -s "$option" 2> /dev/null;
# Add tab completion for many Bash commands
if which brew > /dev/null && [ -f "$(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion" ]; then
source "$(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion";
elif [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then
source /etc/bash_completion;
# Enable tab completion for `g` by marking it as an alias for `git`
if type _git &> /dev/null && [ -f /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/git-completion.bash ]; then
complete -o default -o nospace -F _git g;
# Add tab completion for SSH hostnames based on ~/.ssh/config, ignoring wildcards
[ -e "$HOME/.ssh/config" ] && complete -o "default" -o "nospace" -W "$(grep "^Host" ~/.ssh/config | grep -v "[?*]" | cut -d " " -f2 | tr ' ' '\n')" scp sftp ssh;
# Add tab completion for `defaults read|write NSGlobalDomain`
# You could just use `-g` instead, but I like being explicit
complete -W "NSGlobalDomain" defaults;
# Add `killall` tab completion for common apps
complete -o "nospace" -W "Contacts Calendar Dock Finder Mail Safari iTunes SystemUIServer Terminal Twitter" killall;