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Solvers - improve our world
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Solvers - improve our world.

Stories in Ready Build Status Code Climate Gitter chat is a community of people who want to improve our world. We connect projects that tackle important problems with the people who have the skills to help.

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In order to run the tests, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure the project is setup and runs normally by typing mrt in the app/ directory

  2. In the root directory, run npm install -g grunt-cli to install the grunt command-line task runner

  3. In the root directory, run npm install to install the other testing dependencies from npm

  4. In the app/ directory, run the project with: mrt --settings settings_test.json to run the project in test mode. This ensures the database is setup correctly for testing. NOTE: CURRENTLY THIS WILL WIPE ANY EXISTING DATABASE INCLUDING USERS!!

  5. In the root directory, run grunt test to execute the automated tests

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