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g++ -O3 -std=c++11 driver.cpp wchar_to_int_mapper.cpp trie.cpp -Wall -Wextra -o dict_search

OR, if you have an older gcc then the followings

g++ -O3 -std=c++0x driver.cpp wchar_to_int_mapper.cpp trie.cpp -Wall -Wextra -o dict_search


dict_search bengali_word_list.txt


(+) The 'driver.cpp' is written to use the APIs provided by the other files. Therefore this is a demo file to test the features. The executable right now will work only for Bengali words. To change it we just need to load with the appropriate character set.

(+) Use the APIs as shown in 'driver.cpp' in other programs.

(+) Need some more requirements

(+) Does not output in a separate file. Right now redirect output to file as follows, if the executing terminal does not support utf-8.

    ./dict_search bengali_word_list.txt > output_file
(+) Will the filenames be in bengali?

(+) VERY COSTLY ON MEMORY. More than 500 Kb per node, which is extremely costly. For the provided small Bengali word list, it works file.
    Loading long list of words will explode the memory.

(+) Patrica or Bit-represented Trie. Will depend on the requirements and time available.