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Message Durability

When creating a new message set the delivery_mode to AMQPMessage::DELIVERY_MODE_PERSISTENT:

$msg = new AMQPMessage(
        'delivery_mode' => AMQPMessage::DELIVERY_MODE_PERSISTENT

Supported message properties

"content_type" => "shortstr",
"content_encoding" => "shortstr",
"application_headers" => "table",
"delivery_mode" => "octet",
"priority" => "octet",
"correlation_id" => "shortstr",
"reply_to" => "shortstr",
"expiration" => "shortstr",
"message_id" => "shortstr",
"timestamp" => "timestamp",
"type" => "shortstr",
"user_id" => "shortstr",
"app_id" => "shortstr",
"cluster_id" => "shortst"

Getting message properties:


Acknowledging messages

You can acknowledge messages by sending a basic_ack on the channel:


Keep in mind that the delivery_tag has to be valid so most of the time just use the one provide by the server.

If you don't want to access the delivery_info array directly you can also use $msg->get('delivery_tag') but keep in mind that's slower than just accessing the array by key.

What's on the delivery info?

When RabbitMQ delivers a message the library will add the following delivery_info to the message:

$delivery_info = array(
    "channel" => $this,
    "consumer_tag" => $consumer_tag,
    "delivery_tag" => $delivery_tag,
    "redelivered" => $redelivered,
    "exchange" => $exchange,
    "routing_key" => $routing_key

They can also be accessed using the AMQPMessage::get function: