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use ApiClients\Client\Twitter\AsyncClient;
use ApiClients\Client\Twitter\Resource\Async\Tweet;
use ApiClients\Client\Twitter\Resource\ProfileInterface;
use React\EventLoop\Factory;
use function ApiClients\Foundation\resource_pretty_print;
if (!isset($argv[1])) {
echo 'This example requires you to pass a username for example \'php profile-update-name-async.php "Cees-Jan %s Kiewiet"\'.', PHP_EOL;
echo 'The %s in there will be replaced with a random emoji.', PHP_EOL;
require dirname(__DIR__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'vendor/autoload.php';
$config = require 'resolve_config.php';
$emojis = require 'emoji.php';
$loop = Factory::create();
$client = (new AsyncClient(
$profile = $client->profile()->done(function (ProfileInterface $profile) use ($client, $argv, $emojis) {
'follow' => $profile->idStr(),
])->filter(function ($resource) {
return $resource instanceof Tweet;
})->filter(function (Tweet $tweet) use ($profile) {
return $tweet->user()->idStr() === $profile->idStr();
function (Tweet $tweet) use ($profile, $argv, $emojis) {
echo '------------------', PHP_EOL;
echo $tweet->text(), PHP_EOL;
echo '------------------', PHP_EOL;
$profile = $profile->withName(sprintf(
$emojis[random_int(0, count($emojis) - 1)]
$profile->putProfile()->done(function (ProfileInterface $newProfile) use ($profile) {
$profile = $newProfile;
function ($e) {
echo (string)$e;
function () {
echo PHP_EOL;
echo '------------------', PHP_EOL;
echo 'Completed streaming', PHP_EOL;
echo '------------------', PHP_EOL;