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This is the main repository for all our cache adapters


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PHP Cache

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This is the main repository for all our cache adapters and libraries. To read about features like tagging and hierarchy support please read the shared documentation at

Back in 2016, this was the first library supporting PSR-6. We created Symfony bundles and made many great libraries in the PHP-cache organization. This was a few years ago and the library is not activly maintained. Starting a new project one should consider using the more performant and activly supported Symfony Cache.


This library is for development use. All pull requests to the adapters, and libraries included in here, should be made to this library.

If you are lazy, you can also include this project, to include all the adapters and libraries.


Contributions are very welcome! Make sure you check out the contributing docs and send us a pull request or report any issues you find on the issue tracker. Feel free to come chat with us on Gitter too.