This is the main repository for all our cache adapters
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Korbeil and Nyholm PHPArray adapter using arrays for hierarchical (#219)
* fixing phpdoc

* fixing phpdoc

* adding const for Hierarchical modes

* implementing modes in HierarchicalCachePoolTrait

* switching to array mode for PHPArray implementation

* fixing unaltered keys in array mode, they are forced in array

* adding utility functions & using arrays for Hierarchical implementation

* updating arrayIsset to manage nested cases

* fixing failed test when having non-array return

* using self as accessor for const

* cleaning arrayIsset func to cacheIsset

* cleaning arrayToolkit func to cacheToolkit

* comment

* updating hierarchical traits & adding one more to have keys as arrays (+ removing hierarchical modes)

* implementing new HierarchicalArray trait for PHPArray adapter

* fixing StyleCI

* updating Changelogs

* cleaning Changelog files

* removing trait & implementing getHierarchyKey in PHPArray

* removing tests encryption scrap
Latest commit b3bba52 Jul 11, 2018

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This is the main repository for all our cache adapters and libraries. To read about features like tagging and hierarchy support please read the shared documentation at


This library is for development use. All pull requests to the adapters, and libraries included in here, should be made to this library.

If you are lazy, you can also include this project, to include all the adapters and libraries.


Contributions are very welcome! Make sure you check out the contributing docs and send us a pull request or report any issues you find on the issue tracker. Feel free to come chat with us on Gitter too.