@corpsee corpsee released this Jul 29, 2018 · 40 commits to master since this release

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  • New SensioLabsInsight plugin. Thanks to @EugenGanshorn. Pull request #203, #204.
  • Triggers pullrequest:approved and pullrequest:fulfilled (Merged) for BitBucket webhook. Issue #176.
  • Error reporting for PHPCsFixer plugin. Thanks to @caouecs and @StudioMaX. Pull request #193, #195, #197.
  • General webhook for Hg (Mercurial) like we have for Git. Issue #194.
  • Ability to get current stage into plugins (Builder::getCurrentStage() method). Issue #200.


  • Improved documentation for HipChat, Slack and Flowdock plugins. Thanks to @underthecocotree. Pull request #177.
  • Improved Phan plugin localization in quality trends chart. Thanks to @caouecs. Pull request #192.
  • Improved directory option for TechnicalDebt plugin. Thanks to @nickel715. Pull request #198.
  • Improved PHP PhpDocblockChecker plugin (forked PHPDoc Checker with fixes for PHP 7.1 nullable params). Issue #188.
  • Updated PHPCodeSniffer package version to ~3.2.0. Thanks to @underthecocotree. Pull request #178.


  • Build timeout (php-censor.build.failed_after config option). Issue #190.


  • XML-report loading for Codeception plugin. Issue #182.
  • Content type check for Gogs webhook route. Issue #185.
  • Repository links for Gogs build. Thanks to @simmstein. Pull request #186.
  • Webhook info position in BitBucket build source documentation. Thanks to @bochkovprivate. Pull request #189.
  • Path for Local build source. Thanks to @caouecs. Pull request #191.