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The membership of the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG) is comprised of Member Projects. This bylaw defines the rules and rights of membership.


Member Project
Any PHP project with voting rights admitted to PHP-FIG after submitting an application to the PHP-FIG mailing list under the Member Application procedure described in this bylaw.
Voting Representative
Any individual granted the right to cast votes on behalf of a Member Project.

Membership List

The current Member Projects in PHP-FIG will be listed at the following URL:

This list must also indicate the names of the current Voting Representative for each Member Project. This list must be updated for any change in the composition of Member Projects or Voting Representatives.

Membership Application

To cast votes on PHP-FIG proposals, it is required that a PHP project apply to become a Member Project. This application may be submitted by any individual who is authorised by the PHP project in question to do so.

The application must be emailed to the main php-fig mailing list and is restricted to one application per email. In order to be considered, all applications must be sponsored in advance by at least one existing Voting Representative.

The subject of the email must follow the following format:

Membership Request: {$your_name} ({$project_name})

The body of the email should provide details of the PHP project applying for membership including its name, URL, the name of the proposed Voting Representative, the name of the Voting Representative sponsor and any other details that the individual applying on behalf of the PHP project believes are necessary to include.

There must be a minimum two week period from the membership request being made before voting can begin to allow for necessary discussions.

The membership application can then be voted upon by the existing Member Projects in accordance with the Voting Protocol bylaw. PHP-FIG must perform checks to ensure that each application is valid and authorised by the PHP project that the applicant claims to act on behalf of. Once voting has completed and if the application has been deemed accepted, the PHP project will become a Member Project with immediate effect.

There are no restrictions on the number of times a PHP project may apply to become a Member Project.

Voting Representatives

The votes of all Member Projects are cast by Voting Representives who have been authorised to do so by the Member Project. Each Voting Representative is chosen solely by a Member Project and their selection is not subject to the approval of PHP-FIG. A Voting Representative may be replaced by the Member Project which they represent at any time.

To prevent illegal or erroneous voting, the Voting Representative must be confirmed by the Member Project to be authorised to act in such a capacity by sending an email to the main php-fig mailing list. This email may be combined with a Member Application if the applicant has sufficient authority. The other Member Projects may seek such confirmation at any time during the Voting Representative's term.

A Member Project may not have more than one Voting Representative at a time.

A Voting Representative may temporarily confer their voting rights onto another individual who is authorised by the Member Project which they represent. This conferral must be notified to PHP-FIG by the current Voting Representative by sending an email to the main php-fig mailing list. This email must state the name of the temporary Voting Representative and the period of time for which their temporary voting rights will remain valid. All voting rights will automatically return to the original Voting Representative at the end of the period of time stated in this email. All dates noted should reference a timezone. Where a timezone is not referenced, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) will be assumed.

If, in the judgement of PHP-FIG, a Voting Representative is acting inappropriately and to the detriment of PHP-FIG's ability to meet its objectives, a vote may be taken to request a replacement Voting Representative in accordance with the Voting Protocol bylaw or to expel the Member Project where replacing a Voting Representative is not possible.

Resignation Of Member Projects

A Member Project may resign from PHP-FIG in writing to the main php-fig mailing list or by stating their intention to do so on another official public channel. Once such a statement is published, a PHP project immediately ceases to be a Member Project.

A former Member Project may reapply for membership at any future date.

Expulsion Of Member Projects

A Member Project may be expelled from PHP-FIG if, in the judgement of PHP-FIG, that Member Project has not casted votes in three consecutive voting calls or all voting calls over a period no less than six months whichever constitutes the greater period of time. It is the responsibility of Member Projects to ensure that they are actively represented by a Voting Representative.

A Member Project may also be expelled if their Voting Representative is subject to a replacement request from PHP-FIG but a suitable replacement is not available.

The expulsion of a Member Project requires a vote in accordance with the Voting Protocol bylaw.

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