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added a clarifying comment about comments vs. meta docs
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2 parents 5126e4e + 0dc4235 commit 382c4b7960862d350042059b0276e387508590aa Phil Sturgeon committed Jun 21, 2013
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@@ -127,6 +127,18 @@ be removed from this document, but a copy of the commented proposal must be kept
the suffix "-commented" (e.g. ""). The commented version can be used to interpret
the rules of the PSR in case of doubt.
+> Reason for having both a commented PSR and a meta document:
+> The meta document provides the high-level perspective, why an approach was
+> taken and what other approaches exist.
+> The comments in a PSR, on the contrary, provide additional information about
+> specific rules in a PSR or explain the intention of a rule in simple words
+> (like doc blocks in source code). Comments are mostly useful during Draft and
+> Review. With their additional information, other people reading the proposal
+> can judge more easily whether they disagree with a rule fundamentally or
+> whether they agree, but the author just happened to formulate the rule badly.
The meta document of the proposal must also be moved to `/accepted/meta` and prefixed with the PSR number, for
example "".

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