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2 parents 966023c + 85f3625 commit adfae422ecd0ae440fc92ff3ce0692911d9f99fb @dragoonis dragoonis committed Jan 20, 2013
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@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ Users of loggers are refered to as `user`.
The interfaces and classes described as well as relevant exception classes
-and a test suite to verify your implementation are provided as part of the
+and a test suite to verify your implementation is provided as part of the
[psr/log]( package.
3. `Psr\Log\LoggerInterface`
LindaMann added a note Jan 24, 2013

What do you mean? Is that an answer to my question?

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4 comments on commit adfae42


Hello there;

I have created a profile page and it all works perfectly, except it is suppose to generate each participants weight to them and instead it generates the first person's weight in the database to everyone. What am I forgetting? I have been playing with it and playing with it to try and figure out the code and cannot... I need to fix this now... Can anyone please help me?
Here is the code:

$usernames = array("user1", "user2", "user3", "admin", "new user");
$passwords = array("password1", "password2", "password3", "admin", "new password");
$page = "protected_page.php";
$page_title = 'login';
$page_title = 'login-home';
$page_title = 'logout';
for($i=0;$i {

// Connect to the database
$dbc = mysql_connect('', 'jaeger', 'Activate1!', 'jaeger');

//database connect info here

//check for file upload
if(isset($_FILES['csv_file']) && is_uploaded_file($_FILES['csv_file']['tmp_name'])){

//upload directory
$upload_dir = "uploads/";

//create file name
$file_path = $upload_dir . $_FILES['csv_file']['name'];

//move uploaded file to upload dir
if (!move_uploaded_file($_FILES['csv_file']['tmp_name'], $file_path)) {

    //error moving upload file
    echo "Error moving file upload";


//open the csv file for reading
$handle = fopen($file_path, 'r');

//turn off autocommit and delete the product table
mysql_query("SET AUTOCOMMIT=0");

while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, ',')) !== FALSE) {


    //Access field data in $data array ex.
    $firstname = addslashes($data[2]);
    $lastname = addslashes($data[3]);
    $email = addslashes($data[4]);
    $teams = addslashes($data[5]);
    $address = addslashes($data[6]);
    $city = addslashes($data[7]);
    $state = addslashes($data[8]);
    $zipcode = addslashes($data[9]);
    $phonenumber = addslashes($data[10]);
    $username = addslashes($data[11]);
    $password = addslashes($data[12]);

    $sql = "INSERT into groups(first_name,last_name,email,radio_name, address, city, state, zipcode, phonenumber, username, password, confirmcode) VALUES('$firstname','$lastname','$email','$teams','$address','$city','$state','$zipcode','$phonenumber','$username','$password','y')";
    mysql_query($sql) or (mysql_query("ROLLBACK") and die(mysql_error() . " - $sql"));


//commit the data to the database
mysql_query("SET AUTOCOMMIT=1");

//delete csv file


$pagenum = $_GET["pagenum"];
if (!(isset($pagenum)))


$pagenum = 1;


$query = "SELECT,first_name,last_name,username,p.weight1,p.weight2,p.weight3,p.weight4,p.weight5,p.weight6,p.weight7,p.weight8 FROM groups g left join profile p on order by first_name asc";
$data = mysql_query($query,$dbc) or die(mysql_error());
$rows = mysql_num_rows($data);
$page_rows = 1;
$last = ceil($rows/$page_rows);
if ($pagenum < 1)
$pagenum = 1;

elseif ($pagenum > $last)
$pagenum = $last;
$max = ' limit ' .($pagenum - 1) * $page_rows .',' .$page_rows;
$query=$query. $max;
$data_p = $data = mysql_query($query,$dbc) or die(mysql_error());

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Hi Linda -

You are posting in the wrong place. You are responding to a patch that a developer made to correct the wording in a help file. The repository that you have posted in is for a PHP standards body.

This is not a place to get help building websites.

Where did you intend to post? Who are you trying to get help from? Maybe I can help you find those people/that project.


I am so sorry for posting in the incorrect place, but I am desperate now... I can't figure out where my mistake is and I was hoping that someone from here could tell me or help out with it... Can you please help me?



No problem. But, this is not the right place for support questions. And, unfortunately, I am not able to help.

Probably the best thing to do is to use Google to search for a support forum that provides assistance for the type of software you are using.

You might want to delete that first post. I believe you have posted a URL to your site and credentials. If that is the case, remove the post right away.

Good luck, Linda, I'm certain you'll figure it out.

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