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in deference to Joomla, the Vendor_ prefix on 5.2.x code is now a SHO…

…ULD, not a MUST
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@@ -111,6 +111,8 @@ least one level: a top-level vendor name.
Class names MUST be declared in `StudlyCaps`.
+Code written for PHP 5.3 and after MUST use formal namespaces.
For example:
@@ -123,10 +125,8 @@ class Foo
-Formal namespaces were introduced in PHP 5.3. Code written for 5.2.x
-and before MUST use the pseudo-namespacing convention of `Vendor_`
-prefixes on class names. Code written for PHP 5.3 and after MUST use
-formal namespaces.
+Code written for 5.2.x and before SHOULD use the pseudo-namespacing convention
+of `Vendor_` prefixes on class names.

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