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@@ -73,15 +73,17 @@ the proposal. The coordinator must announce the vote on the Mailing List in a th
"[VOTE][Entrance] Title of the proposal". The vote must adhere to [the voting protocol][voting].
If the vote passes, the proposal officially enters Draft stage. The proposal receives a PSR number
-auto-incremented from the last PSR in the `/accepted` folder of the [official PHP-FIG "fig-standards"
+incremented from the highest numbered PSR which has passed the Entrance Vote, regardless of the status of
+that PSR. A list of PSRs will be maintained in the [Index of PHP Standard Recommendations][wikiindex] wiki
+page of the [official PHP-FIG "fig-standards" repo][repo], where the PSR entry is to be maintained by the
The working group may continue to work on the proposal during the complete voting period.
### 2.2 Draft
The goal of the Draft stage is to discuss and polish a PSR proposal up to the point that it can be
-considered for review by the majority of the PHP-FIG members.
+considered for review by the PHP-FIG voting and non-voting members.
In Draft stage, the Editor(s) and any Contributors may make any changes they see fit via pull requests,
comments on GitHub, Mailing List threads, IRC and similar tools. Change here is not limited by any strict
@@ -333,4 +335,5 @@ This is an example template that can be used to build a meta document.
* [Relevant Poll of existing method names in voting projects for new interface]

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