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+# PHP-FIG's PSR Review Workflow
+To avoid a PSR being rushed through the FIG, or to avoid having those lingering 95% complete PSR's that just never seem to
+make it to a vote, it has become clear that a review workflow is neccessary.
+Each PSR will have an original author and potentially a co-author in some cases. Each PSR must also have two co-sponsors,
+both of whom are voting members and one of whom is a "coordinator" (they can switch if needs be).
+### 0.) Pre-Draft
+The author(s) can work on this anywhere they like, do whatever they like and come up with any ideas they feel are within the
+scope of the PHP-FIG. Once they are ready to try and get this voted into being a "Draft" PSR they should post on the Mailing
+List and try to find their two sponsors.
+### 1.) Draft
+The author(s) and any contributors can make any changes they see fit via pull requests, comments on GitHub, mailing list threads and IRC. Change is free game here, but it's all to be kept in the authors own fork until it is ready to be progress.
+### 2.) Review
+Once a PSR has reached Review the author must create a Pull Request on the official PHP-FIG ["fig-standards" repo][repo], on
+on the `master` branch in the `/proposed` folder with a simple filename. No number is assigned to the PSR at this point.
+While a PSR remains in Review, changes are limited to wording, typos, clarification, minimal rule addition, etc. The
+author(s) and sponsors may use their own judgement to control the scope of these changes, and block anything that is
+felt to be a fundamental change.
+### 3.) Accepted
+An Acceptance vote is called when the coordinator feels the Review document is ready to have it's final vote. If this vote
+passes then the Pull Request is merged, and the document is moved by a FIG member with GitHub access from `/proposed`
+to `/accepted` and assigned a PSR number by incrementing the preview PSR number.
+## Progress
+Initially a vote must be called by the "coordinator" to get the PSR into Draft status, before that it's just a third-party concept.
+To progress from Draft to Review, and later Review to Accepted, a vote must be called by the "coordinator" for each stage.
+If this vote is passed it will progress forwards to the next stage.
+Each vote must stick to the [Voting Protocol][voting].
+If the vote fails the author(s) can use feedback to improve and keep it in Review, then try again for another vote later on.
+The author(s) also have the option of going back to the drawing board if their ideas are slammed multiple times, meaning
+they need to tell folks they are back in Draft status.
+## Attribution / Ownership
+Each PSR must contain author(s) and sponsors names listed in the document body. These can be changed if people swap out, but a PSR can never progress unless there are two co-sponsors actively backing the PSR.
+This does not need to be policed, if a vote is initiated with the name of a sponsor on the document, that sponsor will have
+plenty of time to raise their concern. In these instances a vote would be invalidated and a new sponsor must be found before
+it can be voted upon again (sticking to the two-week wait on votes which is the case for any and all votes, as specified in
+the Voting Protocol.
+ [repo]:
+ [voting]:

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