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More strict on the name of the meta doc

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commit f9e648bdb7bd5d60815b03a84a6c41633f54895b 1 parent 644676a
@philsturgeon philsturgeon authored
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3  bylaws/
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ a new fork of the official PHP-FIG ["fig-standards" repo][repo] should be create
The content of this Pre-Draft PSR should be placed inside the `/proposed` folder with a simple filename.
A nickname like "" should suffice, and markdown formatting must be used. No number is assigned to the PSR at this point.
-Along with this PSR file (Eg: "") must be a meta document (Eg: "").
+Along with this PSR file (Eg: "") must be a meta document with a suffix of `-meta` before the
+extension (Eg: "").
With both of these documents in the proposed folder, the author(s) can start to look for their sponsors, who
will then initiate a vote to make it reach "Draft".
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