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head fork: lapistano/fig-standards
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Commits on Oct 29, 2011
@lapistano lapistano added gitignore file c65955c
@lapistano lapistano added Eclipse build information to gitignore file ca9a218
@lapistano lapistano intial testsuite commit 7fba422
@lapistano lapistano Fixed: missing check for availablity of the directory scanner 2a5f6a4
@lapistano lapistano Added installation information 103156d
@lapistano lapistano Update accepted/tests/ 60a9f8e
@lapistano lapistano improved readability of the text 67e1ead
@lapistano lapistano corrected git repository location 3bec03d
@lapistano lapistano added warning that this file is only an extract from a phpunit.xml.di…
…st file and not a working one.
@lapistano lapistano Moved class name to file name logic into the PSR-0 Scanner to be able…
… to use it with a phpCS rule set
@lapistano lapistano correccted php lint eror 15441d2
@lapistano lapistano Added a test to find out about permission related errors while scanning. 88552db
@jrbasso jrbasso Changed the mode to be executable. 22a61f0
@jrbasso jrbasso Fixed the test to defines from phpunit configuration. dd05aa2
@lapistano lapistano Merge pull request #1 from jrbasso/compatibilityTests
Compatibility tests, fixed missing quotation and set install script to executable.
@lapistano lapistano corrected indentation of PHPUnit xml example to actually make it an e…
@lapistano lapistano Escaped special chars to make them visible, deleted duplicate informa…
…tion and links
@lapistano lapistano Implemented: ability to handle more than one "root" namespaches in yo…
…ur project. Therefore the constand "Psr0_ProjectRootNamespace" was replaces by "Psr0_ProjectRootNamespaces". So be ware. Also made method "parseFile()" aware of interfaces.
@lapistano lapistano Static vars in test suite are now aware of LST. 8f582eb
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
@lapistano lapistano corrections proposed from PR feedback 22bcde8
@lapistano lapistano Corrected PSR-0 compatibility of the test suite. 03d1386
@lapistano lapistano Corrected example phpunit.xml.dist 3b84770
@lapistano lapistano Corrected PSR-0 compatibility of the test suite a4cc214
Commits on Nov 06, 2011
@lapistano lapistano First proposal for a PHPCS sniff verifying PSR-0 compatability f4960ec
@lapistano lapistano Added a short readme to explain basic stuff 128d6da
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