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modules ala nodejs/commonJS #5

outbounder opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi there again,
As I've not been able to join the mail list, will open up here this question:
"what do you think to have an optional brief on creating php 'modules' based on other 'modules' as been used in nodejs" ?

I'm working on various technologies (php,nodejs,ruby/rails) and mix and match good stuff from one to the others and vise versa. And I really think php should have what currently nodejs has implemented as "modules concept". It is briefly described with the following single application structure:

- MyApp
|- node_modules
   |- moduleA
      |- classA_v1.js
   |- moduleB
      |- classB.js
      |- node_modules
          |- moduleA
             |- classA_v0.9.js
             |- node_modules

I won't fall into pros and cons about the used method, but would like to hear your thoughs on having similar for php standards... for example we could have "php_modules"?

We are working on providing php5boilerplate( and it is more than needed to have 'standard' and lightweight solution for modules as well as for modules/package management like npm, gem & etc. to get things moving faster than currently is supported with PEAR & old ways of dealing with the above situation.


We have PEAR and everyone wants to get rid of it. What does it tell you?

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Isn't this just Composer?

ping @seldaek


As others have suggested, this is just Composer.

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