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pmjones commented Mar 21, 2012

Updates the README with new phrasing, and lists voting members/projects.

pmjones and others added some commits Mar 6, 2012
@pmjones pmjones add a fleshed-out version of style guide proposal af71f89
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Minor spelling corrections
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@pmjones pmjones update line length notes per Andreas Moller and Wil Moore 49b6fef
@pmjones pmjones add a note about namespace names, and change so that there is one 'us…
…e' per line, instead of one 'use' and multiple lines (per gnugat)
@pmjones pmjones add a note about namespace names, and change so that there is one 'us…
…e' per line, instead of one 'use' and multiple lines (per gnugat) ... also remove prefix/suffix requirements, per discssion with klaussilveira
@pmjones pmjones Merge branch 'master' of 3c5dea0
@pmjones pmjones use namespaced constants, per @KingCrunch, and only use globals const…
…ants as a fallback
@pmjones pmjones per notes from @gnugat and Wil Moore III, discourage global vars inst…
…ead of disallowing
@pmjones pmjones per notes from @KingCrunch and @klaussilveira, reducing the errors ch…
…apter to say only E_ALL
@pmjones pmjones add try/catch to the control structures c6a7158
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@pmjones pmjones change from '75-85' to just '80' b3db972
@pmjones pmjones PSR-0 requires only one namespace level; put one line between the 'us…
…e' block and the class
@pmjones pmjones we do 'recommendations' not 'requirements' 2d40fc8
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@ghost Unknown commented on the diff Mar 21, 2012
+commonalities among the various member projects.
+Please review the remainder of this guide for details on each of the following
+- Use only `<?php` and `<?=` opening tags for PHP code; leave out the closing
+ `?>` tag when the file contains only PHP code.
+- Use 4 spaces for indenting, not tabs.
+- There is no hard limit on line length; the soft limit is 120 characters;
+ lines of 80 characters or less are strongly encouraged. Do not add trailing
ghost Mar 21, 2012

Please can you drop the wording "strongly encouraged" and change it to recommend, or "where possible try to fold code at 80".

There also needs to be a note that code sniffers should only issue notices (and not errors) for code exceeding 120.

pmjones Mar 21, 2012

Hm, thought I caught that in the bullets; I will amend to just "encouraged" (the identical wording in the narrative portion). The narrative portion specifies 120 as a "warning, not error".

@kukulich kukulich commented on the diff Mar 21, 2012
+Use the long `<?php ?>` tags for PHP code. Use of short-echo `<?= ?>` tags is
+also allowed. Do not use the other tag variations.
+In files that contain only PHP, leave out the closing `?>` tag.
+Indenting and Lines
+### Indenting
+Use an indent of 4 spaces. Do not use tabs. The use of spaces helps to avoid
+problems with diffs, patches, history, and annotations, and provides
+fine-grained sub-indentation for inter-line alignment.
kukulich Mar 21, 2012

I still think there's no difference between tabs or spaces if the project use one of them across its whole codebase. And I don't think there's a problem with tabs in diffs, patches or whatsoever.

pmjones Mar 21, 2012

If one project does, it's OK-ish. But when multiple authors collaborate across projects, there needs to be a single standard. Also, the current use of spaces over tabs in the surveyed member projects is 2:1, a supermajority. Finally, using spaces allows for fine-grained sub-indentation. For extended discussion, visit

kukulich Mar 22, 2012

2:1 is not supermajority :) But ok, I understand your arguments, especially the line-length argument is very good and I have never considered it myself. However I don't agree that using tabs causes problems with diff, patches, history etc. It's simply not true. So I think the part about this should be removed and replaced with the line-length argument.

pmjones Mar 22, 2012

@kukulich: I was thinking about that phrasing, and I agree it's unclear. It is the mixing of tabs and spaces that causes problems; I have updated the original document with language to that effect.

pmjones Mar 22, 2012

@kukulich Regarding supermajority, 2:1 is 2 out of 3 respondents; in the voting systems I'm familiar with, 50%+1 is a majority, and 66% is a supermajority. Not trying to nitpick. :-)

fabpot commented Mar 22, 2012


@fabpot fabpot closed this Mar 22, 2012
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@sun sun Fix #20: Added type 'scalar'. 5955b9c
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