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+HTTP Message Meta Document
+1. Summary
+The purpose of this proposal is to provide a set of common interfaces for HTTP
+messages as described in [RFC 2616](
+2. Why Bother?
+This proposal presents an API for describing HTTP messages in PHP in a way
+that is as simple as possible and does not limit functionality.
+HTTP messages are used in a wide number of PHP projects-- both clients and
+servers. PHP applications often can rely on specific packages and do not
+require a means for utilizing arbitrary HTTP messages. Projects that need to
+utilize HTTP messages but do not necessarily have a hard requirement on any
+particular library often take one of the following approaches:
+1. Create a very minimal implementation from scratch.
+2. Force developers to use a specific HTTP client/server library that provides
+ HTTP message interfaces.
+3. Create adapters for common HTTP message implementations.
+While these are all valid approaches, this can lead to projects unnecessarily
+bloating a their dependencies or projects needing to create redundant
+[adapters for common libraries.](
+It should be noted that the goal of this proposal is not to obsolete the
+current interfaces utilized by existing PHP libraries. This proposal is aimed
+at interoperability between PHP packages for the purpose of describing HTTP
+3. Scope
+## 3.1 Goals
+* Provide the interfaces needed for describing HTTP messages.
+* Keep the interfaces as minimal as possible.
+* Ensure that the API does not impose arbitrary limits on HTTP messages. For
+ example, some HTTP message bodies can be too large to store in memory, so we
+ must account for this.
+## 3.2 Non-Goals
+* This proposal does not expect all HTTP client libraries or server side
+ frameworks to change their interfaces to conform. It is strictly meant for
+ interoperability.
+* While everyone's perception of what is and is not an implementation detail
+ varies, this proposal should not impose implementation details. However,
+ because RFC 2616 does not force any particular implementation, there will be
+ a certain amount of invention needed to describe HTTP message interfaces in
+ PHP.
+5. People
+### 5.1 Editor(s)
+* Michael Dowling
+### 5.2 Sponsors
+* Phil Sturgeon (coordinator)
+* Beau Simensen
+### 5.3 Contributors
+* Chris Wilkinson
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