PSR-2: Add coding standards for casting and testing certain data types #40

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ziminji commented Jun 18, 2012

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+type name (e.g. `bool` and `int`).
+$b = (bool)$a;

mhujer Jun 18, 2012

I think that the spaces after casting operator would look better: $b = (bool) $a;


Ph3nol Jun 19, 2012

Agree about using it with a space: $b = (bool) $a;


Marlinc Jul 9, 2012


I think the same. A space after the cast is more readable.


henrikbjorn Jul 17, 2012

It should in anycase be boolean the shortcuts dosent make sense as there isnt a short version for all types like float


nateabele Jul 17, 2012

+1 for one space and using full type names.

sstok commented Jul 1, 2012



dragoonis commented Jul 9, 2012

Looks like a good addition. I'm happy to +1 this.

Although this proposal may be better suited to the mailing list, where you can post a link back to this PR.


+the 'ACCESS_GRANTED' constant.
+<?php defined('ACCESS_GRANTED') or die('No direct script access.');

Ocramius Jul 15, 2012


What is the advantage in this? A file containing a class/interface doesn't produce any output nor execute any logic anyway, except for the case when the PHP interpreter is not available.


dragoonis Jul 15, 2012


This is bad practise, We don't want a constant lookup and die() at the top of every file .php file..


klaussilveira Jul 15, 2012

Classes and interfaces should be outside the public document root of your webserver, there's no need to clutter the code for this matter.


sstok Jul 16, 2012

-1 This is idea so bad on so many levels.

  1. A class file is causing side effects
  2. It will not protect against bad configured server
  3. There are much better ways of protecting these files, placing them outside the public-web root or restricting access using the server configuration.

If the file is accessed directly and will throw an fatal error, the production server is not configured properly.
display_errors should always disabled in production.


Thinkscape Jul 17, 2012

Terrible idea. It's only a cheap way of protecting class files on a poorly configured. shared hosting servers.

It goes against the principles of php-fig.


nateabele Jul 17, 2012

Sorry? Is this a joke? As far as I'm concerned, someone who's willing to suggest something so patently awful has no business going near any standards whatsoever.

@ziminji ziminji closed this Jul 18, 2012

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