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Buzz Adapter

An HTTPlug adapter for the Buzz HTTP client.


To install the Buzz adapter, which will also install Buzz itself (if it was not yet included in your project), run:

$ composer require php-http/buzz-adapter


Begin by creating a Buzz client, you may pass any listener or configuration parameters to it like:

use Buzz\Browser;
use Buzz\Client\Curl;
use Buzz\Listener\CookieListener;

$browser = new Browser();

$client = new Curl();

// Create CookieListener
$listener = new CookieListener();

Then create the adapter:

use Http\Adapter\Buzz\Client as BuzzAdapter;
use Http\Message\MessageFactory\GuzzleMessageFactory;

$adapter = new BuzzAdapter($browser, new GuzzleMessageFactory());

Or if you installed the :doc:`discovery </discovery>` layer:

use Http\Adapter\Buzz\Client as BuzzAdapter;

$adapter = new BuzzAdapter($browser);


The message factory parameter is mandatory if the discovery layer is not installed.

Be Aware

This adapter violates the Liskov substitution principle in a rare edge case. When the adapter is configured to use Buzz' Curl client, it does not send request bodies for request methods such as GET, HEAD and TRACE. A RequestException will be thrown if this ever happens.

If you need GET request with a body (e.g. for Elasticsearch) you need to use the Buzz FileGetContents client or choose a different HTTPlug client like Guzzle 6.

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