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Atom package that lints your PHP source code to indicate various problems such as missing methods. (Legacy)
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This is a legacy version that requires PHP >= 5.6. Users that are on PHP 7.1 can and should use the newer version.

This package only exists to cater towards users that are not in any position to upgrade their host PHP version. As a result, any issues that appear in this package will not be fixed, no new features will be added and no enhancements will be done.


This package provides linting for your PHP source code using PHP Integrator as well as linter.

Note that the php-integrator-base package is required and needs to be set up correctly for this package to function correctly.

This package is not meant to be a replacement for existing PHP linters, but more as a complementary package that will indicate additional issues that the existing linters can't detect.

What is included?

  • Shows docblock issues.
  • Shows usage of unknown class members.
  • Shows usage of unknown global functions.
  • Shows usage of unknown global constants.
  • Shows warnings about unused use statements.
  • Shows erroneous class names that can't be resolved.
  • Shows errors returned by the base service's indexing process.

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