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1 parent c213460 commit 6def3bbc92b7399f1f56fb56eea4f1aa66a62ac6 @mkoppanen mkoppanen committed Nov 23, 2013
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ PHP_ARG_ENABLE(memcached-json, whether to enable memcached json serializer suppo
PHP_ARG_ENABLE(memcached-msgpack, whether to enable memcached msgpack serializer support,
[ --enable-memcached-msgpack Enable memcached msgpack serializer support], no, no)
-PHP_ARG_ENABLE(memcached-sasl, whether to disable memcached sasl support,
+PHP_ARG_ENABLE(memcached-sasl, whether to enable memcached sasl support,
[ --disable-memcached-sasl Disable memcached sasl support], yes, no)
PHP_ARG_ENABLE(memcached-protocol, whether to enable memcached protocol support,

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