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You will need composer, gulp and docker.

composer install
npm install
cp .env.dist .env
docker-compose build



Then navigate to localhost:3000 !

All SASS modifications will be auto inject live to the browser with Browsersync Any changes to .phtml will cause the browser to reload.

Pages are cached on first view, but any changes to the .phtml files will cause the cache to be removed. If you need to clear it manually, run docker exec php-school-fpm php bin/app clear-cache.

Gulp will boot up the docker infrastructure automatically, which includes PHP 7, Nginx & Redis.

Build CSS

gulp sass

Build SVG's

gulp svg

View cache keys

docker exec php-school-redis redis-cli keys '*'

Clear cache

docker exec php-school-fpm php bin/app clear-cache


You will need capistrano installed and SSH access to the production server.

gulp deploy

Production deploy requisites

Letsencrypt certs should be setup and located in /etc/letsencrypt

Make sure .env file exists in shared folder. You can use env.dist as an example.