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<p>Welcome to the PHP School documentation - The documentation is spit up in to several sections:</p>
<h3><a href="/docs/tutorial">Workshop Tutorial</a></h3>
<p>Learn how to setup and build a workshop step by step!</p>
<h3><a href="/docs/reference">Reference Documentation</a></h3>
<p>Learn about the individual components of the workshop such as the available checks, exercise types, solutions, services and so on.</p>
<h3><a href="/api-docs">API Documentation</a></h3>
<p>API Documentation is auto-generated from the source code. It includes references to classes and methods. Learn how to interact with the internals of the workshop.</p>
<h3><a href="/submit">Already built a workshop?</a></h3>
<p>Go forth and <a href="/submit">submit it to us</a>!</p>