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Libvirt PHP binding README
Libvirt-php is basically just PHP binding for libvirt virtualization toolkit.
For more information about libvirt please refer to:
The project site for php-libvirt is and
the documentation can be found in the doc and/or docs subdirectory of
this repository.
Implementation details
libvirt-php is essentially a module to be loaded to your PHP module/binary.
You need to define it to be loaded in /etc/php.ini and/or for newer PHP to
Settings can be altered in /etc/php.ini file to use or not to use the longlong
values converted into the string values using the libvirt.longlong_to_string
boolean setting and the ISO path (used by the libvirt_get_iso_images() function)
can be altered using the libvirt.iso_path path setting.
This app should be referred to as libvirt-php or "libvirt PHP binding".
The project's old name (pre-0.4 version) was php-libvirt so both libvirt-php
and php-libvirt are acceptable although libvirt-php is preferred.
Pre-requisite software
Where versions are noted below these are the versions tested to definitely
work. For some of them you may be able to run with earlier releases, so
please report any success to the mailing lists
If you want to contribute but you don't know where to find PHP API function
documentation you can either download PHP source codes and investigate or
you could try to have a look at:
The site is having PHP API functions documented although the title says
it's work in progress.
Copyright / License
All the application code is covered under the LGPL-2.1 licence.
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