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In PHP 7.2, `count` can only be used with arrays and `Countable` objects.
Returning `null` here causes a lot of warnings when building the docs on
PHP 7.2.


PhD - PHP DocBook
Copyright(c) 2007-2012 The PHP Documentation Team

Installing the PhD renderer:
    From a PEAR channel:
        pear install

        To install the PHP Package:
            pear install
        To install the PEAR Package:
            pear install

        To see all available packages:
            pear remote-list -c

    From GIT:
        Note: Do not install anything from PEAR above.

        git clone
        cd phd
        pear install package.xml package_generic.xml

        To install the standalone Packages:
            for i in package_*.xml; do pear install $i; done

    - PHP 5.3
    - DOM, libXML2, XMLReader and SQLite3.

After installing PhD you can use the `phd` command
to render the documentations. To see a list of available packages/formats
use the `phd -l` command. By default `phd` use ./output for the rendered files.

The `phd` command optionally takes more arguments.
For information about those arguments please type `phd -h`

- The PHP Documentation team