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459fb4f TODO for PHP 5.
Sebastian Bergmann authored
1 Component: Zend Engine 2
3 Important stuff to finish: PPP members/PPP methods,
4 support of overloaded extensions, possibly differentiate
5 between class and namespace as discussed with Stig in
6 Germany.
7 Responsibility: Zeev, Andi, Stas
8 Time frame: Couple of months for first part and extensions will be
9 ongoing while PHP is being fixed.
10 Things to leave for later versions: Native aggregation
11 support, accessing static members via object and not class.
14 Component: Aggregation
15 Responsibility: Andi, Stig?
16 Time frame: ?
19 Component: Redesign of API Versioning
20 Responsibility: ?
21 Time frame: 1 month
24 Component: Thread Safety
25 Identify the extensions that are not thread safe by design
26 or due to dependant libraries and identify them as such.
27 If possible try to resolve thread safety issue via code
28 improvements (if php code or patches will be accepted by
29 library maintainers). For situations where thread safety
30 cannot easily be acheived a flag in the extension API is
31 set so PHP can identify non-thread safe extensions. These
32 extensions will not be loaded in a ZTS compiled binary
33 (unless it is cli/cgi).
35 Responsibility: ?
36 Time frame: ?
39 Component: SAPI
40 Environment variables defined in the CGI spec need to be
41 verified in each SAPI module that they conform to the CGI
42 spec correctly. If they do not, the SAPI module needs to
43 fix the variable prior to script execution. Having this
44 conformity will aid in having PHP scripts run correctly
45 under different sapi modules.
47 Responsibility: Shane Caraveo & each sapi module owner
48 Timeframe: ? (but shouldn't be much effort, most modules are probably ok)
51 Component: RPC Abstraction Layer
52 Porting java, com, dotnet, xmlrpc, corba, soap and python, srm
53 (are there more ?) to work with the new oo api and preferably
54 by using ext/rpc.
55 Responsibility: Harald
56 Time frame: 2 months (but i have to wait for a few engine features first)
59 Component: OO Extensions
60 Each OO extension has to be revised and rewritten to fit into
61 the new OO model. We should decide which extensions are a must
62 to have for the release and which can be ported by the maintainer
63 later as a separate pecl release.
64 A list of extensions to be extended that have to be investigated:
65 * browscap
66 * aggregate
67 * all *sql extensions (*_fetch_object)
68 * domxml (seems like christian is rewriting it anyways)
69 * ming
70 Responsibility: Harald (, extension maintainers)
73 Component: Abstract Data Types (ADT)
74 Responsibility: Sterling, Harald
75 Time frame: ?
78 Component: Test Suite
79 Extending the test suite with atleast a test for every
80 function in an extension that doesn't require external
81 resources. Also developing an automated test thing which
82 cvs ups's, compiles and tests the build on a daily base on
83 as much platforms/extensions as possible.
85 The test suite will also be extended to support threaded
86 testing and testing for differing sapi modules (via http
87 calls or other methods).
88 Reponsibility: Derick (, extension maintainers)
89 Time frame: 3 months
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