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#! /bin/sh
if test $# -lt 2; then
echo "usage: phpextdist <extension> <version>";
exit 1
phpize=`php-config --prefix`/bin/phpize
if test ! -f || test ! -f config.m4; then
echo "Did not find required files in current directory"
exit 1
rm -rf modules *.lo *.o *.la config.status config.cache \
config.log libtool php_config.h Makefile
myname=`basename \`pwd\``
cd ..
cp -rp $myname $distname
cd $distname
cd ..
tar cf $distname.tar $distname
rm -rf $distname $distname.tar.*
gzip --best $distname.tar
mv $distname.tar.gz $myname
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