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Configuration of your Netscape/iPlanet/Sun Webserver for PHP5
These instructions are targetted at Netscape Enterprise Web Server and
SUN/Netscape Alliance iPlanet Web Server and the new Sun Java System Webserver.
On other web servers your milage may vary.
Firstly you may need to add some paths to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment for Netscape to find all the shared libs. This is best done
in the start script for your Netscape server. Windows users can
probably skip this step. The start script is located in:
Netscape/iPlanet/Sun config files are located in:
Add the following line to mime.types (you can do that by the administration server):
type=magnus-internal/x-httpd-php exts=php
Place the following two lines after mime.types init in
<path-to-server>/https-servername/config/obj.conf (for servers < 6) or
for iPlanet/Sun Webserver 6.0 and above however at the end of the
<path-to-server>/https-servername/config/magnus.conf file:
Init fn="load-modules" funcs="php5_init,php5_execute,php5_auth_trans" shlib="/path/to/phplibrary"
Init fn=php5_init errorString="Failed to initialize PHP!" [php_ini="/path/to/php.ini"]
The "shlib" will vary depending on your OS:
Unix: "<path-to-server>/bin/".
Windows: "c:/path/to/php5/php5nsapi.dll"
In obj.conf (for virtual server classes [Sun 6.0+] in their vserver.obj.conf):
<Object name="default">
# NOTE this next line should happen after all 'ObjectType' and before
# all 'AddLog' lines
# You can modify some entries in php.ini request specific by adding it to the Service
# directive, e.g. doc_root="/path"
# For boolean ini-keys please use 0/1 as value, NOT "On","Off",... (this will not work
# correctly), e.g. zlib.output_compression=1 instead of zlib.output_compression="On"
Service fn="php5_execute" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php" [inikey=value ...]
This is only needed if you want to configure a directory that only consists of
PHP scripts (same like a cgi-bin directory):
<Object name="x-httpd-php">
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php"
Service fn="php5_execute" [inikey=value ...]
After that you can configure a directory in the Administration server and assign it
the style "x-httpd-php". All files in it will get executed as PHP. This is nice to
hide PHP usage by renaming files to .html
Note: The stacksize that PHP uses depends on the configuration of the webserver. If you get
crashes with very large PHP scripts, it is recommended to raise it with the Admin Server
(in the section "MAGNUS EDITOR").
Authentication configuration
PHP authentication cannot be used with any other authentication. ALL
Authentication for the entire server, add the following line:
<Object name="default">
AuthTrans fn=php5_auth_trans
To use PHP Authentication on a single directory, add the following:
<Object ppath="d:\path\to\authenticated\dir\*">
AuthTrans fn=php5_auth_trans
Special use for error pages or self-made directory listings
You can use PHP to generate the error pages for "404 Not Found"
or similar. Add the following line to the object in obj.conf for
every error page you want to overwrite:
Error fn="php5_execute" code=XXX script="/path/to/script.php" [inikey=value inikey=value...]
where XXX ist the HTTP error code. Please delete any other Error
directives which could interfere with yours.
If you want to place a page for all errors that could exist, leave
the "code" parameter out. Your script can get the HTTP status code
Another posibility is to generate self-made directory listings.
Just generate a PHP script which displays a directory listing and
replace the corresponding default Service line for
type="magnus-internal/directory" in obj.conf with the following:
Service fn="php5_execute" type="magnus-internal/directory" script="/path/to/script.php" [inikey=value inikey=value...]
For both error and directory listing pages the original URI and
translated URI are in the variables $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] and
Note about nsapi_virtual() and subrequests
The NSAPI module now supports the nsapi_virtual() function (alias: virtual())
to make subrequests on the webserver and insert the result in the webpage.
The problem is, that this function uses some undocumented features from
the NSAPI library.
Under Unix this is not a problem, because the module automatically looks
for the needed functions and uses them if available. If not, nsapi_virtual()
is disabled.
Under Windows limitations in the DLL handling need the use of a automatic
detection of the most recent ns-httpdXX.dll file. This is tested for servers
till version 6.1. If a newer version of the Sun server is used, the detection
fails and nsapi_virtual() is disabled.
If this is the case, try the following:
Add the following parameter to php5_init in magnus.conf:
Init fn=php5_init ... server_lib="ns-httpdXX.dll"
where XX is the correct DLL version number. To get it, look in the server-root
for the correct DLL name. The DLL with the biggest filesize is the right one.
But be warned: SUPPORT FOR nsapi_virtual() IS EXPERIMENTAL !!!
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