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Roadmap for PDO
Core, version 1.1:
- Add PDO::queryParams(), similar to PDO::query(), but accepts
an array of parameters as the second argument, pushing the remaining
args (which are args to setFetchMode()) up by one.
- Separate the handle factory call into two phases:
- handle creation
- connecting
This would then allow PDO to call setAttribute()
for each driver option specified in the constructor.
Right now, the handling of driver attributes is a bit sloppy.
- Add:
with the same meanings as those options from oci8.
Investigate the various APIs to determine if we can
transparently map BLOBs and CLOBs as PDO_PARAM_LOB.
If the API needs hints from the client side, we need
to introduce a PDO_PARAM_CLOB to differentiate between
binary and character data.
- Character set selection.
Generalize/standardize this.
- meta data.
Formalize getColumnMeta().
Look at retrieving lists of tables and other objects in the db.
- tracing/logging/debugging
Add ini options:
And corresponding attributes, ATTR_TRACE_FILE, ATTR_TRACING_ENABLE,
settable at dbh and stmt levels independently. If set at the dbh level,
the stmt will inherit its value. If not set explicitly in code, the
defaults for the dbh will come from the INI settings.
ATTR_TRACE_FILE will accept a string or a stream.
The INI options are useful for administrative tracing/debugging.
Trace mode will output very verbose info.
General DB API Roundup:
Consider how the following can be implemented in PDO:
mysqli_change_user(); alters auth credentials on a live connection
mysqli_info(); info about rows affected by last query
mysqli_master_query(); force query to run on master
mysqli_ping(); ping / reconnect
mysqli_stat(); one line summary of server status
Also consider master/slave and/or failover server configuration.
- Real large object support.
- Someone with more pgsql experience can suggest more features
- Support for array types and collections.
PDO Session module:
- Is it worth writing in C?
Probably not.
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