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| Zend Engine |
| Copyright (c) 1998-2003 Zend Technologies Ltd. ( |
| This source file is subject to version 2.00 of the Zend license, |
| that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is |
| available through the world-wide-web at the following url: |
| |
| If you did not receive a copy of the Zend license and are unable to |
| obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to |
| so we can mail you a copy immediately. |
| Authors: Andi Gutmans <> |
| Zeev Suraski <> |
/* $Id$ */
#include <errno.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <ieeefp.h>
#include "ext/bcmath/libbcmath/src/bcmath.h"
ZEND_API int add_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int sub_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int mul_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int div_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int mod_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int boolean_xor_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int boolean_not_function(zval *result, zval *op1 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int bitwise_not_function(zval *result, zval *op1 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int bitwise_or_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int bitwise_and_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int bitwise_xor_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int shift_left_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int shift_right_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int concat_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int is_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int is_identical_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int is_not_identical_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int is_not_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int is_smaller_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int is_smaller_or_equal_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API zend_bool instanceof_function(zend_class_entry *instance_ce, zend_class_entry *ce TSRMLS_DC);
static inline zend_bool is_numeric_string(char *str, int length, long *lval, double *dval, zend_bool allow_errors)
long local_lval;
double local_dval;
char *end_ptr_long, *end_ptr_double;
int conv_base=10;
if (!length) {
return 0;
/* handle hex numbers */
if (length>=2 && str[0]=='0' && (str[1]=='x' || str[1]=='X')) {
local_lval = strtol(str, &end_ptr_long, conv_base);
if (errno!=ERANGE) {
if (end_ptr_long == str+length) { /* integer string */
if (lval) {
*lval = local_lval;
return IS_LONG;
} else {
if (conv_base==16) { /* hex string, under UNIX strtod() messes it up */
return 0;
local_dval = strtod(str, &end_ptr_double);
if (errno!=ERANGE) {
if (end_ptr_double == str+length) { /* floating point string */
if (! zend_finite(local_dval)) {
/* "inf","nan" and maybe other weird ones */
return 0;
if (dval) {
*dval = local_dval;
if (length>16) {
register char *ptr=str, *end=str+length;
while (ptr<end) {
switch (*ptr++) {
case 'e':
case 'E':
/* scientific notation, not handled by the BC library */
return IS_DOUBLE;
return FLAG_IS_BC;
} else {
return IS_DOUBLE;
return IS_DOUBLE;
} else {
if (allow_errors) {
if (end_ptr_double>end_ptr_long && dval) {
*dval = local_dval;
return IS_DOUBLE;
} else if (end_ptr_long && lval) {
*lval = local_lval;
return IS_LONG;
return 0;
static inline char *
zend_memnstr(char *haystack, char *needle, int needle_len, char *end)
char *p = haystack;
char ne = needle[needle_len-1];
end -= needle_len;
while (p <= end) {
if ((p = (char *)memchr(p, *needle, (end-p+1))) && ne == p[needle_len-1]) {
if (!memcmp(needle, p, needle_len-1)) {
return p;
if (p == NULL) {
return NULL;
return NULL;
ZEND_API int increment_function(zval *op1);
ZEND_API int decrement_function(zval *op2);
ZEND_API void convert_scalar_to_number(zval *op TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void _convert_to_string(zval *op ZEND_FILE_LINE_DC);
ZEND_API void convert_to_long(zval *op);
ZEND_API void convert_to_double(zval *op);
ZEND_API void convert_to_long_base(zval *op, int base);
ZEND_API void convert_to_null(zval *op);
ZEND_API void convert_to_boolean(zval *op);
ZEND_API void convert_to_array(zval *op);
ZEND_API void convert_to_object(zval *op);
ZEND_API void multi_convert_to_long_ex(int argc, ...);
ZEND_API void multi_convert_to_double_ex(int argc, ...);
ZEND_API void multi_convert_to_string_ex(int argc, ...);
ZEND_API int add_char_to_string(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
ZEND_API int add_string_to_string(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2);
#define convert_to_string(op) _convert_to_string((op) ZEND_FILE_LINE_CC)
ZEND_API double zend_string_to_double(const char *number, zend_uint length);
ZEND_API int zval_is_true(zval *op);
ZEND_API int compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int numeric_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int string_compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_str_tolower(char *str, unsigned int length);
ZEND_API char *zend_str_tolower_copy(char *dest, const char *source, unsigned int length);
static inline char *
zend_str_tolower_dup(const char *source, unsigned int length)
return zend_str_tolower_copy((char *)emalloc(length+1), source, length);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_zval_strcmp(zval *s1, zval *s2);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_zval_strncmp(zval *s1, zval *s2, zval *s3);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_zval_strcasecmp(zval *s1, zval *s2);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_zval_strncasecmp(zval *s1, zval *s2, zval *s3);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_strcmp(char *s1, uint len1, char *s2, uint len2);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_strncmp(char *s1, uint len1, char *s2, uint len2, uint length);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_strcasecmp(char *s1, uint len1, char *s2, uint len2);
ZEND_API int zend_binary_strncasecmp(char *s1, uint len1, char *s2, uint len2, uint length);
ZEND_API void zendi_smart_strcmp(zval *result, zval *s1, zval *s2);
ZEND_API void zend_compare_symbol_tables(zval *result, HashTable *ht1, HashTable *ht2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_compare_arrays(zval *result, zval *a1, zval *a2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_compare_objects(zval *result, zval *o1, zval *o2 TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int zend_atoi(const char *str, int str_len);
ZEND_API void zend_locale_sprintf_double(zval *op ZEND_FILE_LINE_DC);
#define convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, lower_type, upper_type) \
if ((*ppzv)->type!=IS_##upper_type) { \
if (!(*ppzv)->is_ref) { \
} \
convert_to_##lower_type(*ppzv); \
#define convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, lower_type, upper_type) \
if ((*ppzv)->type!=IS_##upper_type) { \
convert_to_##lower_type(*ppzv); \
#define convert_to_boolean_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, boolean, BOOL)
#define convert_to_long_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, long, LONG)
#define convert_to_double_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, double, DOUBLE)
#define convert_to_string_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, string, STRING)
#define convert_to_array_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, array, ARRAY)
#define convert_to_object_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, object, OBJECT)
#define convert_to_null_ex(ppzv) convert_to_ex_master(ppzv, null, NULL)
#define convert_to_writable_boolean_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, boolean, BOOL)
#define convert_to_writable_long_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, long, LONG)
#define convert_to_writable_double_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, double, DOUBLE)
#define convert_to_writable_string_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, string, STRING)
#define convert_to_writable_array_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, array, ARRAY)
#define convert_to_writable_object_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, object, OBJECT)
#define convert_to_writable_null_ex(ppzv) convert_to_writable_ex_master(ppzv, null, NULL)
#define convert_scalar_to_number_ex(ppzv) \
if ((*ppzv)->type!=IS_LONG && (*ppzv)->type!=IS_DOUBLE) { \
if (!(*ppzv)->is_ref) { \
} \
convert_scalar_to_number(*ppzv TSRMLS_CC); \
#define Z_LVAL(zval) (zval).value.lval
#define Z_BVAL(zval) ((zend_bool)(zval).value.lval)
#define Z_DVAL(zval) (zval).value.dval
#define Z_STRVAL(zval) (zval).value.str.val
#define Z_STRLEN(zval) (zval).value.str.len
#define Z_ARRVAL(zval) (zval)
#define Z_OBJ_HANDLE(zval) (zval).value.obj.handle
#define Z_OBJ_HT(zval) (zval).value.obj.handlers
#define Z_OBJCE(zval) zend_get_class_entry(&(zval) TSRMLS_CC)
#define Z_OBJPROP(zval) Z_OBJ_HT((zval))->get_properties(&(zval) TSRMLS_CC)
#define Z_OBJ_HANDLER(zval, hf) Z_OBJ_HT((zval))->hf
#define Z_RESVAL(zval) (zval).value.lval
#define Z_LVAL_P(zval_p) Z_LVAL(*zval_p)
#define Z_BVAL_P(zval_p) Z_BVAL(*zval_p)
#define Z_DVAL_P(zval_p) Z_DVAL(*zval_p)
#define Z_STRVAL_P(zval_p) Z_STRVAL(*zval_p)
#define Z_STRLEN_P(zval_p) Z_STRLEN(*zval_p)
#define Z_ARRVAL_P(zval_p) Z_ARRVAL(*zval_p)
#define Z_OBJPROP_P(zval_p) Z_OBJPROP(*zval_p)
#define Z_OBJCE_P(zval_p) Z_OBJCE(*zval_p)
#define Z_RESVAL_P(zval_p) Z_RESVAL(*zval_p)
#define Z_OBJ_HANDLE_P(zval_p) Z_OBJ_HANDLE(*zval_p)
#define Z_OBJ_HT_P(zval_p) Z_OBJ_HT(*zval_p)
#define Z_OBJ_HANDLER_P(zval_p, h) Z_OBJ_HANDLER(*zval_p, h)
#define Z_LVAL_PP(zval_pp) Z_LVAL(**zval_pp)
#define Z_BVAL_PP(zval_pp) Z_BVAL(**zval_pp)
#define Z_DVAL_PP(zval_pp) Z_DVAL(**zval_pp)
#define Z_STRVAL_PP(zval_pp) Z_STRVAL(**zval_pp)
#define Z_STRLEN_PP(zval_pp) Z_STRLEN(**zval_pp)
#define Z_ARRVAL_PP(zval_pp) Z_ARRVAL(**zval_pp)
#define Z_OBJPROP_PP(zval_pp) Z_OBJPROP(**zval_pp)
#define Z_OBJCE_PP(zval_pp) Z_OBJCE(**zval_pp)
#define Z_RESVAL_PP(zval_pp) Z_RESVAL(**zval_pp)
#define Z_OBJ_HANDLE_PP(zval_p) Z_OBJ_HANDLE(**zval_p)
#define Z_OBJ_HT_PP(zval_p) Z_OBJ_HT(**zval_p)
#define Z_OBJ_HANDLER_PP(zval_p, h) Z_OBJ_HANDLER(**zval_p, h)
#define Z_TYPE(zval) (zval).type
#define Z_TYPE_P(zval_p) Z_TYPE(*zval_p)
#define Z_TYPE_PP(zval_pp) Z_TYPE(**zval_pp)
* Local variables:
* tab-width: 4
* c-basic-offset: 4
* indent-tabs-mode: t
* End:
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