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| Zend Engine |
| Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 Andi Gutmans, Zeev Suraski |
| This source file is subject to the Zend license, that is bundled |
| with this package in the file LICENSE. If you did not receive a |
| copy of the Zend license, please mail us at so we can |
| send you a copy immediately. |
| Authors: Andi Gutmans <> |
| Zeev Suraski <> |
#ifndef _ZEND_LLIST_H
#define _ZEND_LLIST_H
#include <stdlib.h>
typedef struct _zend_llist_element {
struct _zend_llist_element *next;
struct _zend_llist_element *prev;
char data[1]; /* Needs to always be last in the struct */
} zend_llist_element;
typedef struct {
zend_llist_element *head;
zend_llist_element *tail;
size_t size;
void (*dtor)(void *data);
unsigned char persistent;
zend_llist_element *traverse_ptr;
} zend_llist;
ZEND_API void zend_llist_init(zend_llist *l, size_t size, void (*dtor)(void *data), unsigned char persistent);
ZEND_API void zend_llist_add_element(zend_llist *l, void *element);
ZEND_API void zend_llist_del_element(zend_llist *l, void *element);
ZEND_API void zend_llist_destroy(zend_llist *l);
ZEND_API void zend_llist_remove_tail(zend_llist *l);
ZEND_API void zend_llist_copy(zend_llist *dst, zend_llist *src);
ZEND_API void zend_llist_apply(zend_llist *l, void (*func)(void *data));
ZEND_API void zend_llist_apply_with_argument(zend_llist *l, void (*func)(void *data, void *arg), void *arg);
ZEND_API int zend_llist_count(zend_llist *l);
/* traversal */
ZEND_API void *zend_llist_get_first(zend_llist *l);
ZEND_API void *zend_llist_get_last(zend_llist *l);
ZEND_API void *zend_llist_get_next(zend_llist *l);
ZEND_API void *zend_llist_get_prev(zend_llist *l);
#endif /* _ZEND_LLIST_H */
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