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#ifndef _ZEND_INI_H
#define _ZEND_INI_H
#define ZEND_INI_USER (1<<0)
#define ZEND_INI_PERDIR (1<<1)
#define ZEND_INI_SYSTEM (1<<2)
typedef struct {
int module_number;
int modifyable;
char *name;
uint name_length;
char *value;
uint value_length;
char *orig_value;
uint orig_value_length;
int modified;
} zend_ini_entry;
int zend_ini_mstartup();
int zend_ini_mshutdown();
int zend_ini_rshutdown();
int zend_register_ini_entries(zend_ini_entry *ini_entry, int module_number);
void zend_unregister_ini_entries(int module_number);
int zend_alter_ini_entry(char *name, uint name_length, char *new_value, uint new_value_length, int modify_type);
long zend_ini_long(char *name, uint name_length);
double zend_ini_double(char *name, uint name_length);
char *zend_ini_string(char *name, uint name_length);
#define ZEND_INI_BEGIN() static zend_ini_entry ini_entries[] = {
#define ZEND_INI_ENTRY(name, default_value, modifyable) { 0, modifyable, name, sizeof(name), default_value, sizeof(default_value)-1, NULL, 0, 0 },
#define ZEND_INI_END() { 0, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, 0 } };
#define INI_INT(name) zend_ini_long((name), sizeof(name))
#define INI_FLT(name) zend_ini_double((name), sizeof(name))
#define INI_STR(name) zend_ini_string((name), sizeof(name))
pval *cfg_get_entry(char *name, uint name_length);
#endif /* _ZEND_INI_H */
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