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?? ??? ????, PHP 8.0.2RC1
07 Jan 2021, PHP 8.0.1
17 Dec 2020, PHP 8.0.1RC1
- Core:
. Fixed bug #80345 (PHPIZE configuration has outdated PHP_RELEASE_VERSION).
. Fixed bug #72964 (White space not unfolded for CC/Bcc headers). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80391 (Iterable not covariant to mixed). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80393 (Build of PHP extension fails due to configuration gap
with libtool). (kir dot morozov at gmail dot com)
. Fixed bug #77069 (stream filter loses final block of data). (cmb)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #77961 (finfo_open crafted magic parsing SIGABRT). (cmb)
- FPM:
. Fixed bug #69625 (FPM returns 200 status on request without
SCRIPT_FILENAME env). (Jakub Zelenka)
. Fixed bug #80438 (imap_msgno() incorrectly warns and return false on valid UIDs in PHP 8.0.0). (girgias)
. Fix a regression with valid UIDs in imap_savebody() (girgias)
. Make warnings for invalid message numbers/UIDs between functions consistent (girgias)
- Intl:
. Fixed bug #80425 (MessageFormatAdapter::getArgTypeList redefined). (Nikita)
- Opcache:
. Fixed bug #80404 (Incorrect range inference result when division results
in float). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80377 (Opcache misses executor_globals). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80433 (Unable to disable the use of the AVX command when using
JIT). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80447 (Strange out of memory error when running with JIT).
. Fixed bug #80480 (Segmentation fault with JIT enabled). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #80506 (Immediate SIGSEGV upon ini_set("opcache.jit_debug", 1)).
- OpenSSL:
. Fixed bug #80368 (OpenSSL extension fails to build against LibreSSL due to
lack of OCB support). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80458 (PDOStatement::fetchAll() throws for upsert queries).
(Kamil Tekiela)
. Fixed bug #63185 (nextRowset() ignores MySQL errors with native prepared
statements). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #78152 (PDO::exec() - Bad error handling with multiple commands).
. Fixed bug #66878 (Multiple rowsets not returned unless PDO statement object
is unset()). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #70066 (Unexpected "Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered
queries"). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #71145 (Multiple statements in init command triggers unbuffered
query error). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #76815 (PDOStatement cannot be GCed/closeCursor-ed when a
PROCEDURE resultset SIGNAL). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79872 (Can't execute query with pending result sets). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79131 (PDO does not throw an exception when parameter values are
missing). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #72368 (PdoStatement->execute() fails but does not throw an
exception). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #62889 (LOAD DATA INFILE broken). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #67004 (Executing PDOStatement::fetch() more than once prevents
releasing resultset). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79132 (PDO re-uses parameter values from earlier calls to
execute()). (Nikita)
- Phar:
. Fixed bug #73809 (Phar Zip parse crash - mmap fail). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #75102 (`PharData` says invalid checksum for valid tar). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #77322 (PharData::addEmptyDir('/') Possible integer overflow).
- Phpdbg:
. Fixed bug #76813 (Access violation near NULL on source operand). (cmb)
- SPL:
. Fixed #62004 (SplFileObject: fgets after seek returns wrong line). (cmb)
- Standard:
. Fixed bug #80366 (Return Value of zend_fstat() not Checked). (sagpant, cmb)
. Fixed bug #77423 (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL accepts URLs with invalid userinfo).
(CVE-2020-7071) (cmb)
- Tidy:
. Fixed bug #77594 (ob_tidyhandler is never reset). (cmb)
- Tokenizer:
. Fixed bug #80462 (Nullsafe operator tokenize with TOKEN_PARSE flag fails).
- XML:
. XmlParser opaque object renamed to XMLParser for consistency with other XML objects. (girgias)
- Zlib:
. Fixed #48725 (Support for flushing in zlib stream). (cmb)
26 Nov 2020, PHP 8.0.0
- BZ2:
. Fixed bug #71263 (fread() does not report bzip2.decompress errors). (cmb)
- CLI:
. Allow debug server binding to an ephemeral port via `-S localhost:0`. (Sara)
- COM:
. Fixed bug #55847 (DOTNET .NET 4.0 GAC new location). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #62474 (com_event_sink crashes on certain arguments). (cmb)
- Calendar:
. Fixed bug #80007 (Potential type confusion in unixtojd() parameter parsing).
(Andy Postnikov)
- Core:
. Fixed bug #36365 (scandir duplicates file name at every 65535th file).
. Fixed bug #49555 (Fatal error "Function must be a string" message should be
renamed). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #62294 (register_shutdown_function() does not correctly handle
exit code). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #62609 (Allow implementing Traversable on abstract classes).
. Fixed bug #65274 (Enhance undefined class constant error with class name).
. Fixed bug #65275 (Calling exit() in a shutdown function does not change the
exit value in CLI). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #69084 (Unclear error message when not implementing a renamed
abstract trait function). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #70839 (Converting optional argument to variadic forbidden by LSP
checks). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #74558 (Can't rebind closure returned by Closure::fromCallable()).
. Fixed bug #77561 (Shebang line not stripped for non-primary script).
. Fixed bug #77619 (Wrong reflection on MultipleIterator::__construct).
(Fabien Villepinte)
. Fixed bug #77966 (Cannot alias a method named "namespace"). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #78236 (convert error on receiving variables when duplicate [).
. Fixed bug #78770 (Incorrect callability check inside internal methods).
. Fixed bug #79108 (Referencing argument in a function makes it a reference
in the stack trace). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79368 ("Unexpected end of file" is not an acceptable error
message). (Alex Dowad)
. Fixed bug #79462 (method_exists and property_exists incoherent behavior).
. Fixed bug #79467 (data:// wrappers are writable). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #79521 (Check __set_state structure). (carusogabriel)
. Fixed bug #79790 ("Illegal offset type" exception during AST evaluation
not handled properly). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79791 (Assertion failure when unsetting variable during binary
op). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79828 (Segfault when trying to access non-existing variable).
. Fixed bug #79841 (Syntax error in configure / unescaped "[]" in php.m4).
. Fixed bug #79852 (count(DOMNodeList) doesn't match
count(IteratorIterator(DOMNodeList))). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79867 (Promoted untyped properties should get null default
value). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79897 (Promoted constructor params with attribs cause crash).
(Deus Kane)
. Fixed bug #79927 (Generator doesn't throw exception after multiple yield
from iterable). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79946 (Build fails due to undeclared UINT32_C). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79948 (Exit in auto-prepended file does not abort PHP execution).
. Fixed bug #80045 (memleak after two set_exception_handler calls with
__call). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80096 (Segmentation fault with named arguments in nested call).
. Fixed bug #80109 (Cannot skip arguments when extended debug is enabled).
. Fixed bug #80225 (broken namespace usage in eval code). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80258 (Windows Deduplication Enabled, randon permission errors).
. Fixed bug #80280 (ADD_EXTENSION_DEP() fails for ext/standard and ext/date).
. Fixed bug #80334 (assert() vs named parameters - confusing error). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80055 (Abstract trait methods returning "self" cannot be
fulfilled by traits). (Nikita)
. Fixed faulty generator cleanup with yield from. (Bob)
. Implement #[Attr] Attribute syntax as per final vote in RFC
. Implemented FR #47074 (phpinfo() reports "On" as 1 for the some
extensions). (cmb)
. Implemented FR #72089 (require() throws fatal error instead of exception).
. Removed the pdo_odbc.db2_instance_name php.ini directive. (Kalle)
. Use SSE2 instructions do locale independent strtolower. (Laruence)
- Curl:
. Bumped required libcurl version to 7.29.0. (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80121 (Null pointer deref if CurlHandle directly instantiated).
- DOM:
. Add property DOMXPath::$registerNodeNamespaces and constructor argument
that allow global flag to configure query() or evaluate() calls.
. Fixed bug #79968 (DOMChildNode API crash on unattached nodes). (Benjamin)
. Fixed bug #80268 (loadHTML() truncates at NUL bytes). (cmb)
- Date:
. Fixed bug #60302 (DateTime::createFromFormat should new static(), not new
self()). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #65547 (Default value for sunrise/sunset zenith still wrong).
. Fixed bug #69044 (discrepancy between time and microtime). (krakjoe)
. Fixed bug #80057 (DateTimeImmutable::createFromFormat() does not populate
time). (Derick)
. Implemented FR #79903 (datetime: new format "p", same as "P" but returning
"Z" for UTC). (gharlan)
- Enchant:
. Add enchant_dict_add and enchant_dict_is_added functions.
. Deprecate enchant_broker_set_dict_path, enchant_broker_get_dict_path,
enchant_dict_add_to_personal and enchant_dict_is_in_session.
. Use libenchant-2 when available.
- FFI:
. Added FFI\CType::getName() method. (chopins)
. Fixed bug #79177 (FFI doesn't handle well PHP exceptions within callback).
(cmb, Dmitry, Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79749 (Converting FFI instances to bool fails). (cmb)
- FPM:
. Add pm.status_listen option. (Jakub Zelenka)
- Fileinfo:
. Upgrade to libmagic 5.39. (Anatol)
- GD:
. Added imagegetinterpolation(). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #55005 (imagepolygon num_points requirement). (cmb)
. Made the $num_points parameter of php_imagepolygon optional. (cmb)
. Removed deprecated image2wbmp(). (cmb)
. Removed deprecated png2wbmp() and jpeg2wbmp(). (cmb)
. Replaced gd resources with objects. (Mark Randall)
. Fixed bug #64076 (imap_sort() does not return FALSE on failure). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #76618 (segfault on imap_reopen). (girgias)
. Fixed bug #80213 (imap_mail_compose() segfaults on certain $bodies). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80215 (imap_mail_compose() may modify by-val parameters). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80216 (imap_mail_compose() does not validate types/encodings).
. Fixed bug #80220 (imap_mail_compose() may leak memory). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80223 (imap_mail_compose() leaks envelope on malformed bodies).
. Fixed bug #80226 (imap_sort() leaks sortpgm memory). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80239 (imap_rfc822_write_address() leaks memory). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80242 (imap_mail_compose() segfaults for multipart with rfc822).
. Fixed minor regression caused by fixing bug #80220. (cmb)
- Iconv:
. Dropped support for iconv without proper errno setting. (cmb)
- Intl:
. Removed deprecated INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003. (cmb)
- JIT:
. Fixed bug #77857 (Wrong result if executed with JIT). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #79255 (PHP cannot be compiled with enable JIT).
(Laruence, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #79582 (Crash seen when opcache.jit=1235 and
opcache.jit_debug=2). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #79743 (Fatal error when assigning to array property
with JIT enabled). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #79864 (JIT segfault in Symfony OptionsResolver). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #79888 (Incorrect execution with JIT enabled). (Dmitry)
. The JSON extension is now an integral part of PHP and cannot be disabled
as per RFC: (tandre)
. Fixed memory leaks. (ptomulik)
. Removed deprecated ldap_sort. (mcmic)
- MBString:
. Fixed bug #76999 (mb_regex_set_options() return current options). (cmb)
. Removed the unused $is_hex parameter from mb_decode_numericentity(). (cmb)
- MySQLi:
. Fixed bug #76809 (SSL settings aren't respected when persistent connections
are used). (fabiomsouto)
- Mysqlnd:
. Fixed #60594 (mysqlnd exposes 160 lines of stats in phpinfo). (PeeHaa)
- OCI8:
. Deprecated old OCI8 function aliases. (Jens de Nies)
. Modernized oci_register_taf_callback() callable argument parsing
implementation. (girgias)
. Removed obsolete no-op function oci_internal_debug(). (Jens de Nies)
. Fixed bug #22986 (odbc_connect() may reuse persistent connection). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #44618 (Fetching may rely on uninitialized data). (cmb)
- Opcache:
. Fixed bug #76535 (Opcache does not replay compile-time warnings). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #78654 (Incorrectly computed opcache checksum on files with
non-ascii characters). (mhagstrand)
. Fixed bug #79665 (ini_get() and opcache_get_configuration() inconsistency).
. Fixed bug #80030 (Optimizer segfault with isset on static property with
undef dynamic class name). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80175 (PHP8 RC1 - JIT Buffer not working). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #80184 (Complex expression in while / if statements resolves to
false incorrectly). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80255 (Opcache bug (bad condition result) in 8.0.0rc1). (Nikita)
. Fixed run-time binding of preloaded dynamically declared function. (Dmitry)
- OpenSSL:
. Added Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) support. (Eliot Lear)
. Don't ignore invalid escape sequences. (sjon)
. Updated to PCRE2 10.35. (cmb)
- PDO:
. Changed default PDO error mode to exceptions. (AllenJB)
. Fixed bug #77849 (Disable cloning of PDO handle/connection objects).
- PDO_Firebird:
. Fixed bug #64937 (Firebird PDO preprocessing sql). (Simonov Denis)
. Added support for setting and getting the oracle OCI 18c call timeout.
. Bumped required libpq version to 9.1. (cmb)
. Bumped required libpq version to 9.1. (cmb)
- Phpdbg:
. Fixed bug #76596 (phpdbg support for display_errors=stderr). (kabel)
. Fixed bug #76801 (too many open files). (alekitto)
. Fixed bug #77800 (phpdbg segfaults on listing some conditional breakpoints).
. Fixed bug #77805 (phpdbg build fails when readline is shared). (krakjoe)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #64592 (ReflectionClass::getMethods() returns methods out of
scope). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #69180 (Reflection does not honor trait conflict resolution /
method aliasing). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #74939 (Nested traits' aliased methods are lowercased). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #77325 (ReflectionClassConstant::$class returns wrong class when
extending). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #78697 (ReflectionClass::implementsInterface - inaccurate error
message with traits). (villfa)
. Fixed bug #80190 (ReflectionMethod::getReturnType() does not handle static
as part of union type). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80299 (ReflectionFunction->invokeArgs confused in arguments).
. Fixed bug #80370 (getAttributes segfault on dynamic properties). (Benjamin
. Implement #79628 (Add $filter parameter for ReflectionClass::getConstants
and ReflectionClass::getReflectionConstants) (carusogabriel)
. Implement ReflectionProperty::hasDefaultValue and
Reflection::getDefaultValue (beberlei)
. Fixed bug #70461 (disable md5 code when it is not supported in net-snmp).
(Alexander Bergmann, cmb)
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #65006 (spl_autoload_register fails with multiple callables using
self, same method). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #65387 (Circular references in SPL iterators are not garbage
collected). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #71236 (Second call of spl_autoload_register() does nothing if it
has no arguments). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #79987 (Memory leak in SplFileInfo because of missing
zend_restore_error_handling()). (Dmitry)
. SplFixedArray is now IteratorAggregate rather than Iterator. (alexdowad)
- SQLite3:
. Added SQLite3::setAuthorizer() and respective class constants. (bohwaz)
- Session:
. Fixed bug #73529 (session_decode() silently fails on wrong input). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #78624 (session_gc return value for user defined session
handlers). (bshaffer)
- Shmop:
. Converted shmop resources to objects. (cmb)
- SimpleXML:
. Fixed bug #63575 (Root elements are not properly cloned). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #75245 (Don't set content of elements with only whitespaces).
- Sodium:
. Fixed bug #77646 (sign_detached() strings not terminated). (Frank)
- Standard:
. Don't force rebuild of symbol table, when populating $http_response_header
variable by the HTTP stream wrapper. (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #47983 (mixed LF and CRLF line endings in mail()). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #64060 (lstat_stat_variation7.phpt fails on certain file systems).
(M. Voelker, cmb)
. Fixed bug #75902 (str_replace should warn when misused with nested arrays).
. Fixed bug #76859 (stream_get_line skips data if used with data-generating
filter). (kkopachev)
. Fixed bug #77204 (getimagesize(): Read error! should mention file path).
. Fixed bug #78385 (parse_url() does not include 'query' when question mark
is the last char). (Islam Israfilov)
. Fixed bug #79868 (Sorting with array_unique gives unwanted result). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80256 (file_get_contents strip first line with chunked encoding
redirect). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80266 (parse_url silently drops port number 0). (cmb, Nikita)
. Fixed bug #80290 (Double free when ASSERT_CALLBACK is used with a dynamic
message). (Nikita)
. Implemented FR #78638 (__PHP_Incomplete_Class should be final). (Laruence)
. Made quoting of cmd execution functions consistent. (cmb)
- Tidy:
. Removed the unused $use_include_path parameter from tidy_repair_string().
- Tokenizer:
. Fixed bug #80328 (PhpToken::getAll() confusing name). (Nikita)
- XML:
. Fixed bug #76874 (xml_parser_free() should never leak memory). (Nikita)
- XMLWriter:
. Changed functions to accept/return XMLWriter objects instead of resources.
. Implemented FR #79344 (xmlwriter_write_attribute_ns: $prefix should be
nullable). (cmb)
. Removed return types from XMLWriter stubs. (cmb)
- Zip:
. Add "flags" options to ZipArchive::addGlob and addPattern methods
keeping previous behavior having FL_OVERWRITE by default. (Remi)
. Add ZipArchive::EM_UNKNOWN and ZipArchive::EM_TRAD_PKWARE constants. (Remi)
. Add ZipArchive::isCompressionMethodSupported() and
ZipArchive::isEncryptionMethodSupported() method (libzip 1.7.0). (Remi)
. Add ZipArchive::replaceFile() method. (Remi)
. Add ZipArchive::setCancelCallback method (since libzip 1.6.0). (Remi)
. Add ZipArchive::setMtimeName and ZipArchive::setMtimeIndex methods. (Remi)
. Add ZipArchive::setProgressCallback method (since libzip 1.3.0). (Remi)
. Add lastId property to ZipArchive. (Remi)
. Add optional "flags" parameter to ZipArchive::addEmptyDir, addFile and
addFromString methods. (Remi)
. Fixed bug #50678 (files extracted by ZipArchive class lost their
original modified time). (Remi)
. Fixed bug #72374 (remove_path strips first char of filename). (tyage, Remi)
. Implemented FR #77960 (add compression / encryption options for
ZipArchive::addGlob and ZipArchive::addPattern). (Remi)
. ZipArchive::status and ZipArchive::statusSys properties and
ZipArchive::getStatusString() method stay valid after the archive
is closed. (Remi)
- Zlib:
. Fixed bug #71417 (fread() does not report zlib.inflate errors). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #78792 (zlib.output_compression disabled by Content-Type: image/).