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#include "zend.h"
typedef struct _zend_object_bucket {
zend_bool valid;
union _bucket {
struct {
zend_object object;
zend_uint refcount;
} obj;
struct {
int next;
} free_list;
} bucket;
} zend_object_bucket;
typedef struct _zend_objects {
zend_object_bucket *object_buckets;
zend_uint top;
zend_uint size;
int free_list_head;
} zend_objects;
void zend_objects_init(zend_objects *objects, zend_uint init_size);
void zend_objects_destroy(zend_objects *objects);
zend_object_value zend_objects_new(zend_object **object);
zend_object *zend_objects_get_address(zend_object_handle handle);
void zend_objects_add_ref(zend_object_handle handle);
void zend_objects_del_ref(zend_object_handle handle);
void zend_objects_delete_obj(zend_object_handle handle);
#endif /* ZEND_OBJECTS_H */
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