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?? ??? ????, PHP 6.0
- Unicode support. (Andrei, Dmitry, et al)
- Cleaned CGI code. Now FastCGI can not be disabled. See sapi/cgi/CHANGES
for more details. (Dmitry)
- Removed support for "continue" and "break" operators with non-constant
operands. (Dmitry)
- Changed __toString() behavior to call it in all necessary places
(Marcus, Dmitry)
- Changed "instanceof" and "catch" operators, is_a() and is_subclass_of()
functions to not call __autoload(). (Dmitry)
- Removed global reflection constants. (Johannes)
- Added "allow_url_include" ini directive to be able to turn off remote url
code execution separately from the "allow_url_fopen" setting. (Rasmus)
- Added to cURL extension: (Ilia)
. curl_setopt_array() which allows setting of multiple cURL options.
. CURLINFO_HEADER_OUT constant to facilitate request retrieval.
- Added --rclass and --rextension CLI parameters to reflect internal classes
and loaded extensions. (Johannes)
- Added optional parameter to http_build_query() to allow specification of
string separator. (Ilia)
- Added an optional parameter to parse_url() to allow retrieval of distinct URL
components. (Ilia)
- Added an optional parameter to strstr() and stristr() for retrieval of either
the part of haystack before or after first occurence of needle. (Johannes)
- Added possibility to check in which extension an internal function was
defined using reflection API. (Johannes)
- Fixed bug #34286 (__toString() behavior is inconsistent). (Marcus)
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