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/** @file
* @ingroup Examples
* @brief class RecursiveArrayIterator
* @author Marcus Boerger
* @date 2003 - 2009
* SPL - Standard PHP Library
/** @ingroup SPL
* @brief A recursive array iterator
* @author Marcus Boerger
* @version 1.0
* @since PHP 5.1
* Passes the RecursiveIterator interface to the inner Iterator and provides
* the same functionality as FilterIterator. This allows you to skip parents
* and all their childs before loading them all. You need to care about
* function getChildren() because it may not always suit your needs. The
* builtin behavior uses reflection to return a new instance of the exact same
* class it is called from. That is you extend RecursiveFilterIterator and
* getChildren() will create instance of that class. The problem is that doing
* this does not transport any state or control information of your accept()
* implementation to the new instance. To overcome this problem you might
* need to overwrite getChildren(), call this implementation and pass the
* control vaules manually.
class RecursiveArrayIterator extends ArrayIterator implements RecursiveIterator
/** @return whether the current element has children
function hasChildren()
return is_array($this->current());
/** @return an iterator for the current elements children
* @note the returned iterator will be of the same class as $this
function getChildren()
if ($this->current() instanceof self)
return $this->current();
if (empty($this->ref))
$this->ref = new ReflectionClass($this);
return $this->ref->newInstance($this->current());
private $ref;
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