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?? ??? 2012, PHP 5.4.10
- Core:
. Fixed bug #63635 (Segfault in gc_collect_cycles). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #63512 (parse_ini_file() with INI_SCANNER_RAW removes quotes
from value). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #63468 (wrong called method as callback with inheritance).
. Fixed bug #63451 (config.guess file does not have AIX 7 defined,
shared objects are not created). (kemcline at au1 dot ibm dot com)
. Fixed bug #61557 (Crasher in tt-rss backend.php).
(i dot am dot jack dot mail at gmail dot com)
. Fixed bug #61272 (ob_start callback gets passed empty string).
(Mike, casper at langemeijer dot eu)
- Date:
. Fixed bug #63666 (Poor date() performance). (Paul Talborg).
. Fixed bug #63435 (Datetime::format('u') sometimes wrong by 1 microsecond).
- Imap:
. Fixed bug #63126 (DISABLE_AUTHENTICATOR ignores array). (Remi)
- Json:
. Fixed bug #63588 (use php_next_utf8_char and remove duplicate
implementation). (Remi)
- MySQLi:
. Fixed bug #63361 (missing header). (Remi)
- MySQLnd:
. Fixed bug #63398 (Segfault when polling closed link). (Laruence)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #63590 (Different results in TS and NTS under Windows).
- FPM:
. Fixed bug #63581 Possible null dereference and buffer overflow (Remi)
- Pdo_sqlite:
. Fixed Bug #63149 getColumnMeta should return the table name
when system SQLite used. (Remi)
- Apache2 Handler SAPI:
. Enabled Apache 2.4 configure option for Windows (Pierre, Anatoliy)
- Reflection:
. Fixed Bug #63614 (Fatal error on Reflection). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #63271 (SOAP wsdl cache is not enabled after initial requests).
(John Jawed, Dmitry)
- Sockets
. Fixed bug #49341 (Add SO_REUSEPORT support for socket_set_option()).
(Igor Wiedler, Lars)
22 Nov 2012, PHP 5.4.9
- Core:
. Fixed bug #63305 (zend_mm_heap corrupted with traits). (Dmitry, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #63369 ((un)serialize() leaves dangling pointers, causes crashes).
(Tony, Andrew Sitnikov)
. Fixed bug #63241 (PHP fails to open Windows deduplicated files).
(daniel dot stelter-gliese at innogames dot de)
. Fixed bug #62444 (Handle leak in is_readable on windows).
(krazyest at seznam dot cz)
- Curl:
. Fixed bug #63363 (Curl silently accepts boolean true for SSL_VERIFYHOST).
Patch by John Jawed GitHub PR #221 (Anthony)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #63248 (Load multiple magic files from a directory under Windows).
- Libxml
. Fixed bug #63389 (Missing context check on libxml_set_streams_context()
causes memleak). (Laruence)
- Mbstring:
. Fixed bug #63447 (max_input_vars doesn't filter variables when
mbstring.encoding_translation = On). (Laruence)
- OCI8:
. Fixed bug #63265 (Add ORA-00028 to the PHP_OCI_HANDLE_ERROR macro)
(Chris Jones)
. Fixed bug #63180 (Corruption of hash tables). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #63055 (Segfault in zend_gc with SF2 testsuite).
(Dmitry, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #63284 (Upgrade PCRE to 8.31). (Anatoliy)
- PDO:
. Fixed bug #63235 (buffer overflow in use of SQLGetDiagRec).
(Martin Osvald, Remi)
- PDO_pgsql:
. Fixed bug #62593 (Emulate prepares behave strangely with PARAM_BOOL).
(Will Fitch)
- Phar:
. Fixed bug #63297 (Phar fails to write an openssl based signature).
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #63240 (stream_get_line() return contains delimiter string).
(Tjerk, Gustavo)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #63399 (ReflectionClass::getTraitAliases() incorrectly resolves
traitnames). (Laruence)
18 Oct 2012, PHP 5.4.8
- CLI server:
. Implemented FR #63242 (Default error page in PHP built-in web server uses
outdated html/css). (
. Changed response to unknown HTTP method to 501 according to RFC.
(Niklas Lindgren).
. Support HTTP PATCH method. Patch by Niklas Lindgren, GitHub PR #190.
- Core:
. Fixed bug #63219 (Segfault when aliasing trait method when autoloader
throws excpetion). (Laruence)
. Added optional second argument for assert() to specify custom message. Patch
by Lonny Kapelushnik ( (Lars)
. Support building PHP with the native client toolchain. (Stuart Langley)
. Added --offline option for tests. (Remi)
. Fixed bug #63162 (parse_url does not match password component). (husman)
. Fixed bug #63111 (is_callable() lies for abstract static method). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #63093 (Segfault while load extension failed in zts-build).
. Fixed bug #62976 (Notice: could not be converted to int when comparing
some builtin classes). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62955 (Only one directive is loaded from "Per Directory Values"
Windows registry). (aserbulov at parallels dot com)
. Fixed bug #62907 (Double free when use traits). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #61767 (Shutdown functions not called in certain error
situation). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #60909 (custom error handler throwing Exception + fatal error
= no shutdown function). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #60723 (error_log error time has changed to UTC ignoring default
timezone). (Laruence)
- cURL:
. Fixed bug #62085 (file_get_contents a remote file by Curl wrapper will
cause cpu Soaring). (Pierrick)
- Date:
. Fixed bug #62896 ("DateTime->modify('+0 days')" modifies DateTime object)
(Lonny Kapelushnik)
. Fixed bug #62561 (DateTime add 'P1D' adds 25 hours). (Lonny Kapelushnik)
- DOM:
. Fixed bug #63015 (Incorrect arginfo for DOMErrorHandler). (Rob)
- FPM:
. Fixed bug #62954 (startup problems fpm / php-fpm). (fat)
. Fixed bug #62886 (PHP-FPM may segfault/hang on startup). (fat)
. Fixed bug #63085 (Systemd integration and daemonize). (remi, fat)
. Fixed bug #62947 (Unneccesary warnings on FPM). (fat)
. Fixed bug #62887 (Only /status?plain&full gives "last request cpu"). (fat)
. Fixed bug #62216 (Add PID to php-fpm init.d script). (fat)
- OCI8:
. Fixed bug #60901 (Improve "tail" syntax for AIX installation) (Chris Jones)
- OpenSSL:
. Implemented FR #61421 (OpenSSL signature verification missing RMD160,
SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512). (Mark Jones)
- PDO:
. Fixed bug #63258 (seg fault with PDO and dblib using DBSETOPT(H->link,
DBQUOTEDIDENT, 1)). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #63235 (buffer overflow in use of SQLGetDiagRec).
(Martin Osvald, Remi)
- PDO Firebird:
. Fixed bug #63214 (Large PDO Firebird Queries).
(james at kenjim dot com)
. Fixed bug #50997 (SOAP Error when trying to submit 2nd Element of a choice).
- SPL:
. Bug #62987 (Assigning to ArrayObject[null][something] overrides all
undefined variables). (Laruence)
- mbstring:
. Allow passing null as a default value to mb_substr() and mb_strcut(). Patch
by Alexander Moskaliov via GitHub PR #133. (Lars)
- Filter extension:
. Bug #49510: Boolean validation fails with FILTER_NULL_ON_FAILURE with empty
string or false. (Lars)
- Sockets
. Fixed bug #63000 (MCAST_JOIN_GROUP on OSX is broken, merge of PR 185 by
Igor Wiedler). (Lars)
13 Sep 2012, PHP 5.4.7
- Core:
. Fixed bug (segfault while build with zts and GOTO vm-kind). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62844 (parse_url() does not recognize //). (Andrew Faulds).
. Fixed bug #62829 (stdint.h included on platform where HAVE_STDINT_H is not
set). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #62763 (register_shutdown_function and extending class).
. Fixed bug #62725 (Calling exit() in a shutdown function does not return
the exit value). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62744 (dangling pointers made by zend_disable_class). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62716 (munmap() is called with the incorrect length).
. Fixed bug #62358 (Segfault when using traits a lot). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62328 (implementing __toString and a cast to string fails)
. Fixed bug #51363 (Fatal error raised by var_export() not caught by error
handler). (Lonny Kapelushnik)
. Fixed bug #40459 (Stat and Dir stream wrapper methods do not call
constructor). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #62912 (CURLINFO_PRIMARY_* AND CURLINFO_LOCAL_* not exposed).
. Fixed bug #62839 (curl_copy_handle segfault with CURLOPT_FILE). (Pierrick)
- Intl:
. Fixed Spoofchecker not being registered on ICU 49.1. (Gustavo)
. Fix bug #62933 (ext/intl compilation error on icu 3.4.1). (Gustavo)
. Fix bug #62915 (defective cloning in several intl classes). (Gustavo)
- Installation:
. Fixed bug #62460 (php binaries installed as binary.dSYM). (Reeze Xia)
. Fixed bug #55856 (preg_replace should fail on trailing garbage).
(reg dot php at alf dot nu)
- PDO:
. Fixed bug #62685 (Wrong return datatype in PDO::inTransaction()). (Laruence)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #62892 (ReflectionClass::getTraitAliases crashes on importing
trait methods as private). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #62715 (ReflectionParameter::isDefaultValueAvailable() wrong
result). (Laruence)
- Session:
. Fixed bug (segfault due to retval is not initialized). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug (segfault due to PS(mod_user_implemented) not be reseted
when close handler call exit). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #50997 (SOAP Error when trying to submit 2nd Element of a choice).
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #62904 (Crash when cloning an object which inherits SplFixedArray)
. Implemented FR #62840 (Add sort flag to ArrayObject::ksort). (Laruence)
- Standard:
. Fixed bug #62836 (Seg fault or broken object references on unserialize()).
- FPM:
. Merged PR 121 by minitux to add support for slow request counting on PHP
FPM status page. (Lars)
16 Aug 2012, PHP 5.4.6
- CLI Server:
. Implemented FR #62700 (have the console output 'Listening on
http://localhost:8000'). (
- Core:
. Fixed bug #62661 (Interactive php-cli crashes if include() is used in
auto_prepend_file). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62653: (unset($array[$float]) causes a crash). (Nikita Popov,
. Fixed bug #62565 (Crashes due non-initialized internal properties_table).
. Fixed bug #60194 (--with-zend-multibyte and --enable-debug reports LEAK
with run-test.php). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62499 (curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE, "") returns false).
(, Laruence)
- DateTime:
. Fixed Bug #62500 (Segfault in DateInterval class when extended). (Laruence)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #61964 (finfo_open with directory causes invalid free).
- Intl:
. Fixed bug #62564 (Extending MessageFormatter and adding property causes
crash). (Felipe)
- MySQLnd:
. Fixed bug #62594 (segfault in mysqlnd_res_meta::set_mode). (Laruence)
- readline:
. Fixed bug #62612 (readline extension compilation fails with
sapi/cli/cli.h: No such file). (Johannes)
- Reflection:
. Implemented FR #61602 (Allow access to name of constant used as default
value). (
- SimpleXML:
. Implemented FR #55218 Get namespaces from current node. (Lonny)
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #62616 (ArrayIterator::count() from IteratorIterator instance
gives Segmentation fault). (Laruence, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61527 (ArrayIterator gives misleading notice on next() when
moved to the end). (
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #62597 (segfault in php_stream_wrapper_log_error with ZTS build).
- Zlib:
. Fixed bug #55544 (ob_gzhandler always conflicts with
zlib.output_compression). (Laruence)
19 Jul 2012, PHP 5.4.5
- Core:
. Fixed bug #62443 (Crypt SHA256/512 Segfaults With Malformed
Salt). (Anthony Ferrara)
. Fixed bug #62432 (ReflectionMethod random corrupt memory on high
concurrent). (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #62373 (serialize() generates wrong reference to the object).
. Fixed bug #62357 (compile failure: (S) Arguments missing for built-in
function __memcmp). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61998 (Using traits with method aliases appears to result in
crash during execution). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #51094 (parse_ini_file() with INI_SCANNER_RAW cuts a value that
includes a semi-colon). (Pierrick)
. Fixed potential overflow in _php_stream_scandir (CVE-2012-2688).
(Jason Powell, Stas)
. Fixed information leak in ext exif (discovered by Martin Noga,
Matthew "j00ru" Jurczyk, Gynvael Coldwind)
- FPM:
. Fixed bug #62205 (php-fpm segfaults (null passed to strstr)). (fat)
. Fixed bug #62160 (Add process.priority to set nice(2) priorities). (fat)
. Fixed bug #62153 (when using unix sockets, multiples FPM instances
. Fixed bug #62033 (php-fpm exits with status 0 on some failures to start).
. Fixed bug #61839 (Unable to cross-compile PHP with --enable-fpm). (fat)
. Fixed bug #61835 (php-fpm is not allowed to run as root). (fat)
. Fixed bug #61295 (php-fpm should not fail with commented 'user'
. Fixed bug #61218 (FPM drops connection while receiving some binary values
in FastCGI requests). (fat)
. Fixed bug #61045 (fpm don't send error log to fastcgi clients). (fat)
for non-root start). (fat)
. Fixed bug #61026 (FPM pools can listen on the same address). (fat)
can be launched without errors). (fat)
- Iconv:
. Fix bug #55042 (Erealloc in iconv.c unsafe). (Stas)
- Intl:
. Fixed bug #62083 (grapheme_extract() memory leaks). (Gustavo)
. ResourceBundle constructor now accepts NULL for the first two arguments.
. Fixed bug #62081 (IntlDateFormatter constructor leaks memory when called
twice). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #62070 (Collator::getSortKey() returns garbage). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #62017 (datefmt_create with incorrectly encoded timezone leaks
pattern). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #60785 (memory leak in IntlDateFormatter constructor). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61359 (json_encode() calls too many reallocs). (Stas)
- libxml:
. Fixed bug #62266 (Custom extension segfaults during xmlParseFile with FPM
SAPI). (Gustavo)
- Phar:
. Fixed bug #62227 (Invalid phar stream path causes crash). (Felipe)
- Readline:
. Fixed bug #62186 (readline fails to compile - void function should not
return a value). (Johannes)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #62384 (Attempting to invoke a Closure more than once causes
segfault). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #62202 (ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValue() memory leaks
with constant). (Laruence)
- Sockets:
. Fixed bug #62025 (__ss_family was changed on AIX 5.3). (Felipe)
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #62433 (Inconsistent behavior of RecursiveDirectoryIterator to
dot files). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62262 (RecursiveArrayIterator does not implement Countable).
(Nikita Popov)
- XML Writer:
. Fixed bug #62064 (memory leak in the XML Writer module).
(jean-pierre dot lozi at lip6 dot fr)
- Zip:
. Upgraded libzip to 0.10.1 (Anatoliy)
14 Jun 2012, PHP 5.4.4
- COM:
. Fixed bug #62146 com_dotnet cannot be built shared. (Johannes)
- CLI Server:
. Implemented FR #61977 (Need CLI web-server support for files with .htm &
svg extensions). (Sixd, Laruence)
. Improved performance while sending error page, this also fixed
bug #61785 (Memory leak when access a non-exists file without router).
. Fixed bug #61546 (functions related to current script failed when chdir()
in cli sapi). (Laruence,
- Core:
. Fixed missing bound check in iptcparse(). (chris at
. Fixed CVE-2012-2143. (Solar Designer)
. Fixed bug #62097 (fix for for bug #54547). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #62005 (unexpected behavior when incrementally assigning to a
member of a null object). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61978 (Object recursion not detected for classes that implement
JsonSerializable). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #61991 (long overflow in realpath_cache_get()). (Anatoliy)
. Fixed bug #61922 (ZTS build doesn't accept zend.script_encoding config).
. Fixed bug #61827 (incorrect \e processing on Windows) (Anatoliy)
. Fixed bug #61782 (__clone/__destruct do not match other methods when checking
access controls). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #61764 ('I' unpacks n as signed if n > 2^31-1 on LP64). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61761 ('Overriding' a private static method with a different
signature causes crash). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61730 (Segfault from array_walk modifying an array passed by
reference). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61728 (PHP crash when calling ob_start in request_shutdown
phase). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61713 (Logic error in charset detection for htmlentities).
. Fixed bug #61660 (bin2hex(hex2bin($data)) != $data). (Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #61650 (ini parser crashes when using ${xxxx} ini variables
(without apache2)). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61605 (header_remove() does not remove all headers). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #54547 (wrong equality of string numbers). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #54197 ([PATH=] sections incompatibility with user_ini.filename
set to null). (Anatoliy)
. Changed php://fd to be available only for CLI.
. Fixed bug #61948 (CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE '' raises open_basedir restriction).
- Fileinfo
. Fixed bug #61812 (Uninitialised value used in libmagic).
(Laruence, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61566 failure caused by the posix lseek and read versions
under windows in cdf_read(). (Anatoliy)
. Fixed bug #61565 where php_stream_open_wrapper_ex tries to open a
directory descriptor under windows. (Anatoliy)
- Intl
. Fixed bug #62082 (Memory corruption in internal function
get_icu_disp_value_src_php()). (Gustavo)
- Libxml:
. Fixed bug #61617 (Libxml tests failed(ht is already destroyed)).
- PDO:
. Fixed bug #61755 (A parsing bug in the prepared statements can lead to
access violations). (Johannes)
- Phar:
. Fixed bug #61065 (Secunia SA44335, CVE-2012-2386). (Rasmus)
- Pgsql:
. Added pg_escape_identifier/pg_escape_literal. (Yasuo Ohgaki)
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #61961 (file_get_contents leaks when access empty file with
maxlen set). (Reeze)
- Zlib:
. Fixed bug #61820 (using ob_gzhandler will complain about headers already
sent when no compression). (Mike)
. Fixed bug #61443 (can't change zlib.output_compression on the fly). (Mike)
. Fixed bug #60761 (zlib.output_compression fails on refresh). (Mike)
08 May 2012, PHP 5.4.3
. Re-Fix PHP-CGI query string parameter vulnerability, CVE-2012-1823.
. Fix bug #61807 - Buffer Overflow in apache_request_headers.
(nyt-php at countercultured dot net).
03 May 2012, PHP 5.4.2
- Fix PHP-CGI query string parameter vulnerability, CVE-2012-1823. (Rasmus)
26 Apr 2012, PHP 5.4.1
- CLI Server:
. Fixed bug #61461 (missing checks around malloc() calls). (Ilia)
. Implemented FR #60850 (Built in web server does not set
$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] when using router). (Laruence)
. "Connection: close" instead of "Connection: closed" (Gustavo)
- Core:
. Fixed crash in ZTS using same class in many threads. (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #61374 (html_entity_decode tries to decode code points that don't
exist in ISO-8859-1). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61273 (call_user_func_array with more than 16333 arguments
leaks / crashes). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61225 (Incorrect lexing of 0b00*+<NUM>). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #61165 (Segfault - strip_tags()). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61106 (Segfault when using header_register_callback). (Nikita
. Fixed bug #61087 (Memory leak in parse_ini_file when specifying
invalid scanner mode). (Nikic, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61072 (Memory leak when restoring an exception handler).
(Nikic, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61058 (array_fill leaks if start index is PHP_INT_MAX).
. Fixed bug #61052 (Missing error check in trait 'insteadof' clause). (Stefan)
. Fixed bug #61011 (Crash when an exception is thrown by __autoload
accessing a static property). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61000 (Exceeding max nesting level doesn't delete numerical
vars). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60978 (exit code incorrect). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60911 (Confusing error message when extending traits). (Stefan)
. Fixed bug #60801 (strpbrk() mishandles NUL byte). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #60717 (Order of traits in use statement can cause a fatal
error). (Stefan)
. Fixed bug #60573 (type hinting with "self" keyword causes weird errors).
. Fixed bug #60569 (Nullbyte truncates Exception $message). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #52719 (array_walk_recursive crashes if third param of the
function is by reference). (Nikita Popov)
. Improve performance of set_exception_handler while doing reset (Laruence)
- fileinfo:
. Fix fileinfo test problems. (Anatoliy Belsky)
. Fixed bug #61430 (Transposed memset() params in sapi/fpm/fpm/fpm_shm.c).
(michaelhood at gmail dot com, Ilia)
- Ibase
. Fixed bug #60947 (Segmentation fault while executing ibase_db_info).
- Installation
. Fixed bug #61172 (Add Apache 2.4 support). (Chris Jones)
- Intl:
. Fixed bug #61487 (Incorrent bounds checking in grapheme_strpos).
- mbstring:
. MFH mb_ereg_replace_callback() for security enhancements. (Rui)
- mysqli
. Fixed bug #61003 (mysql_stat() require a valid connection). (Johannes).
- mysqlnd
. Fixed bug #61704 (Crash apache, phpinfo() threading issue). (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #60948 (mysqlnd FTBFS when -Wformat-security is enabled).
. Fixed bug #61292 (Segfault while calling a method on an overloaded PDO
object). (Laruence)
- PDO_mysql
. Fixed bug #61207 (PDO::nextRowset() after a multi-statement query doesn't
always work). (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #61194 (PDO should export compression flag with myslqnd).
- PDO_odbc
. Fixed bug #61212 (PDO ODBC Segfaults on SQL_SUCESS_WITH_INFO). (Ilia)
- Phar
. Fixed bug #61184 (Phar::webPhar() generates headers with trailing NUL
bytes). (Nikita Popov)
- Readline:
. Fixed bug #61088 (Memory leak in readline_callback_handler_install).
(Nikic, Laruence)
- Reflection:
. Implemented FR #61602 (Allow access to the name of constant
used as function/method parameter's default value). (
. Fixed bug #60968 (Late static binding doesn't work with
ReflectionMethod::invokeArgs()). (Laruence)
- Session
. Fixed bug #60634 (Segmentation fault when trying to die() in
SessionHandler::write()). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #61423 (gzip compression fails). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #60887 (SoapClient ignores user_agent option and sends no
User-Agent header). (carloschilazo at gmail dot com)
. Fixed bug #60842, #51775 (Chunked response parsing error when
chunksize length line is > 10 bytes). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #49853 (Soap Client stream context header option ignored).
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #61453 (SplObjectStorage does not identify objects correctly).
. Fixed bug #61347 (inconsistent isset behavior of Arrayobject). (Laruence)
- Standard:
. Fixed memory leak in substr_replace. (Pierrick)
. Make max_file_uploads ini directive settable outside of php.ini (Rasmus)
. Fixed bug #61409 (Bad formatting on phpinfo()). (Jakub Vrana)
. Fixed bug #60222 (time_nanosleep() does validate input params). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #60106 (stream_socket_server silently truncates long unix socket
paths). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #61264 (xmlrpc_parse_method_descriptions leaks temporary
variable). (Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #61097 (Memory leak in xmlrpc functions copying zvals). (Nikita
- Zlib:
. Fixed bug #61306 (initialization of global inappropriate for ZTS). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61287 (A particular string fails to decompress). (Mike)
. Fixed bug #61139 (gzopen leaks when specifying invalid mode). (Nikita Popov)
01 Mar 2012, PHP 5.4.0
- Installation:
. autoconf 2.59+ is now supported (and required) for generating the
configure script with ./buildconf. Autoconf 2.60+ is desirable
otherwise the configure help order may be incorrect. (Rasmus, Chris Jones)
- Removed legacy features:
. break/continue $var syntax. (Dmitry)
. Safe mode and all related php.ini options. (Kalle)
. register_globals and register_long_arrays php.ini options. (Kalle)
. import_request_variables(). (Kalle)
. allow_call_time_pass_reference. (Pierrick)
. define_syslog_variables php.ini option and its associated function. (Kalle)
. php.ini option. (Kalle)
. safe_mode, safe_mode_gid, safe_mode_include_dir,
safe_mode_exec_dir, safe_mode_allowed_env_vars and
safe_mode_protected_env_vars php.ini options.
. zend.ze1_compatibility_mode php.ini option.
. Session bug compatibility mode (session.bug_compat_42 and
session.bug_compat_warn php.ini options). (Kalle)
. session_is_registered(), session_register() and session_unregister()
functions. (Kalle)
. y2k_compliance php.ini option. (Kalle)
. magic_quotes_gpc, magic_quotes_runtime and magic_quotes_sybase
php.ini options. get_magic_quotes_gpc, get_magic_quotes_runtime are kept
but always return false, set_magic_quotes_runtime raises an
E_CORE_ERROR. (Pierrick, Pierre)
. Removed support for putenv("TZ=..") for setting the timezone. (Derick)
. Removed the timezone guessing algorithm in case the timezone isn't set with
date.timezone or date_default_timezone_set(). Instead of a guessed
timezone, "UTC" is now used instead. (Derick)
- Moved extensions to PECL:
. ext/sqlite. (Note: the ext/sqlite3 and ext/pdo_sqlite extensions are
not affected) (Johannes)
- General improvements:
. Added short array syntax support ([1,2,3]), see UPGRADING guide for full
details. (rsky0711 at gmail . com, sebastian.deutsch at 9elements . com,
. Added binary number format (0b001010). (Jonah dot Harris at gmail dot com)
. Added support for Class::{expr}() syntax (Pierrick)
. Added multibyte support by default. Previously PHP had to be compiled
with --enable-zend-multibyte. Now it can be enabled or disabled through
the zend.multibyte directive in php.ini. (Dmitry)
. Removed compile time dependency from ext/mbstring (Dmitry)
. Added support for Traits. (Stefan, with fixes by Dmitry and Laruence)
. Added closure $this support back. (Stas)
. Added array dereferencing support. (Felipe)
. Added callable typehint. (Hannes)
. Added indirect method call through array. FR #47160. (Felipe)
. Added DTrace support. (David Soria Parra)
. Added class member access on instantiation (e.g. (new foo)->bar()) support.
. <?= is now always available regardless of the short_open_tag setting. (Rasmus)
. Implemented Zend Signal Handling (configurable option --enable-zend-signals,
off by default). (Lucas Nealan, Arnaud Le Blanc, Brian Shire, Ilia)
. Improved output layer, see README.NEW-OUTPUT-API for internals. (Mike)
. Improved UNIX build system to allow building multiple PHP binary SAPIs and
one SAPI module the same time. FR #53271, FR #52419. (Jani)
. Implemented closure rebinding as parameter to bindTo. (Gustavo Lopes)
. Improved the warning message of incompatible arguments. (Laruence)
. Improved ternary operator performance when returning arrays. (Arnaud, Dmitry)
. Changed error handlers to only generate docref links when the docref_root
php.ini setting is not empty. (Derick)
. Changed silent conversion of array to string to produce a notice. (Patrick)
. Changed default encoding from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 when not specified in
htmlspecialchars and htmlentities. (Rasmus)
. Changed casting of null/''/false into an Object when adding a property
from E_STRICT into a warning. (Scott)
. Changed E_ALL to include E_STRICT. (Stas)
. Disabled Windows CRT warning by default, can be enabled again using the
php.ini directive windows_show_crt_warnings. (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #55378: Binary number literal returns float number though its
value is small enough. (Derick)
- Improved Zend Engine memory usage: (Dmitry)
. Improved parse error messages. (Felipe)
. Replaced zend_function.pass_rest_by_reference by
ZEND_ACC_PASS_REST_BY_REFERENCE in zend_function.fn_flags.
. Replaced zend_function.return_reference by ZEND_ACC_RETURN_REFERENCE
in zend_function.fn_flags.
. Removed zend_arg_info.required_num_args as it was only needed for internal
functions. Now the first arg_info for internal functions (which has special
meaning) is represented by the zend_internal_function_info structure.
. Moved zend_op_array.size, size_var, size_literal, current_brk_cont,
backpatch_count into CG(context) as they are used only during compilation.
. Moved zend_op_array.start_op into EG(start_op) as it's used only for
'interactive' execution of a single top-level op-array.
. Replaced zend_op_array.done_pass_two by ZEND_ACC_DONE_PASS_TWO in
. op_array.vars array is trimmed (reallocated) during pass_two.
. Replaced zend_class_entry.constants_updated by ZEND_ACC_CONSTANTS_UPDATED
in zend_class_entry.ce_flags.
. Reduced the size of zend_class_entry by sharing the same memory space
by different information for internal and user classes.
See union.
. Reduced size of temp_variable.
- Improved Zend Engine - performance tweaks and optimizations: (Dmitry)
. Inlined most probable code-paths for arithmetic operations directly into
. Eliminated unnecessary iterations during request startup/shutdown.
. Changed $GLOBALS into a JIT autoglobal, so it's initialized only if used.
(this may affect opcode caches!)
. Improved performance of @ (silence) operator.
. Simplified string offset reading. Given $str="abc" then $str[1][0] is now
a legal construct.
. Added caches to eliminate repeatable run-time bindings of functions,
classes, constants, methods and properties.
. Added concept of interned strings. All strings constants known at compile
time are allocated in a single copy and never changed.
. ZEND_RECV now always has IS_CV as its result.
. ZEND_CATCH now has to be used only with constant class names.
. ZEND_FETCH_DIM_? may fetch array and dimension operands in different order.
. Simplified ZEND_FETCH_*_R operations. They can't be used with the
EXT_TYPE_UNUSED flag any more. This is a very rare and useless case.
ZEND_FREE might be required after them instead.
. Split ZEND_RETURN into two new instructions ZEND_RETURN and
. Optimized access to global constants using values with pre-calculated
hash_values from the literals table.
. Optimized access to static properties using executor specialization.
A constant class name may be used as a direct operand of ZEND_FETCH_*
instruction without previous ZEND_FETCH_CLASS.
. zend_stack and zend_ptr_stack allocation is delayed until actual usage.
- Other improvements to Zend Engine:
. Added an optimization which saves memory and emalloc/efree calls for empty
HashTables. (Stas, Dmitry)
. Added ability to reset user opcode handlers (Yoram).
. Changed the structure of op_array.opcodes. The constant values are moved from
opcode operands into a separate literal table. (Dmitry)
. Fixed (disabled) inline-caching for ZEND_OVERLOADED_FUNCTION methods.
- Improved core functions:
. Enforce an extended class' __construct arguments to match the
abstract constructor in the base class.
. Disallow reusing superglobal names as parameter names.
. Added optional argument to debug_backtrace() and debug_print_backtrace()
to limit the amount of stack frames returned. (Sebastian, Patrick)
. Added hex2bin() function. (Scott)
. number_format() no longer truncates multibyte decimal points and thousand
separators to the first byte. FR #53457. (Adam)
. Added support for object references in recursive serialize() calls.
FR #36424. (Mike)
. Added support for SORT_NATURAL and SORT_FLAG_CASE in array
sort functions (sort, rsort, ksort, krsort, asort, arsort and
array_multisort). FR#55158 (Arpad)
. Added stream metadata API support and stream_metadata() stream class
handler. (Stas)
. User wrappers can now define a stream_truncate() method that responds
to truncation, e.g. through ftruncate(). FR #53888. (Gustavo)
. Improved unserialize() performance.
(galaxy dot mipt at gmail dot com, Kalle)
. Changed array_combine() to return empty array instead of FALSE when both
parameter arrays are empty. FR #34857. (
. Fixed bug #61095 (Incorect lexing of 0x00*+<NUM>). (Etienne)
. Fixed bug #60965 (Buffer overflow on htmlspecialchars/entities with
$double=false). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #60895 (Possible invalid handler usage in windows random
functions). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #60879 (unserialize() Does not invoke __wakeup() on object).
(Pierre, Steve)
. Fixed bug #60825 (Segfault when running symfony 2 tests).
(Dmitry, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60627 (httpd.worker segfault on startup with php_value).
. Fixed bug #60613 (Segmentation fault with $cls->{expr}() syntax). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #60611 (Segmentation fault with Cls::{expr}() syntax). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60558 (Invalid read and writes). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60444 (Segmentation fault with include & class extending).
(Laruence, Dmitry).
. Fixed bug #60362 (non-existent sub-sub keys should not have values).
(Laruence, alan_k, Stas)
. Fixed bug #60350 (No string escape code for ESC (ascii 27), normally \e).
(php at mickweiss dot com)
. Fixed bug #60321 (ob_get_status(true) no longer returns an array when
buffer is empty). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #60282 (Segfault when using ob_gzhandler() with open buffers).
. Fixed bug #60240 (invalid read/writes when unserializing specially crafted
strings). (Mike)
. Fixed bug #60227 (header() cannot detect the multi-line header with
CR(0x0D)). (rui)
. Fixed bug #60174 (Notice when array in method prototype error).
. Fixed bug #60169 (Conjunction of ternary and list crashes PHP).
. Fixed bug #60038 (SIGALRM cause segfault in php_error_cb). (Laruence)
(klightspeed at netspace dot net dot au)
. Fixed bug #55871 (Interruption in substr_replace()). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #55801 (Behavior of unserialize has changed). (Mike)
. Fixed bug #55758 (Digest Authenticate missed in 5.4) . (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #55748 (multiple NULL Pointer Dereference with zend_strndup())
(CVE-2011-4153). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #55124 (recursive mkdir fails with current (dot) directory in path).
. Fixed bug #55084 (Function registered by header_register_callback is
called only once per process). (Hannes)
. Implement FR #54514 (Get php binary path during script execution).
. Fixed bug #52211 (iconv() returns part of string on error). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #51860 (Include fails with toplevel symlink to /). (Dmitry)
- Improved generic SAPI support:
. Added $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT'] to include microsecond precision.
. Added header_register_callback() which is invoked immediately
prior to the sending of headers and after default headers have
been added. (Scott)
. Added http_response_code() function. FR #52555. (Paul Dragoonis, Kalle)
. Fixed bug #55500 (Corrupted $_FILES indices lead to security concern).
(CVE-2012-1172). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #54374 (Insufficient validating of upload name leading to
corrupted $_FILES indices). (CVE-2012-1172). (Stas, lekensteyn at gmail dot com)
- Improved CLI SAPI:
. Added built-in web server that is intended for testing purpose.
(Moriyoshi, Laruence, and fixes by Pierre, Derick, Arpad,
chobieee at gmail dot com)
. Added command line option --rz <name> which shows information of the
named Zend extension. (Johannes)
. Interactive readline shell improvements: (Johannes)
. Added "cli.pager" php.ini setting to set a pager for output.
. Added "cli.prompt" php.ini setting to configure the shell prompt.
. Added shortcut #inisetting=value to change php.ini settings at run-time.
. Changed shell not to terminate on fatal errors.
. Interactive shell works with shared readline extension. FR #53878.
- Improved CGI/FastCGI SAPI: (Dmitry)
. Added apache compatible functions: apache_child_terminate(),
getallheaders(), apache_request_headers() and apache_response_headers()
. Improved performance of FastCGI request parsing.
. Fixed reinitialization of SAPI callbacks after php_module_startup().
- Improved PHP-FPM SAPI:
. Removed EXPERIMENTAL flag. (fat)
. Fixed bug #60659 (FPM does not clear auth_user on request accept).
(bonbons at linux-vserver dot org)
- Improved Litespeed SAPI:
. Fixed bug #55769 (Make Fails with "Missing Separator" error). (Adam)
- Improved Date extension:
. Added the + modifier to parseFromFormat to allow trailing text in the
string to parse without throwing an error. (Stas, Derick)
- Improved DBA extension:
. Added Tokyo Cabinet abstract DB support. (Michael Maclean)
. Added Berkeley DB 5 support. (Johannes, Chris Jones)
- Improved DOM extension:
. Added the ability to pass options to loadHTML (Chregu, fxmulder at gmail dot com)
- Improved filesystem functions:
. scandir() now accepts SCANDIR_SORT_NONE as a possible sorting_order value.
FR #53407. (Adam)
- Improved HASH extension:
. Added Jenkins's one-at-a-time hash support. (Martin Jansen)
. Added FNV-1 hash support. (Michael Maclean)
. Made Adler32 algorithm faster. FR #53213. (zavasek at yandex dot ru)
. Removed Salsa10/Salsa20, which are actually stream ciphers (Mike)
. Fixed bug #60221 (Tiger hash output byte order) (Mike)
- Improved intl extension:
. Added Spoofchecker class, allows checking for visibly confusable characters and
other security issues. (Scott)
. Added Transliterator class, allowing transliteration of strings.
. Added support for UTS #46. (Gustavo)
. Fixed build on Fedora 15 / Ubuntu 11. (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #55562 (grapheme_substr() returns false on big length). (Stas)
- Improved JSON extension:
. Added new json_encode() option JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE. FR #53946.
(Alexander, Gwynne)
. Added JsonSerializable interface. (Sara)
. Added JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING, extended json_decode() sig with $options.
. Added support for JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK option in json_encode() that converts
numeric strings to integers. (Ilia)
. Added new json_encode() option JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES. FR #49366. (Adam)
. Added new json_encode() option JSON_PRETTY_PRINT. FR #44331. (Adam)
- Improved LDAP extension:
. Added paged results support. FR #42060. (,,,
- Improved mbstring extension:
. Added Shift_JIS/UTF-8 Emoji (pictograms) support. (Rui)
. Added JIS X0213:2004 (Shift_JIS-2004, EUC-JP-2004, ISO-2022-JP-2004)
support. (Rui)
. Ill-formed UTF-8 check for security enhancements. (Rui)
. Added MacJapanese (Shift_JIS) and gb18030 encoding support. (Rui)
. Added encode/decode in hex format to mb_[en|de]code_numericentity(). (Rui)
. Added user JIS X0213:2004 (Shift_JIS-2004, EUC-JP-2004, ISO-2022-JP-2004)
support. (Rui)
. Added the user defined area for CP936 and CP950 (Rui).
. Fixed bug #60306 (Characters lost while converting from cp936 to utf8).
- Improved MySQL extensions:
. MySQL: Deprecated mysql_list_dbs(). FR #50667. (Andrey)
. mysqlnd: Added named pipes support. FR #48082. (Andrey)
. MySQLi: Added iterator support in MySQLi. mysqli_result implements
Traversable. (Andrey, Johannes)
. PDO_mysql: Removed support for linking with MySQL client libraries older
than 4.1. (Johannes)
. ext/mysql, mysqli and pdo_mysql now use mysqlnd by default. (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #55473 (mysql_pconnect leaks file descriptors on reconnect).
(Andrey, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #55653 (PS crash with libmysql when binding same variable as
param and out). (Laruence)
- Improved OpenSSL extension:
. Added AES support. FR #48632. (yonas dot y at gmail dot com, Pierre)
. Added no padding option to openssl_encrypt()/openssl_decrypt(). (Scott)
. Use php's implementation for Windows Crypto API in
openssl_random_pseudo_bytes. (Pierre)
. On error in openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() made sure we set strong result
to false. (Scott)
. Fixed possible attack in SSL sockets with SSL 3.0 / TLS 1.0.
CVE-2011-3389. (Scott)
. Fixed bug #61124 (Crash when decoding an invalid base64 encoded string).
(me at ktamura dot com, Scott)
- Improved PDO:
. Fixed PDO objects binary incompatibility. (Dmitry)
- PDO DBlib driver:
. Added nextRowset support.
. Fixed bug #50755 (PDO DBLIB Fails with OOM).
- Improved PostgreSQL extension:
. Added support for "extra" parameter for PGNotify().
(r dot i dot k at free dot fr, Ilia)
- Improved PCRE extension:
. Changed third parameter of preg_match_all() to optional. FR #53238. (Adam)
- Improved Readline extension:
. Fixed bug #54450 (Enable callback support when built against libedit).
(fedora at famillecollet dot com, Hannes)
- Improved Reflection extension:
. Added ReflectionClass::newInstanceWithoutConstructor() to create a new
instance of a class without invoking its constructor. FR #55490.
. Added ReflectionExtension::isTemporary() and
ReflectionExtension::isPersistent() methods. (Johannes)
. Added ReflectionZendExtension class. (Johannes)
. Added ReflectionClass::isCloneable(). (Felipe)
- Improved Session extension:
. Expose session status via new function, session_status (FR #52982) (Arpad)
. Added support for object-oriented session handlers. (Arpad)
. Added support for storing upload progress feedback in session data. (Arnaud)
. Changed session.entropy_file to default to /dev/urandom or /dev/arandom if
either is present at compile time. (Rasmus)
. Fixed bug #60860 (session.save_handler=user without defined function core
dumps). (Felipe)
. Implement FR #60551 (session_set_save_handler should support a core's
session handler interface). (Arpad)
. Fixed bug #60640 (invalid return values). (Arpad)
- Improved SNMP extension (Boris Lytochkin):
. Added OO API. FR #53594 (php-snmp rewrite).
. Sanitized return values of existing functions. Now it returns FALSE on
. Allow ~infinite OIDs in GET/GETNEXT/SET queries. Autochunk them to max_oids
upon request.
. Introducing unit tests for extension with ~full coverage.
. IPv6 support. (FR #42918)
. Way of representing OID value can now be changed when SNMP_VALUE_OBJECT
is used for value output mode. Use or'ed SNMP_VALUE_LIBRARY(default if
not specified) or SNMP_VALUE_PLAIN. (FR #54502)
. Fixed bug #60749 (SNMP module should not strip non-standard SNMP port
from hostname). (Boris Lytochkin)
. Fixed bug #60585 (php build fails with USE flag snmp when IPv6 support
is disabled). (Boris Lytochkin)
. Fixed bug #53862 (snmp_set_oid_output_format does not allow returning to default)
. Fixed bug #46065 (snmp_set_quick_print() persists between requests)
. Fixed bug #45893 (Snmp buffer limited to 2048 char)
. Fixed bug #44193 (snmp v3 noAuthNoPriv doesn't work)
- Improved SOAP extension:
. Added new SoapClient option "keep_alive". FR #60329. (Pierrick)
. Fixed basic HTTP authentication for WSDL sub requests. (Dmitry)
- Improved SPL extension:
. Added RegexIterator::getRegex() method. (Joshua Thijssen)
. Added SplObjectStorage::getHash() hook. (Etienne)
. Added CallbackFilterIterator and RecursiveCallbackFilterIterator. (Arnaud)
. Added missing class_uses(..) as pointed out by #55266 (Stefan)
. Immediately reject wrong usages of directories under Spl(Temp)FileObject
and friends. (Etienne, Pierre)
. FilesystemIterator, GlobIterator and (Recursive)DirectoryIterator now use
the default stream context. (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #60201 (SplFileObject::setCsvControl does not expose third
argument via Reflection). (Peter)
. Fixed bug #55287 (spl_classes() not includes CallbackFilter classes)
(sasezaki at gmail dot com, salathe)
- Improved Sysvshm extension:
. Fixed bug #55750 (memory copy issue in sysvshm extension).
(Ilia, jeffhuang9999 at gmail dot com)
- Improved Tidy extension:
. Fixed bug #54682 (Tidy::diagnose() NULL pointer dereference).
(Maksymilian Arciemowicz, Felipe)
- Improved Tokenizer extension:
. Fixed bug #54089 (token_get_all with regards to __halt_compiler is
not binary safe). (Nikita Popov)
- Improved XSL extension:
. Added XsltProcessor::setSecurityPrefs($options) and getSecurityPrefs() to
define forbidden operations within XSLT stylesheets, default is not to
enable write operations from XSLT. Bug #54446 (Chregu, Nicolas Gregoire)
. XSL doesn't stop transformation anymore, if a PHP function can't be called
- Improved ZLIB extension:
. Re-implemented non-file related functionality. (Mike)
. Fixed bug #55544 (ob_gzhandler always conflicts with zlib.output_compression).
14 Jun 2012, PHP 5.3.14
. Fixed bug #61546 (functions related to current script failed when chdir()
in cli sapi). (Laruence,
. Fixed bug #61948 (CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE '' raises open_basedir restriction).
- COM:
. Fixed bug #62146 com_dotnet cannot be built shared. (Johannes)
- Core:
. Fixed CVE-2012-2143. (Solar Designer)
. Fixed missing bound check in iptcparse(). (chris at
. Fixed bug #62373 (serialize() generates wrong reference to the object).
. Fixed bug #62005 (unexpected behavior when incrementally assigning to a
member of a null object). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61991 (long overflow in realpath_cache_get()). (Anatoliy)
. Fixed bug #61764 ('I' unpacks n as signed if n > 2^31-1 on LP64). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61730 (Segfault from array_walk modifying an array passed by
reference). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61713 (Logic error in charset detection for htmlentities).
. Fixed bug #54197 ([PATH=] sections incompatibility with user_ini.filename
set to null). (Anatoliy)
. Changed php://fd to be available only for CLI.
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #61812 (Uninitialised value used in libmagic).
(Laruence, Gustavo)
- Iconv extension:
. Fixed a bug that iconv extension fails to link to the correct library
when another extension makes use of a library that links to the iconv
library. See for detail.
- Intl:
. Fixed bug #62082 (Memory corruption in internal function
get_icu_disp_value_src_php()). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61537 (json_encode() incorrectly truncates/discards
information). (Adam)
- PDO:
. Fixed bug #61755 (A parsing bug in the prepared statements can lead to
access violations). (Johannes)
- Phar:
. Fix bug #61065 (Secunia SA44335). (Rasmus)
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #61961 (file_get_contents leaks when access empty file with
maxlen set). (Reeze)
08 May 2012, PHP 5.3.13
. Improve fix for PHP-CGI query string parameter vulnerability, CVE-2012-2311.
03 May 2012, PHP 5.3.12
- Fix PHP-CGI query string parameter vulnerability, CVE-2012-1823. (Rasmus)
26 Apr 2012, PHP 5.3.11
- Core:
. Fixed bug #61605 (header_remove() does not remove all headers).
. Fixed bug #61541 (Segfault when using ob_* in output_callback).
. Fixed bug #61273 (call_user_func_array with more than 16333 arguments
leaks / crashes). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61165 (Segfault - strip_tags()). (Laruence)
. Improved max_input_vars directive to check nested variables (Dmitry).
. Fixed bug #61095 (Incorect lexing of 0x00*+<NUM>). (Etienne)
. Fixed bug #61087 (Memory leak in parse_ini_file when specifying
invalid scanner mode). (Nikic, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61072 (Memory leak when restoring an exception handler).
(Nikic, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61058 (array_fill leaks if start index is PHP_INT_MAX).
. Fixed bug #61043 (Regression in magic_quotes_gpc fix for CVE-2012-0831).
(Ondřej Surý)
. Fixed bug #61000 (Exceeding max nesting level doesn't delete numerical
vars). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60895 (Possible invalid handler usage in windows random
functions). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #60825 (Segfault when running symfony 2 tests).
(Dmitry, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60801 (strpbrk() mishandles NUL byte). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #60569 (Nullbyte truncates Exception $message). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #60227 (header() cannot detect the multi-line header with CR).
(rui, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #60222 (time_nanosleep() does validate input params). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #54374 (Insufficient validating of upload name leading to
corrupted $_FILES indices). (CVE-2012-1172). (Stas, lekensteyn at
gmail dot com, Pierre)
. Fixed bug #52719 (array_walk_recursive crashes if third param of the
function is by reference). (Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #51860 (Include fails with toplevel symlink to /). (Dmitry)
. Added debug info handler to DOM objects. (Gustavo, Joey Smith)
. Fixed bug #61430 (Transposed memset() params in sapi/fpm/fpm/fpm_shm.c).
(michaelhood at gmail dot com, Ilia)
- Ibase
. Fixed bug #60947 (Segmentation fault while executing ibase_db_info).
- Installation
. Fixed bug #61172 (Add Apache 2.4 support). (Chris Jones)
- Fileinfo
. Fixed bug #61173 (Unable to detect error from finfo constructor). (Gustavo)
- Firebird Database extension (ibase):
. Fixed bug #60802 (ibase_trans() gives segfault when passing params).
- Libxml:
. Fixed bug #61617 (Libxml tests failed(ht is already destroyed)).
. Fixed bug #61367 (open_basedir bypass using libxml RSHUTDOWN).
(Tim Starling)
- mysqli
. Fixed bug #61003 (mysql_stat() require a valid connection). (Johannes).
- PDO_mysql
. Fixed bug #61207 (PDO::nextRowset() after a multi-statement query doesn't
always work). (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #61194 (PDO should export compression flag with myslqnd).
- PDO_odbc
. Fixed bug #61212 (PDO ODBC Segfaults on SQL_SUCESS_WITH_INFO). (Ilia)
- PDO_pgsql
. Fixed bug #61267 (pdo_pgsql's PDO::exec() returns the number of SELECTed
rows on postgresql >= 9). (ben dot pineau at gmail dot com)
- PDO_Sqlite extension:
. Add createCollation support. (Damien)
- Phar:
. Fixed bug #61184 (Phar::webPhar() generates headers with trailing NUL
bytes). (Nikic)
. Fixed bug #60811 (php-fpm compilation problem). (rasmus)
- Readline:
. Fixed bug #61088 (Memory leak in readline_callback_handler_install).
(Nikic, Laruence)
. Add open_basedir checks to readline_write_history and readline_read_history.
(Rasmus, reported by Mateusz Goik)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #61388 (ReflectionObject:getProperties() issues invalid reads
when get_properties returns a hash table with (inaccessible) dynamic
numeric properties). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #60968 (Late static binding doesn't work with
ReflectionMethod::invokeArgs()). (Laruence)
. Fixed basic HTTP authentication for WSDL sub requests. (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #60887 (SoapClient ignores user_agent option and sends no
User-Agent header). (carloschilazo at gmail dot com)
. Fixed bug #60842, #51775 (Chunked response parsing error when
chunksize length line is > 10 bytes). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #49853 (Soap Client stream context header option ignored).
. Fixed memory leak when calling SplFileInfo's constructor twice. (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #61418 (Segmentation fault when DirectoryIterator's or
FilesystemIterator's iterators are requested more than once without
having had its dtor callback called in between). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61347 (inconsistent isset behavior of Arrayobject). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61326 (ArrayObject comparison). (Gustavo)
- SQLite3 extension:
. Add createCollation() method. (Brad Dewar)
- Session:
. Fixed bug #60860 (session.save_handler=user without defined function core
dumps). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #60634 (Segmentation fault when trying to die() in
SessionHandler::write()). (Ilia)
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #61371 (stream_context_create() causes memory leaks on use
streams_socket_create). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #61253 (Wrappers opened with errors concurrency problem on ZTS).
. Fixed bug #61115 (stream related segfault on fatal error in
php_stream_context_link). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #60817 (stream_get_line() reads from stream even when there is
already sufficient data buffered). stream_get_line() now behaves more like
fgets(), as is documented. (Gustavo)
. Further fix for bug #60455 (stream_get_line misbehaves if EOF is not
detected together with the last read). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #60106 (stream_socket_server silently truncates long unix
socket paths). (Ilia)
- Tidy:
. Fixed bug #54682 (tidy null pointer dereference). (Tony, David Soria Parra)
. Fixed bug #61264 (xmlrpc_parse_method_descriptions leaks temporary
variable). (Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #61097 (Memory leak in xmlrpc functions copying zvals). (Nikic)
- Zlib:
. Fixed bug #61139 (gzopen leaks when specifying invalid mode). (Nikic)
02 Feb 2012, PHP 5.3.10
- Core:
. Fixed arbitrary remote code execution vulnerability reported by Stefan
Esser, CVE-2012-0830. (Stas, Dmitry)
10 Jan 2012, PHP 5.3.9
- Core:
. Added max_input_vars directive to prevent attacks based on hash collisions
(CVE-2011-4885) (Dmitry).
. Fixed bug #60205 (possible integer overflow in content_length). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #60139 (Anonymous functions create cycles not detected by the
GC). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #60138 (GC crash with referenced array in RecursiveArrayIterator)
. Fixed bug #60120 (proc_open's streams may hang with stdin/out/err when
the data exceeds or is equal to 2048 bytes). (Pierre, Pascal Borreli)
. Fixed bug #60099 (__halt_compiler() works in braced namespaces). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #60019 (Function time_nanosleep() is undefined on OS X). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #55874 (GCC does not provide __sync_fetch_and_add on some archs).
(klightspeed at netspace dot net dot au)
. Fixed bug #55798 (serialize followed by unserialize with numeric object
prop. gives integer prop). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #55749 (TOCTOU issue in getenv() on Windows builds). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #55707 (undefined reference to `__sync_fetch_and_add_4' on Linux
parisc). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #55674 (fgetcsv & str_getcsv skip empty fields in some
tab-separated records). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #55649 (Undefined function Bug()). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #55622 (memory corruption in parse_ini_string). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #55576 (Cannot conditionally move uploaded file without race
condition). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #55510: $_FILES 'name' missing first character after upload.
. Fixed bug #55509 (segfault on x86_64 using more than 2G memory). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #55504 (Content-Type header is not parsed correctly on
HTTP POST request). (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #55475 (is_a() triggers autoloader, new optional 3rd argument to
is_a and is_subclass_of). (alan_k)
. Fixed bug #52461 (Incomplete doctype and missing xmlns).
(virsacer at web dot de, Pierre)
. Fixed bug #55366 (keys lost when using substr_replace an array). (Arpad)
. Fixed bug #55273 (base64_decode() with strict rejects whitespace after
pad). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #52624 (tempnam() by-pass open_basedir with nonnexistent
directory). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #50982 (incorrect assumption of PAGE_SIZE size). (Dmitry)
. Fixed invalid free in call_user_method() function. (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #43200 (Interface implementation / inheritence not possible in
abstract classes). (Felipe)
- BCmath:
. Fixed bug #60377 (bcscale related crashes on 64bits platforms). (shm)
- Calendar:
. Fixed bug #55797 (Integer overflow in SdnToGregorian leads to segfault (in
optimized builds). (Gustavo)
- cURL:
. Fixed bug #60439 (curl_copy_handle segfault when used with
. Fixed bug #54798 (Segfault when CURLOPT_STDERR file pointer is closed
before calling curl_exec). (Hannes)
. Fixed issues were curl_copy_handle() would sometimes lose copied
preferences. (Hannes)
- DateTime:
. Fixed bug #60373 (Startup errors with log_errors on cause segfault).
. Fixed bug #60236 (TLA timezone dates are not converted properly from
timestamp). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #55253 (DateTime::add() and sub() result -1 hour on objects with
time zone type 2). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #54851 (DateTime::createFromFormat() doesn't interpret "D").
. Fixed bug #53502 (strtotime with timezone memory leak). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #52062 (large timestamps with DateTime::getTimestamp and
DateTime::setTimestamp). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #51994 (date_parse_from_format is parsing invalid date using 'yz'
format). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #52113 (Seg fault while creating (by unserialization)
DatePeriod). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #48476 (cloning extended DateTime class without calling
parent::__constr crashed PHP). (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #60150 (Integer overflow during the parsing of invalid exif
header). (CVE-2011-4566) (Stas, flolechaud at gmail dot com)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #60094 (C++ comment fails in c89). (Laruence)
. Fixed possible memory leak in finfo_open(). (Felipe)
. Fixed memory leak when calling the Finfo constructor twice. (Felipe)
- Filter:
. Fixed Bug #55478 (FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL fails with internationalized
domain name addresses containing >1 -). (Ilia)
- FTP:
. Fixed bug #60183 (out of sync ftp responses). (bram at ebskamp dot me,
- Gd:
. Fixed bug #60160 (imagefill() doesn't work correctly
for small images). (Florian)
. Fixed potential memory leak on a png error (Rasmus, Paul Saab)
- Intl:
. Fixed bug #60192 (SegFault when Collator not constructed
properly). (Florian)
. Fixed memory leak in several Intl locale functions. (Felipe)
- Json:
. Fixed bug #55543 (json_encode() with JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK fails on objects
with numeric string properties). (Ilia, dchurch at sciencelogic dot com)
- Mbstring:
. Fixed possible crash in mb_ereg_search_init() using empty pattern. (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #60267 (Compile failure with freetds 0.91). (Felipe)
- MySQL:
. Fixed bug #55550 (mysql.trace_mode miscounts result sets). (Johannes)
- MySQLi extension:
. Fixed bug #55859 (mysqli->stat property access gives error). (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #55582 (mysqli_num_rows() returns always 0 for unbuffered, when
mysqlnd is used). (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #55703 (PHP crash when calling mysqli_fetch_fields).
(eran at zend dot com, Laruence)
- mysqlnd
. Fixed bug #55609 (mysqlnd cannot be built shared). (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #55067 (MySQL doesn't support compression - wrong config option).
. Don't set $_SERVER['HTTPS'] on unsecure connection (bug #55403). (Uwe
- OpenSSL:
. Fixed bug #60279 (Fixed NULL pointer dereference in
stream_socket_enable_crypto, case when ssl_handle of session_stream is not
initialized.) (shm)
. Fix segfault with older versions of OpenSSL. (Scott)
- Oracle Database extension (OCI8):
. Fixed bug #59985 (show normal warning text for OCI_NO_DATA).
(Chris Jones)
. Increased maximum Oracle error message buffer length for new size.
(Chris Jones)
. Improve internal initalization failure error messages. (Chris Jones)
. Fixed bug #55776 (PDORow to session bug). (Johannes)
- PDO Firebird:
. Fixed bug #48877 ("bindValue" and "bindParam" do not work for PDO Firebird).
. Fixed bug #47415 (PDO_Firebird segfaults when passing lowercased column name to bindColumn).
. Fixed bug #53280 (PDO_Firebird segfaults if query column count less than param count).
- PDO MySQL driver:
. Fixed bug #60155 (pdo_mysql.default_socket ignored). (Johannes)
. Fixed bug #55870 (PDO ignores all SSL parameters when used with mysql
native driver). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #54158 (MYSQLND+PDO MySQL requires #define
- PDO OCI driver:
. Fixed bug #55768 (PDO_OCI can't resume Oracle session after it's been
killed). (mikhail dot v dot gavrilov at gmail dot com, Chris Jones, Tony)
- Phar:
. Fixed bug #60261 (NULL pointer dereference in phar). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #60164 (Stubs of a specific length break phar_open_from_fp
scanning for __HALT_COMPILER). (Ralph Schindler)
. Fixed bug #53872 (internal corruption of phar). (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #52013 (Unable to decompress files in a compressed phar). (Hannes)
. Dropped restriction of not setting the same value multiple times, the last
one holds. (giovanni at giacobbi dot net, fat)
. Added .phar to default authorized extensions. (fat)
. Fixed bug #60659 (FPM does not clear auth_user on request accept).
(bonbons at linux-vserver dot org)
. Fixed bug #60629 (memory corruption when web server closed the fcgi fd).
. Enhance error log when the primary script can't be open. FR #60199. (fat)
. Fixed bug #60179 (php_flag and php_value does not work properly). (fat)
. Fixed bug #55577 (status.html does not install). (fat)
. Fixed bug #55533 (The -d parameter doesn't work). (fat)
. Fixed bug #55526 (Heartbeat causes a lot of unnecessary events). (fat)
. Fixed bug #55486 (status show BIG processes number). (fat)
. Enhanced security by limiting access to user defined extensions.
FR #55181. (fat)
. Added process.max to control the number of process FPM can fork. FR #55166.
. Implemented FR #54577 (Enhanced status page with full status and details
about each processes. Also provide a web page (status.html) for
real-time FPM status. (fat)
. Lowered default value for Process Manager. FR #54098. (fat)
. Implemented FR #52569 (Add the "ondemand" process-manager
to allow zero children). (fat)
. Added partial syslog support (on error_log only). FR #52052. (fat)
- Postgres:
. Fixed bug #60244 (pg_fetch_* functions do not validate that row param
is >0). (Ilia)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #60367 (Reflection and Late Static Binding). (Laruence)
- Session:
. Fixed bug #55267 (session_regenerate_id fails after header sent). (Hannes)
- SimpleXML:
. Reverted the SimpleXML->query() behaviour to returning empty arrays
instead of false when no nodes are found as it was since 5.3.3
(bug #48601). (chregu, rrichards)
. Fixed bug #54911 (Access to a undefined member in inherit SoapClient may
cause Segmentation Fault). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #48216 (PHP Fatal error: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL:
Extra content at the end of the doc, when server uses chunked transfer
encoding with spaces after chunk size). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #44686 (SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL with references). (Dmitry)
- Sockets:
. Fixed bug #60048 (sa_len a #define on IRIX). (china at thewrittenword dot
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #60082 (Crash in ArrayObject() when using recursive references).
. Fixed bug #55807 (Wrong value for splFileObject::SKIP_EMPTY).
(jgotti at modedemploi dot fr, Hannes)
. Fixed bug #54304 (RegexIterator::accept() doesn't work with scalar values).
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #60455 (stream_get_line misbehaves if EOF is not detected together
with the last read). (Gustavo)
- Tidy:
. Fixed bug #54682 (Tidy::diagnose() NULL pointer dereference).
(Maksymilian Arciemowicz, Felipe)
- XSL:
. Added xsl.security_prefs ini option to define forbidden operations within
XSLT stylesheets, default is not to enable write operations. This option
won't be in 5.4, since there's a new method. Fixes Bug #54446. (Chregu,
Nicolas Gregoire)
23 Aug 2011, PHP 5.3.8
- Core:
. Fixed bug #55439 (crypt() returns only the salt for MD5). (Stas)
- OpenSSL:
. Reverted a change in timeout handling restoring PHP 5.3.6 behavior,
as the new behavior caused mysqlnd SSL connections to hang (#55283).
(Pierre, Andrey, Johannes)
18 Aug 2011, PHP 5.3.7
- Upgraded bundled SQLite to version (Scott)
- Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.12. (Scott)
- Zend Engine:
. Fixed bug #55156 (ReflectionClass::getDocComment() returns comment even
though the class has none). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #55007 (compiler fail after previous fail). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #54910 (Crash when calling call_user_func with unknown function
name). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54804 (__halt_compiler and imported namespaces).
(Pierrick, Felipe)
. Fixed bug #54624 (class_alias and type hint). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #54585 (track_errors causes segfault). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54423 (classes from dl()'ed extensions are not destroyed).
(Tony, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54372 (Crash accessing global object itself returned from its
__get() handle). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54367 (Use of closure causes problem in ArrayAccess). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54358 (Closure, use and reference). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54262 (Crash when assigning value to a dimension in a non-array).
. Fixed bug #54039 (use() of static variables in lambda functions can break
staticness). (Dmitry)
- Core
. Updated crypt_blowfish to 1.2. ((CVE-2011-2483) (Solar Designer)
. Removed warning when argument of is_a() or is_subclass_of() is not
a known class. (Stas)
. Fixed crash in error_log(). (Felipe) Reported by Mateusz Kocielski.
. Added PHP_MANDIR constant telling where the manpages were installed into,
and an --man-dir argument to php-config. (Hannes)
. Fixed a crash inside dtor for error handling. (Ilia)
. Fixed buffer overflow on overlog salt in crypt(). (Clément LECIGNE, Stas)
. Implemented FR #54459 (Range function accuracy). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #55399 (parse_url() incorrectly treats ':' as a valid path).
. Fixed bug #55339 (Segfault with allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off).
. Fixed bug #55295 [NEW]: popen_ex on windows, fixed possible heap overflow
. Fixed bug #55258 (Windows Version Detecting Error).
( xiaomao5 at live dot com, Pierre)
. Fixed bug #55187 (readlink returns weird characters when false result).
. Fixed bug #55082 (var_export() doesn't escape properties properly).
. Fixed bug #55014 (Compile failure due to improper use of ctime_r()). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #54939 (File path injection vulnerability in RFC1867 File upload
filename). (Felipe) Reported by Krzysztof Kotowicz. (CVE-2011-2202)
. Fixed bug #54935 php_win_err can lead to crash. (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #54924 (assert.* is not being reset upon request shutdown). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #54895 (Fix compiling with older gcc version without need for
membar_producer macro). (mhei at heimpold dot de)
. Fixed bug #54866 (incorrect accounting for realpath_cache_size).
(Dustin Ward)
. Fixed bug #54723 (getimagesize() doesn't check the full ico signature).
. Fixed bug #54721 (Different Hashes on Windows, BSD and Linux on wrong Salt
size). (Pierre, os at irj dot ru)
. Fixed bug #54580 (get_browser() segmentation fault when browscap ini
directive is set through php_admin_value). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #54332 (Crash in zend_mm_check_ptr // Heap corruption). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54305 (Crash in gc_remove_zval_from_buffer). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54238 (use-after-free in substr_replace()). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #54204 (Can't set a value with a PATH section in php.ini).
. Fixed bug #54180 (parse_url() incorrectly parses path when ? in fragment).
(tomas dot brastavicius at quantum dot lt, Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #54137 (file_get_contents POST request sends additional line
break). (maurice-php at mertinkat dot net, Ilia)
. Fixed bug #53848 (fgetcsv() ignores spaces at beginnings of fields). (Ilia)
. Alternative fix for bug #52550, as applied to the round() function (signed
overflow), as the old fix impacted the algorithm for numbers with magnitude
smaller than 0. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53727 (Inconsistent behavior of is_subclass_of with interfaces)
(Ralph Schindler, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #52935 (call exit in user_error_handler cause stream relate
core). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #51997 (SEEK_CUR with 0 value, returns a warning). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #50816 (Using class constants in array definition fails).
(Pierrick, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #50363 (Invalid parsing in convert.quoted-printable-decode
filter). (slusarz at curecanti dot org)
. Fixed bug #48465 (sys_get_temp_dir() possibly inconsistent when using
TMPDIR on Windows). (Pierre)
- Apache2 Handler SAPI:
. Fixed bug #54529 (SAPI crashes on apache_config.c:197).
(hebergement at riastudio dot fr)
. Fixed bug #52496 (Zero exit code on option parsing failure). (Ilia)
- cURL extension:
. Added ini option curl.cainfo (support for custom cert db). (Pierre)
. Added CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL support. (Daniel Stenberg, Pierre)
. Added support for CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE and
- DateTime extension:
. Fixed bug where the DateTime object got changed while using date_diff().
. Fixed bug #54340 (DateTime::add() method bug). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #54316 (DateTime::createFromFormat does not handle trailing '|'
correctly). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #54283 (new DatePeriod(NULL) causes crash). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #51819 (Case discrepancy in timezone names cause Uncaught
exception and fatal error). (Hannes)
- DBA extension:
. Supress warning on non-existent file open with Berkeley DB 5.2. (Chris Jones)
. Fixed bug #54242 (dba_insert returns true if key already exists). (Felipe)
- Exif extesion:
. Fixed bug #54121 (error message format string typo). (Ilia)
- Fileinfo extension:
. Fixed bug #54934 (Unresolved symbol strtoull in HP-UX 11.11). (Felipe)
- Filter extension:
. Added 3rd parameter to filter_var_array() and filter_input_array()
functions that allows disabling addition of empty elements. (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #53037 (FILTER_FLAG_EMPTY_STRING_NULL is not implemented). (Ilia)
- Interbase extension:
. Fixed bug #54269 (Short exception message buffer causes crash). (Felipe)
- intl extension:
. Implemented FR #54561 (Expose ICU version info). (David Zuelke, Ilia)
. Implemented FR #54540 (Allow loading of arbitrary resource bundles when
fallback is disabled). (David Zuelke, Stas)
- Imap extension:
. Fixed bug #55313 (Number of retries not set when params specified).
(kevin at kevinlocke dot name)
- json extension:
. Fixed bug #54484 (Empty string in json_decode doesn't reset
json_last_error()). (Ilia)
- LDAP extension:
. Fixed bug #53339 (Fails to build when compilng with gcc 4.5 and DSO
libraries). (Clint Byrum, Raphael)
- libxml extension:
. Fixed bug #54601 (Removing the doctype node segfaults). (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #54440 (libxml extension ignores default context). (Gustavo)
- mbstring extension:
. Fixed bug #54494 (mb_substr() mishandles UTF-32LE and UCS-2LE). (Gustavo)
- MCrypt extension:
. Change E_ERROR to E_WARNING in mcrypt_create_iv when not enough data
has been fetched (Windows). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #55169 (mcrypt_create_iv always fails to gather sufficient random
data on Windows). (Pierre)
- mysqlnd
. Fixed crash when using more than 28,000 bound parameters. Workaround is to
set mysqlnd.net_cmd_buffer_size to at least 9000. (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #54674 mysqlnd valid_sjis_(head|tail) is using invalid operator
and range). (nihen at megabbs dot com, Andrey)
- MySQLi extension:
. Fixed bug #55283 (SSL options set by mysqli_ssl_set ignored for MySQLi
persistent connections). (Andrey)
. Fixed Bug #54221 (mysqli::get_warnings segfault when used in multi queries).
- OpenSSL extension:
. openssl_encrypt()/openssl_decrypt() truncated keys of variable length
ciphers to the OpenSSL default for the algorithm. (Scott)
. On blocking SSL sockets respect the timeout option where possible.
. Fixed bug #54992 (Stream not closed and error not returned when SSL
CN_match fails). (Gustavo, laird_ngrps at dodo dot com dot au)
- Oracle Database extension (OCI8):
. Added oci_client_version() returning the runtime Oracle client library
version. (Chris Jones)
. PCRE extension:
. Increased the backtrack limit from 100000 to 1000000 (Rasmus)
- PDO extension:
. Fixed bug #54929 (Parse error with single quote in sql comment). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #52104 (bindColumn creates Warning regardless of ATTR_ERRMODE
settings). (Ilia)
- PDO DBlib driver:
. Fixed bug #54329 (MSSql extension memory leak).
(dotslashpok at gmail dot com)
. Fixed bug #54167 (PDO_DBLIB returns null on SQLUNIQUE field).
(mjh at hodginsmedia dot com, Felipe)
- PDO ODBC driver:
. Fixed data type usage in 64bit. (leocsilva at gmail dot com)
- PDO MySQL driver:
. Fixed bug #54644 (wrong pathes in php_pdo_mysql_int.h). (Tony, Johannes)
. Fixed bug #53782 (foreach throws irrelevant exception). (Johannes, Andrey)
. Implemented FR #48587 (MySQL PDO driver doesn't support SSL connections).
- PDO PostgreSQL driver:
. Fixed bug #54318 (Non-portable grep option used in PDO pgsql
configuration). (bwalton at artsci dot utoronto dot ca)
- PDO Oracle driver:
. Fixed bug #44989 (64bit Oracle RPMs still not supported by pdo-oci).
(jbnance at tresgeek dot net)
- Phar extension:
. Fixed bug #54395 (Phar::mount() crashes when calling with wrong parameters).
. Implemented FR #54499 (FPM ping and status_path should handle HEAD request). (fat)
. Implemented FR #54172 (Overriding the pid file location of php-fpm). (fat)
. Fixed missing Expires and Cache-Control headers for ping and status pages.
. Fixed memory leak. (fat) Reported and fixed by Giovanni Giacobbi.
. Fixed wrong value of log_level when invoking fpm with -tt. (fat)
. Added xml format to the status page. (fat)
. Removed timestamp in logs written by children processes. (fat)
. Fixed exit at FPM startup on fpm_resources_prepare() errors. (fat)
. Added master rlimit_files and rlimit_core in the global configuration
settings. (fat)
. Removed pid in debug logs written by chrildren processes. (fat)
. Added custom access log (also added per request %CPU and memory
mesurement). (fat)
. Added a real scoreboard and several improvements to the status page. (fat)
- Reflection extension:
. Fixed bug #54347 (reflection_extension does not lowercase module function
name). (Felipe, laruence at yahoo dot com dot cn)
- SOAP extension:
. Fixed bug #55323 (SoapClient segmentation fault when XSD_TYPEKIND_EXTENSION
contains itself). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54312 (soap_version logic bug). (tom at samplonius dot org)
- Sockets extension:
. Fixed stack buffer overflow in socket_connect(). (CVE-2011-1938)
Found by Mateusz Kocielski, Marek Kroemeke and Filip Palian. (Felipe)
. Changed socket_set_block() and socket_set_nonblock() so they emit warnings
on error. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #51958 (socket_accept() fails on IPv6 server sockets). (Gustavo)
- SPL extension:
. Fixed bug #54971 (Wrong result when using iterator_to_array with use_keys
on true). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #54970 (SplFixedArray::setSize() isn't resizing). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #54609 (Certain implementation(s) of SplFixedArray cause hard
crash). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #54384 (Dual iterators, GlobIterator, SplFileObject and
SplTempFileObject crash when user-space classes don't call the paren
constructor). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #54292 (Wrong parameter causes crash in
SplFileObject::__construct()). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #54291 (Crash iterating DirectoryIterator for dir name starting
with \0). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #54281 (Crash in non-initialized RecursiveIteratorIterator).
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #54946 (stream_get_contents infinite loop). (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #54623 (Segfault when writing to a persistent socket after
closing a copy of the socket). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #54681 (addGlob() crashes on invalid flags). (Felipe)
17 Mar 2011, PHP 5.3.6
- Upgraded bundled Sqlite3 to version 3.7.4. (Ilia)
- Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.11. (Ilia)
- Zend Engine:
. Indirect reference to $this fails to resolve if direct $this is never used
in method. (Scott)
. Added options to debug backtrace functions. (Stas)
. Fixed bug numerous crashes due to setlocale (crash on error, pcre, mysql
etc.) on Windows in thread safe mode. (Pierre)
. Fixed Bug #53971 (isset() and empty() produce apparently spurious runtime
error). (Dmitry)
. Fixed Bug #53958 (Closures can't 'use' shared variables by value and by
reference). (Dmitry)
. Fixed Bug #53629 (memory leak inside highlight_string()). (Hannes, Ilia)
. Fixed Bug #51458 (Lack of error context with nested exceptions). (Stas)
. Fixed Bug #47143 (Throwing an exception in a destructor causes a fatal
error). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #43512 (same parameter name can be used multiple times in
method/function definition). (Felipe)
- Core:
. Added ability to connect to HTTPS sites through proxy with basic
authentication using stream_context/http/header/Proxy-Authorization (Dmitry)
. Changed default value of ini directive serialize_precision from 100 to 17.
. Fixed bug #54055 (buffer overrun with high values for precision ini
setting). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53959 (reflection data for fgetcsv out-of-date). (Richard)
. Fixed bug #53577 (Regression introduced in 5.3.4 in open_basedir with a
trailing forward slash). (lekensteyn at gmail dot com, Pierre)
. Fixed bug #53682 (Fix compile on the VAX). (Rasmus, jklos)
. Fixed bug #48484 (array_product() always returns 0 for an empty array).
. Fixed bug #48607 (fwrite() doesn't check reply from ftp server before
exiting). (Ilia)
- Calendar extension:
. Fixed bug #53574 (Integer overflow in SdnToJulian, sometimes leading to
segfault). (Gustavo)
- DOM extension:
. Implemented FR #39771 (Made DOMDocument::saveHTML accept an optional DOMNode
like DOMDocument::saveXML). (Gustavo)
- DateTime extension:
. Fixed a bug in DateTime->modify() where absolute date/time statements had
no effect. (Derick)
. Fixed bug #53729 (DatePeriod fails to initialize recurrences on 64bit
big-endian systems). (Derick,
. Fixed bug #52808 (Segfault when specifying interval as two dates). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #52738 (Can't use new properties in class extended from
DateInterval). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #52290 (setDate, setISODate, setTime works wrong when DateTime
created from timestamp). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #52063 (DateTime constructor's second argument doesn't have a
null default value). (Gustavo, Stas)
- Exif extension:
. Fixed bug #54002 (crash on crafted tag, reported by Luca Carettoni).
(Pierre) (CVE-2011-0708)
- Filter extension:
. Fixed bug #53924 (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL doesn't validate port number).
(Ilia, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53150 (FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE is missing some IP ranges).
. Fixed bug #52209 (INPUT_ENV returns NULL for set variables (CLI)). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #47435 (FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE don't work with ipv6).
(Ilia, valli at icsurselva dot ch)
- Fileinfo extension:
. Fixed bug #54016 (finfo_file() Cannot determine filetype in archives).
- Gettext
. Fixed bug #53837 (_() crashes on Windows when no LANG or LANGUAGE
environment variable are set). (Pierre)
- IMAP extension:
. Implemented FR #53812 (get MIME headers of the part of the email). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #53377 (imap_mime_header_decode() doesn't ignore \t during long
MIME header unfolding). (Adam)
- Intl extension:
. Fixed bug #53612 (Segmentation fault when using cloned several intl
objects). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53512 (NumberFormatter::setSymbol crash on bogus $attr values).
. Implemented clone functionality for number, date & message formatters.
- JSON extension:
. Fixed bug #53963 (Ensure error_code is always set during some failed
decodings). (Scott)
- mysqlnd
. Fixed problem with always returning 0 as num_rows for unbuffered sets.
(Andrey, Ulf)
- MySQL Improved extension:
. Added 'db' and 'catalog' keys to the field fetching functions (FR #39847).
. Fixed buggy counting of affected rows when using the text protocol. The
collected statistics were wrong when multi_query was used with mysqlnd
. Fixed bug #53795 (Connect Error from MySqli (mysqlnd) when using SSL).
. Fixed bug #53503 (mysqli::query returns false after successful LOAD DATA
query). (Kalle, Andrey)
. Fixed bug #53425 (mysqli_real_connect() ignores client flags when built to
call libmysql). (Kalle, tre-php-net at crushedhat dot com)
- OpenSSL extension:
. Fixed stream_socket_enable_crypto() not honoring the socket timeout in
server mode. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #54060 (Memory leaks when openssl_encrypt). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #54061 (Memory leaks when openssl_decrypt). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #53592 (stream_socket_enable_crypto() busy-waits in client mode).
. Implemented FR #53447 (Cannot disable SessionTicket extension for servers
that do not support it) by adding a no_ticket SSL context option. (Adam,
- PDO MySQL driver:
. Fixed bug #53551 (PDOStatement execute segfaults for pdo_mysql driver).
. Implemented FR #47802 (Support for setting character sets in DSN strings).
- PDO Oracle driver:
. Fixed bug #39199 (Cannot load Lob data with more than 4000 bytes on
ORACLE 10). (spatar at mail dot nnov dot ru)
- PDO PostgreSQL driver:
. Fixed bug #53517 (segfault in pgsql_stmt_execute() when postgres is down).
(gyp at balabit dot hu)
- Phar extension:
. Fixed bug #54247 (format-string vulnerability on Phar). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #53541 (format string bug in ext/phar).
(crrodriguez at opensuse dot org, Ilia)
. Fixed bug #53898 (PHAR reports invalid error message, when the directory
does not exist). (Ilia)
. Enforce security in the fastcgi protocol parsing.
(ef-lists at email dotde)
. Fixed bug #53777 (php-fpm log format now match php_error log format). (fat)
. Fixed bug #53527 (php-fpm --test doesn't set a valuable return value). (fat)
. Fixed bug #53434 (php-fpm slowlog now also logs the original request). (fat)
- Readline extension:
. Fixed bug #53630 (Fixed parameter handling inside readline() function).
(jo at feuersee dot de, Ilia)
- Reflection extension:
. Fixed bug #53915 (ReflectionClass::getConstant(s) emits fatal error on
constants with self::). (Gustavo)
- Shmop extension:
. Fixed bug #54193 (Integer overflow in shmop_read()). (Felipe)
Reported by Jose Carlos Norte <jose at eyeos dot org> (CVE-2011-1092)
- SNMP extension:
. Fixed bug #51336 (snmprealwalk (snmp v1) does not handle end of OID tree
correctly). (Boris Lytochkin)
- SOAP extension:
. Fixed possible crash introduced by the NULL poisoning patch.
(Mateusz Kocielski, Pierre)
- SPL extension:
. Fixed memory leak in DirectoryIterator::getExtension() and
SplFileInfo::getExtension(). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #53914 (SPL assumes HAVE_GLOB is defined). (Chris Jones)
. Fixed bug #53515 (property_exists incorrect on ArrayObject null and 0
values). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #49608 (Using CachingIterator on DirectoryIterator instance
segfaults). (Felipe)
. Added SplFileInfo::getExtension(). FR #48767. (Peter Cowburn)
- SQLite3 extension:
. Fixed memory leaked introduced by the NULL poisoning patch.
(Mateusz Kocielski, Pierre)
. Fixed memory leak on SQLite3Result and SQLite3Stmt when assigning to a
reference. (Felipe)
. Add SQlite3_Stmt::readonly() for checking if a statement is read only.
. Implemented FR #53466 (SQLite3Result::columnType() should return false after
all of the rows have been fetched). (Scott)
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #54092 (Segmentation fault when using HTTP proxy with the FTP
wrapper). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53913 (Streams functions assume HAVE_GLOB is defined). (Chris
. Fixed bug #53903 (userspace stream stat callback does not separate the
elements of the returned array before converting them). (Gustavo)
. Implemented FR #26158 (open arbitrary file descriptor with fopen). (Gustavo)
- Tokenizer Extension
. Fixed bug #54089 (token_get_all() does not stop after __halt_compiler).
(Nikita Popov, Ilia)
- XSL extension:
. Fixed memory leaked introduced by the NULL poisoning patch.
(Mateusz Kocielski, Pierre)
- Zip extension:
. Added the filename into the return value of stream_get_meta_data(). (Hannes)
. Fixed bug #53923 (Zip functions assume HAVE_GLOB is defined). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #53893 (Wrong return value for ZipArchive::extractTo()). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #53885 (ZipArchive segfault with FL_UNCHANGED on empty archive).
(Stas, Maksymilian Arciemowicz). (CVE-2011-0421)
. Fixed bug #53854 (Missing constants for compression type). (Richard, Adam)
. Fixed bug #53603 (ZipArchive should quiet stat errors). (brad dot froehle at
gmail dot com, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53579 (stream_get_contents() segfaults on ziparchive streams).
. Fixed bug #53568 (swapped memset arguments in struct initialization).
(crrodriguez at opensuse dot org)
. Fixed bug #53166 (Missing parameters in docs and reflection definition).
. Fixed bug #49072 (feof never returns true for damaged file in zip).
(Gustavo, Richard Quadling)
06 Jan 2011, PHP 5.3.5
- Fixed Bug #53632 (infinite loop with x87 fpu). (CVE-2010-4645) (Scott,
09 Dec 2010, PHP 5.3.4
- Upgraded bundled Sqlite3 to version 3.7.3. (Ilia)
- Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.10. (Ilia)
- Security enhancements:
. Fixed crash in zip extract method (possible CWE-170).
(Maksymilian Arciemowicz, Pierre)
. Paths with NULL in them (foo\0bar.txt) are now considered as invalid.
. Fixed a possible double free in imap extension (Identified by Mateusz
Kocielski). (CVE-2010-4150). (Ilia)
. Fixed NULL pointer dereference in ZipArchive::getArchiveComment.
(CVE-2010-3709). (Maksymilian Arciemowicz)
. Fixed possible flaw in open_basedir (CVE-2010-3436). (Pierre)
. Fixed MOPS-2010-24, fix string validation. (CVE-2010-2950). (Pierre)
. Fixed symbolic resolution support when the target is a DFS share. (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #52929 (Segfault in filter_var with FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL with
large amount of data) (CVE-2010-3710). (Adam)
- General improvements:
. Added stat support for zip stream. (Pierre)
. Added follow_location (enabled by default) option for the http stream
support. (Pierre)
. Improved support for is_link and related functions on Windows. (Pierre)
. Added a 3rd parameter to get_html_translation_table. It now takes a charset
hint, like htmlentities et al. (Gustavo)
- Implemented feature requests:
. Implemented FR #52348, added new constant ZEND_MULTIBYTE to detect
zend multibyte at runtime. (Kalle)
. Implemented FR #52173, added functions pcntl_get_last_error() and
pcntl_strerror(). (nick dot telford at gmail dot com, Arnaud)
. Implemented symbolic links support for open_basedir checks. (Pierre)
. Implemented FR #51804, SplFileInfo::getLinkTarget on Windows. (Pierre)
. Implemented FR #50692, not uploaded files don't count towards
max_file_uploads limit. As a side improvement, temporary files are not
opened for empty uploads and, in debug mode, 0-length uploads. (Gustavo)
- Improved MySQLnd:
. Added new character sets to mysqlnd, which are available in MySQL 5.5
- Improved PHP-FPM SAPI:
. Added '-p/--prefix' to php-fpm to use a custom prefix and run multiple
instances. (fat)
. Added custom process title for FPM. (fat)
. Added '-t/--test' to php-fpm to check and validate FPM conf file. (fat)
. Added statistics about listening socket queue length for FPM.
(andrei dot nigmatulin at gmail dot com, fat)
- Core:
. Fixed extract() to do not overwrite $GLOBALS and $this when using
EXTR_OVERWRITE. (jorto at redhat dot com)
. Fixed bug in the Windows implementation of dns_get_record, where the two
last parameters wouldn't be filled unless the type were DNS_ANY (Gustavo).
. Changed the $context parameter on copy() to actually have an effect. (Kalle)
. Fixed htmlentities/htmlspecialchars accepting certain ill-formed UTF-8
sequences. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53409 (sleep() returns NULL on Windows). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #53319 (strip_tags() may strip '<br />' incorrectly). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #53304 (quot_print_decode does not handle lower-case hex digits).
(Ilia, daniel dot mueller at inexio dot net)
. Fixed bug #53248 (rawurlencode RFC 3986 EBCDIC support misses tilde char).
(Justin Martin)
. Fixed bug #53226 (file_exists fails on big filenames). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #53198 (changing INI setting "from" with ini_set did not have any
effect). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53180 (post_max_size=0 not disabling the limit when the content
type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded or is not registered with PHP).
(gm at tlink dot de, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53141 (autoload misbehaves if called from closing session).
(ladislav at marek dot su)
. Fixed bug #53021 (In html_entity_decode, failure to convert numeric entities
with ENT_NOQUOTES and ISO-8859-1). Fixed and extended the fix of
ENT_NOQUOTES in html_entity_decode that had introduced the bug (rev
#185591) to other encodings. Additionaly, html_entity_decode() now doesn't
decode &#34; if ENT_NOQUOTES is given. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #52931 (strripos not overloaded with function overloading
enabled). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #52772 (var_dump() doesn't check for the existence of
get_class_name before calling it). (Kalle, Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #52534 (var_export array with negative key). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #52327 (base64_decode() improper handling of leading padding in
strict mode). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #52260 (dns_get_record fails with non-existing domain on Windows).
(a_jelly_doughnut at phpbb dot com, Pierre)
. Fixed bug #50953 (socket will not connect to IPv4 address when the host has
both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, on Windows). (Gustavo, Pierre)
. Fixed bug #50524 (proc_open on Windows does not respect cwd as it does on
other platforms). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #49687 (utf8_decode vulnerabilities and deficiencies in the number
of reported malformed sequences). (CVE-2010-3870) (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #49407 (get_html_translation_table doesn't handle UTF-8).
. Fixed bug #48831 (php -i has different output to php --ini). (Richard,
. Fixed bug #47643 (array_diff() takes over 3000 times longer than php 5.2.4).
. Fixed bug #47168 (printf of floating point variable prints maximum of 40
decimal places). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #46587 (mt_rand() does not check that max is greater than min).
. Fixed bug #29085 (bad default include_path on Windows). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #25927 (get_html_translation_table calls the ' &#39; instead of
&#039;). (Gustavo)
- Zend engine:
. Reverted fix for bug #51176 (Static calling in non-static method behaves
like $this->). (Felipe)
. Changed deprecated ini options on startup from E_WARNING to E_DEPRECATED.
. Fixed NULL dereference in lex_scan on zend multibyte builds where the script
had a flex incompatible encoding and there was no converter. (Gustavo)
. Fixed covariance of return-by-ref constraints. (Etienne)
. Fixed bug #53305 (E_NOTICE when defining a constant starts with
. Fixed bug #52939 (zend_call_function does not respect ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF).
. Fixed bug #52879 (Objects unreferenced in __get, __set, __isset or __unset
can be freed too early). (mail_ben_schmidt at yahoo dot com dot au, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #52786 (PHP should reset section to [PHP] after ini sections).
(Fedora at famillecollet dot com)
. Fixed bug #52508 (newline problem with parse_ini_file+INI_SCANNER_RAW).
. Fixed bug #52484 (__set() ignores setting properties with empty names).
. Fixed bug #52361 (Throwing an exception in a destructor causes invalid
catching). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #51008 (Zend/tests/bug45877.phpt fails). (Dmitry)
- Build issues:
. Fixed bug #52436 (Compile error if systems do not have stdint.h)
(Sriram Natarajan)
. Fixed bug #50345 (nanosleep not detected properly on some solaris versions).
(Ulf, Tony)
. Fixed bug #49215 (make fails on glob_wrapper). (Felipe)
- Calendar extension:
. Fixed bug #52744 (cal_days_in_month incorrect for December 1 BCE).
(gpap at internet dot gr, Adam)
- cURL extension:
. Fixed bug #52828 (curl_setopt does not accept persistent streams).
(Gustavo, Ilia)
. Fixed bug #52827 (cURL leaks handle and causes assertion error
(CURLOPT_STDERR)). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #52202 (CURLOPT_PRIVATE gets corrupted). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #50410 (curl extension slows down PHP on Windows). (Pierre)
- DateTime extension:
. Fixed bug #53297 (gettimeofday implementation in php/win32/time.c can return
1 million microsecs). (ped at 7gods dot org)
. Fixed bug #52668 (Iterating over a dateperiod twice is broken). (Derick)
. Fixed bug #52454 (Relative dates and getTimestamp increments by one day).
. Fixed bug #52430 (date_parse parse 24:xx:xx as valid time). (Derick)
. Added support for the ( and ) delimiters/separators to
DateTime::createFromFormat(). (Derick)
- DBA extension:
. Added Berkeley DB 5.1 support to the DBA extension. (Oracle Corp.)
- DOM extension:
. Fixed bug #52656 (DOMCdataSection does not work with splitText). (Ilia)
- Filter extension:
. Fixed the filter extension accepting IPv4 octets with a leading 0 as that
belongs to the unsupported "dotted octal" representation. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53236 (problems in the validation of IPv6 addresses with leading
and trailing :: in the filter extension). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #50117 (problems in the validation of IPv6 addresses with IPv4
addresses and ::). (Gustavo)
- GD extension:
. Fixed bug #53492 (fix crash if anti-aliasing steps are invalid). (Pierre)
- GMP extension:
. Fixed bug #52906 (gmp_mod returns negative result when non-negative is
expected). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #52849 (GNU MP invalid version match). (Adam)
- Hash extension:
. Fixed bug #51003 (unaligned memory access in ext/hash/hash_tiger.c).
(Mike, Ilia)
- Iconv extension:
. Fixed bug #52941 (The 'iconv_mime_decode_headers' function is skipping
headers). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #52599 (iconv output handler outputs incorrect content type
when flags are used). (Ilia)
. Fixed bug #51250 (iconv_mime_decode() does not ignore malformed Q-encoded
words). (Ilia)
- Intl extension:
. Fixed crashes on invalid parameters in intl extension. (CVE-2010-4409).
(Stas, Maksymilian Arciemowicz)
. Added support for formatting the timestamp stored in a DateTime object.
. Fixed bug #50590 (IntlDateFormatter::parse result is limited to the integer
range). (Stas)
- Mbstring extension:
. Fixed bug #53273 (mb_strcut() returns garbage with the excessive length
parameter). (CVE-2010-4156) (Mateusz Kocielski, Pierre, Moriyoshi)
. Fixed bug #52981 (Unicode casing table was out-of-date. Updated with
UnicodeData-6.0.0d7.txt and included the source of the generator program
with the distribution) (Gustavo).
. Fixed bug #52681 (mb_send_mail() appends an extra MIME-Version header).
- MSSQL extension:
. Fixed possible crash in mssql_fetch_batch(). (Kalle)
. Fixed bug #52843 (Segfault when optional parameters are not passed in to
mssql_connect). (Felipe)
- MySQL extension:
. Fixed bug #52636 (php_mysql_fetch_hash writes long value into int).
(Kalle, rein at basefarm dot no)
- MySQLi extension:
. Fixed bug #52891 (Wrong data inserted with mysqli/mysqlnd when using
mysqli_stmt_bind_param and value> PHP_INT_MAX). (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #52686 (mysql_stmt_attr_[gs]et argument points to incorrect type).
(rein at basefarm dot no)
. Fixed bug #52654 (mysqli doesn't install headers with structures it uses).
. Fixed bug #52433 (Call to undefined method mysqli::poll() - must be static).
. Fixed bug #52417 (MySQLi build failure with mysqlnd on MacOS X). (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #52413 (MySQLi/libmysql build failure on OS X, FreeBSD). (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #52390 (mysqli_report() should be per-request setting). (Kalle)
. Fixed bug #52302 (mysqli_fetch_all does not work with MYSQLI_USE_RESULT).
. Fixed bug #52221 (Misbehaviour of magic_quotes_runtime (get/set)). (Andrey)
. Fixed bug #45921 (Can't initialize character set hebrew). (Andrey)
- MySQLnd:
. Fixed bug #52613 (crash in mysqlnd after hitting memory limit). (Andrey)
- ODBC extension:
- Fixed bug #52512 (Broken error handling in odbc_execute).
(mkoegler at auto dot tuwien dot ac dot at)
- Openssl extension:
. Fixed possible blocking behavior in openssl_random_pseudo_bytes on Windows.
. Fixed bug #53136 (Invalid read on openssl_csr_new()). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #52947 (segfault when ssl stream option capture_peer_cert_chain
used). (Felipe)
- Oracle Database extension (OCI8):
. Fixed bug #53284 (Valgrind warnings in oci_set_* functions) (Oracle Corp.)
. Fixed bug #51610 (Using oci_connect causes PHP to take a long time to
exit). Requires Oracle client libraries (or Oracle bug fix
9891199) for this patch to have an effect. (Oracle Corp.)
- PCNTL extension:
. Fixed bug #52784 (Race condition when handling many concurrent signals).
(nick dot telford at gmail dot com, Arnaud)
- PCRE extension:
. Fixed bug #52971 (PCRE-Meta-Characters not working with utf-8). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #52732 (Docs say preg_match() returns FALSE on error, but it
returns int(0)). (slugonamission at gmail dot com)
- PHAR extension:
. Fixed bug #50987 (unaligned memory access in phar.c).
(geissert at debian dot org, Ilia)
. Fixed bug #53412 (segfault when using -y). (fat)
. Fixed inconsistent backlog default value (-1) in FPM on many systems. (fat)
. Fixed bug #52501 (libevent made FPM crashed when forking -- libevent has
been removed). (fat)
. Fixed bug #52725 (gcc builtin atomic functions were sometimes used when they
were not available). (fat)
. Fixed bug #52693 (configuration file errors are not logged to stderr). (fat)
. Fixed bug #52674 (FPM Status page returns inconsistent Content-Type
headers). (fat)
. Fixed bug #52498 (libevent was not only linked to php-fpm). (fat)
- PDO:
. Fixed bug #52699 (PDO bindValue writes long int 32bit enum).
(rein at basefarm dot no)
. Fixed bug #52487 (PDO::FETCH_INTO leaks memory). (Felipe)
- PDO DBLib driver:
. Fixed bug #52546 (pdo_dblib segmentation fault when iterating MONEY values).
- PDO Firebird driver:
. Restored firebird support (VC9 builds only). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #53335 (pdo_firebird did not implement rowCount()).
(preeves at ibphoenix dot com)
. Fixed bug #53323 (pdo_firebird getAttribute() crash).
(preeves at ibphoenix dot com)
- PDO MySQL driver:
. Fixed bug #52745 (Binding params doesn't work when selecting a date inside a
CASE-WHEN). (Andrey)
- PostgreSQL extension:
. Fixed bug #47199 (pg_delete() fails on NULL). (ewgraf at gmail dot com)
- Reflection extension:
. Fixed ReflectionProperty::isDefault() giving a wrong result for properties
obtained with ReflectionClass::getProperties(). (Gustavo)
- Reflection extension:
. Fixed bug #53366 (Reflection doesnt get dynamic property value from
getProperty()). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #52854 (ReflectionClass::newInstanceArgs does not work for classes
without constructors). (Johannes)
- SOAP extension:
. Fixed bug #44248 (RFC2616 transgression while HTTPS request through proxy
with SoapClient object). (Dmitry)
- SPL extension:
. Fixed bug #53362 (Segmentation fault when extending SplFixedArray). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #53279 (SplFileObject doesn't initialise default CSV escape
character). (Adam)
. Fixed bug #53144 (Segfault in SplObjectStorage::removeAll()). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #53071 (SPLObjectStorage defeats gc_collect_cycles). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #52573 (SplFileObject::fscanf Segmentation fault). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #51763 (SplFileInfo::getType() does not work symbolic link
and directory). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #50481 (Storing many SPLFixedArray in an array crashes). (Felipe)
. Fixed bug #50579 (RegexIterator::REPLACE doesn't work). (Felipe)
- SQLite3 extension:
. Fixed bug #53463 (sqlite3 columnName() segfaults on bad column_number).
- Streams:
. Fixed forward stream seeking emulation in streams that don't support seeking
in situations where the read operation gives back less data than requested
and when there was data in the buffer before the emulation started. Also
made more consistent its behavior -- should return failure every time less
data than was requested was skipped. (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53241 (stream casting that relies on fdopen/fopencookie fails
with streams opened with, inter alia, the 'xb' mode). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #53006 (stream_get_contents has an unpredictable behavior when the
underlying stream does not support seeking). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #52944 (Invalid write on second and subsequent reads with an
inflate filter fed invalid data). (Gustavo)
. Fixed bug #52820 (writes to fopencookie FILE* not commited when seeking the
stream). (Gustavo)
- WDDX extension:
. Fixed bug #52468 (wddx_deserialize corrupts integer field value when left
empty). (Felipe)
- Zlib extension:
. Fixed bug #52926 (zlib fopen wrapper does not use context). (Gustavo)
22 Jul 2010, PHP 5.3.3
- Upgraded bundled sqlite to version (Ilia)
- Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.02. (Ilia)
- Added support for JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK option in json_encode() that converts
numeric strings to integers. (Ilia)
- Added stream_set_read_buffer, allows to set the buffer for read operation.
- Added stream filter support to mcrypt extension (ported from
mcrypt_filter). (Stas)
- Added full_special_chars filter to ext/filter. (Rasmus)
- Added backlog socket context option for stream_socket_server(). (Mike)
- Added fifth parameter to openssl_encrypt()/openssl_decrypt()
(string $iv) to use non-NULL IV.
Made implicit use of NULL IV a warning. (Sara)
- Added openssl_cipher_iv_length(). (Sara)
- Added FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) SAPI. (Tony)
- Added recent Windows versions to php_uname and fix undefined windows
version support. (Pierre)
- Added Berkeley DB 5 support to the DBA extension. (Johannes, Chris Jones)
- Added support for copy to/from array/file for pdo_pgsql extension.
(Denis Gasparin, Ilia)
- Added inTransaction() method to PDO, with specialized support for Postgres.
(Ilia, Denis Gasparin)
- Changed namespaced classes so that the ctor can only be named
__construct now. (Stas)
- Reset error state in PDO::beginTransaction() reset error state. (Ilia)
- Implemented FR#51295 (SQLite3::busyTimeout not existing). (Mark)
- Implemented FR#35638 (Adding udate to imap_fetch_overview results).
(Charles_Duffy at dell dot com )
- Rewrote var_export() to use smart_str rather than output buffering, prevents
data disclosure if a fatal error occurs (CVE-2010-2531). (Scott)
- Fixed possible buffer overflows in mysqlnd_list_fields, mysqlnd_change_user.
- Fixed possible buffer overflows when handling error packets in mysqlnd.
Reported by Stefan Esser. (Andrey)
- Fixed very rare memory leak in mysqlnd, when binding thousands of columns.
- Fixed a crash when calling an inexistent method of a class that inherits
PDOStatement if instantiated directly instead of doing by the PDO methods.
- Fixed memory leak on error in mcrypt_create_iv on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed a possible crash because of recursive GC invocation. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible resource destruction issues in shm_put_var().
Reported by Stefan Esser. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible information leak because of interruption of XOR operator.
Reported by Stefan Esser. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible memory corruption because of unexpected call-time pass by
refernce and following memory clobbering through callbacks.
Reported by Stefan Esser. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible memory corruption in ArrayObject::uasort(). Reported by
Stefan Esser. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible memory corruption in parse_str(). Reported by Stefan Esser.
- Fixed a possible memory corruption in pack(). Reported by Stefan Esser.
- Fixed a possible memory corruption in substr_replace(). Reported by Stefan
Esser. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible memory corruption in addcslashes(). Reported by Stefan
Esser. (Dmitry)
- Fixed a possible stack exhaustion inside fnmatch(). Reported by Stefan
Esser. (Ilia)
- Fixed a possible dechunking filter buffer overflow. Reported by Stefan Esser.
- Fixed a possible arbitrary memory access inside sqlite extension. Reported
by Mateusz Kocielski. (Ilia)
- Fixed string format validation inside phar extension. Reported by Stefan
Esser. (Ilia)
- Fixed handling of session variable serialization on certain prefix
characters. Reported by Stefan Esser. (Ilia)
- Fixed a NULL pointer dereference when processing invalid XML-RPC
requests (Fixes CVE-2010-0397, bug #51288). (Raphael Geissert)
- Fixed 64-bit integer overflow in mhash_keygen_s2k(). (Clément LECIGNE, Stas)
- Fixed SplObjectStorage unserialization problems (CVE-2010-2225). (Stas)
- Fixed the mail.log ini setting when no filename was given. (Johannes)
- Fixed bug #52317 (Segmentation fault when using mail() on a rhel 4.x (only 64
bit)). (Adam)
- Fixed bug #52262 (json_decode() shows no errors on invalid UTF-8).
- Fixed bug #52240 (hash_copy() does not copy the HMAC key, causes wrong
results and PHP crashes). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #52238 (Crash when an Exception occured in iterator_to_array).
- Fixed bug #52193 (converting closure to array yields empty array). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #52183 (Reflectionfunction reports invalid number of arguments for
function aliases). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #52162 (custom request header variables with numbers are removed).
(Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #52160 (Invalid E_STRICT redefined constructor error). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #52138 (Constants are parsed into the ini file for section names).
- Fixed bug #52115 (mysqli_result::fetch_all returns null, not an empty array).
- Fixed bug #52101 (dns_get_record() garbage in 'ipv6' field on Windows).
- Fixed bug #52082 (character_set_client & character_set_connection reset after
mysqli_change_user()). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #52043 (GD doesn't recognize latest libJPEG versions).
(php at group dot apple dot com, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #52041 (Memory leak when writing on uninitialized variable returned
from function). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #52060 (Memory leak when passing a closure to method_exists()).
- Fixed bug #52057 (ReflectionClass fails on Closure class). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #52051 (handling of case sensitivity of old-style constructors
changed in 5.3+). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #52037 (Concurrent builds fail in install-programs). (seanius at
debian dot org, Kalle)
- Fixed bug #52019 (make lcov doesn't support TESTS variable anymore). (Patrick)
- Fixed bug #52010 (open_basedir restrictions mismatch on vacuum command).
- Fixed bug #52001 (Memory allocation problems after using variable variables).
- Fixed bug #51991 (spl_autoload and *nix support with namespace). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51943 (AIX: Several files are out of ANSI spec). (Kalle,
coreystup at gmail dot com)
- Fixed bug #51911 (ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValue() memory leaks with
constant array). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51905 (ReflectionParameter fails if default value is an array
with an access to self::). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51899 (Parse error in parse_ini_file() function when empy value
followed by no newline). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51844 (checkdnsrr does not support types other than MX). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #51827 (Bad warning when register_shutdown_function called with
wrong num of parameters). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51822 (Segfault with strange __destruct() for static class
variables). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #51791 (constant() aborts execution when fail to check undefined
constant). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51732 (Fileinfo __construct or open does not work with NULL).
- Fixed bug #51725 (xmlrpc_get_type() returns true on invalid dates). (Mike)
- Fixed bug #51723 (Content-length header is limited to 32bit integer with
Apache2 on Windows). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #51721 (mark DOMNodeList and DOMNamedNodeMap as Traversable).
(David Zuelke)
- Fixed bug #51712 (Test mysql_mysqlnd_read_timeout_long must fail on MySQL4).
- Fixed bug #51697 (Unsafe operations in free_storage of SPL iterators,
causes crash during shutdown). (Etienne)
- Fixed bug #51690 (Phar::setStub looks for case-sensitive
__HALT_COMPILER()). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #51688 (ini per dir crashes when invalid document root are given).
- Fixed bug #51671 (imagefill does not work correctly for small images).
- Fixed bug #51670 (getColumnMeta causes segfault when re-executing query
after calling nextRowset). (Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #51647 Certificate file without private key (pk in another file)
doesn't work. (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #51629 (CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION error message is misleading).
- Fixed bug #51627 (script path not correctly evaluated).
(russell dot tempero at rightnow dot com)
- Fixed bug #51624 (Crash when calling mysqli_options()). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51615 (PHP crash with wrong HTML in SimpleXML). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51609 (pg_copy_to: Invalid results when using fourth parameter).
- Fixed bug #51608 (pg_copy_to: WARNING: nonstandard use of \\ in a string
literal). (cbandy at jbandy dot com)
- Fixed bug #51607 (pg_copy_from does not allow schema in the tablename
argument). (cbandy at jbandy dot com)
- Fixed bug #51605 (Mysqli - zombie links). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #51604 (newline in end of header is shown in start of message).
(Daniel Egeberg)
- Fixed bug #51590 (JSON_ERROR_UTF8 is undefined). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51583 (Bus error due to wrong alignment in mysqlnd). (Rainer Jung)
- Fixed bug #51582 (Don't assume UINT64_C it's ever available).
(reidrac at usebox dot net, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #51577 (Uninitialized memory reference with oci_bind_array_by_name)
(Oracle Corp.)
- Fixed bug #51562 (query timeout in mssql can not be changed per query).
(ejsmont dot artur at gmail dot com)
- Fixed bug #51552 (debug_backtrace() causes segmentation fault and/or memory
issues). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #51445 (var_dump() invalid/slow *RECURSION* detection). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51435 (Missing ifdefs / logic bug in crypt code cause compile
errors). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #51424 (crypt() function hangs after 3rd call). (Pierre, Sriram)
- Fixed bug #51394 (Error line reported incorrectly if error handler throws an
exception). (Stas)
- Fixed bug #51393 (DateTime::createFromFormat() fails if format string contains
timezone). (Adam)
- Fixed bug #51347 (mysqli_close / connection memory leak). (Andrey, Johannes)
- Fixed bug #51338 (URL-Rewriter is still enabled if use_only_cookies is
on). (Ilia, j dot jeising at gmail dot com)
- Fixed bug #51291 (oci_error doesn't report last error when called two times)
(Oracle Corp.)
- Fixed bug #51276 (php_load_extension() is missing when HAVE_LIBDL is
undefined). (Tony)
- Fixed bug #51273 (Faultstring property does not exist when the faultstring is
empty) (Ilia, dennis at transip dot nl)
- Fixed bug #51269 (zlib.output_compression Overwrites Vary Header). (Adam)
- Fixed bug #51257 (CURL_VERSION_LARGEFILE incorrectly used after libcurl
version 7.10.1). (aron dot ujvari at microsec dot hu)
- Fixed bug #51242 (Empty mysql.default_port does not default to 3306 anymore,
but 0). (Adam)
- Fixed bug #51237 (milter SAPI crash on startup). (igmar at palsenberg dot com)
- Fixed bug #51213 (pdo_mssql is trimming value of the money column). (Ilia,
alexr at oplot dot com)
- Fixed bug #51190 (ftp_put() returns false when transfer was successful).
- Fixed bug #51183 (ext/date/php_date.c fails to compile with Sun Studio).
(Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #51176 (Static calling in non-static method behaves like $this->).
- Fixed bug #51171 (curl_setopt() doesn't output any errors or warnings when
an invalid option is provided). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #51128 (imagefill() doesn't work with large images). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #51096 ('last day' and 'first day' are handled incorrectly when
parsing date strings). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #51086 (DBA DB4 doesn't work with Berkeley DB 4.8). (Chris Jones)
- Fixed bug #51062 (DBA DB4 uses mismatched headers and libraries). (Chris
- Fixed bug #51026 (mysqli_ssl_set not working). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #51023 (filter doesn't detect int overflows with GCC 4.4).
(Raphael Geissert)
- Fixed bug #50999 (unaligned memory access in dba_fetch()). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50976 (Soap headers Authorization not allowed).
(Brain France, Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50828 (DOMNotation is not subclass of DOMNode). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #50810 (property_exists does not work for private). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50762 (in WSDL mode Soap Header handler function only being called
if defined in WSDL). (mephius at gmail dot com)
- Fixed bug #50731 (Inconsistent namespaces sent to functions registered with
spl_autoload_register). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50563 (removing E_WARNING from parse_url). (ralph at smashlabs dot
com, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #50578 (incorrect shebang in phar.phar). (Fedora at FamilleCollet
dot com)
- Fixed bug #50392 (date_create_from_format enforces 6 digits for 'u' format
character). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #50383 (Exceptions thrown in __call / __callStatic do not include
file and line in trace). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50358 (Compile failure compiling ext/phar/util.lo). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50101 (name clash between global and local variable).
(patch by yoarvi at gmail dot com)
- Fixed bug #50055 (DateTime::sub() allows 'relative' time modifications).
- Fixed bug #51002 (fix possible memory corruption with very long names).
- Fixed bug #49893 (Crash while creating an instance of Zend_Mail_Storage_Pop3).
- Fixed bug #49819 (STDOUT losing data with posix_isatty()). (Mike)
- Fixed bug #49778 (DateInterval::format("%a") is always zero when an interval
is created from an ISO string). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #49700 (memory leaks in php_date.c if garbage collector is
enabled). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #49576 (FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL filter needs updating) (Rasmus)
- Fixed bug #49490 (XPath namespace prefix conflict). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #49429 (odbc_autocommit doesn't work). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49320 (PDO returns null when SQLite connection fails). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49234 (mysqli_ssl_set not found). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #49216 (Reflection doesn't seem to work properly on MySqli).
- Fixed bug #49192 (PHP crashes when GC invoked on COM object). (Stas)
- Fixed bug #49081 (DateTime::diff() mistake if start in January and interval >
28 days). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #49059 (DateTime::diff() repeats previous sub() operation).
(, Derick)
- Fixed bug #48983 (DomDocument : saveHTMLFile wrong charset). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #48930 (__COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ incorrect in PHP >= 5.3). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48902 (Timezone database fallback map is outdated). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #48781 (Cyclical garbage collector memory leak). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #48601 (xpath() returns FALSE for legitimate query). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #48361 (SplFileInfo::getPathInfo should return the
parent dir). (Etienne)
- Fixed bug #48289 (iconv_mime_encode() quoted-printable scheme is broken).
(Adam, patch from hiroaki dot kawai at gmail dot com).
- Fixed bug #47842 (sscanf() does not support 64-bit values). (Mike)
- Fixed bug #46111 (Some timezone identifiers can not be parsed). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #45808 (stream_socket_enable_crypto() blocks and eats CPU).
(vincent at optilian dot com)
- Fixed bug #43233 (sasl support for ldap on Windows). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #35673 (formatOutput does not work with saveHTML). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #33210 (getimagesize() fails to detect width/height on certain
JPEGs). (Ilia)
04 Mar 2010, PHP 5.3.2
- Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.22. (Ilia)
- Upgraded bundled libmagic to version 5.03. (Mikko)
- Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.00. (Scott)
- Updated timezone database to version 2010.3. (Derick)
- Improved LCG entropy. (Rasmus, Samy Kamkar)
- Improved crypt support for edge cases (UFC compatibility). (Solar Designer,
Joey, Pierre)
- Reverted fix for bug #49521 (PDO fetchObject sets values before calling
constructor). (Pierrick, Johannes)
- Changed gmp_strval() to use full range from 2 to 62, and -2 to -36. FR #50283
(David Soria Parra)
- Changed "post_max_size" php.ini directive to allow unlimited post size by
setting it to 0. (Rasmus)
- Changed tidyNode class to disallow manual node creation. (Pierrick)
- Removed automatic file descriptor unlocking happening on shutdown and/or
stream close (on all OSes). (Tony, Ilia)
- Added libpng 1.4.0 support. (Pierre)
- Added support for DISABLE_AUTHENTICATOR for imap_open. (Pierre)
- Added missing host validation for HTTP urls inside FILTER_VALIDATE_URL.
- Added stream_resolve_include_path(). (Mikko)
- Added INTERNALDATE support to imap_append. (nick at mailtrust dot com)
- Added support for SHA-256 and SHA-512 to php's crypt. (Pierre)
- Added realpath_cache_size() and realpath_cache_get() functions. (Stas)
- Added FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_BACKTICK option to the filter extension. (Ilia)
- Added protection for $_SESSION from interrupt corruption and improved
"session.save_path" check. (Stas)
- Added LIBXML_PARSEHUGE constant to override the maximum text size of a
single text node when using libxml2.7.3+. (Kalle)
- Added ReflectionMethod::setAccessible() for invoking non-public methods
through the Reflection API. (Sebastian)
- Added Collator::getSortKey for intl extension. (Stas)
- Added support for CURLOPT_POSTREDIR. FR #49571. (Sriram Natarajan)
- Added support for CURLOPT_CERTINFO. FR #49253.
(Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>)
- Added client-side server name indication support in openssl. (Arnaud)
- Improved fix for bug #50006 (Segfault caused by uksort()). (Stas)
- Fixed mysqlnd hang when queries exactly 16777214 bytes long are sent. (Andrey)
- Fixed incorrect decoding of 5-byte BIT sequences in mysqlnd. (Andrey)
- Fixed error_log() to be binary safe when using message_type 3. (Jani)
- Fixed unnecessary invocation of setitimer when timeouts have been disabled.
(Arvind Srinivasan)
- Fixed memory leak in extension loading when an error occurs on Windows.
- Fixed safe_mode validation inside tempnam() when the directory path does
not end with a /). (Martin Jansen)
- Fixed a possible open_basedir/safe_mode bypass in session extension
identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. (Ilia)
- Fixed possible crash when a error/warning is raised during php startup.
- Fixed possible bad behavior of rename on windows when used with symbolic
links or invalid paths. (Pierre)
- Fixed error output to stderr on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed memory leaks in is_writable/readable/etc on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed memory leaks in the ACL function on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed memory leak in the realpath cache on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed memory leak in zip_close. (Pierre)
- Fixed crypt's blowfish sanity check of the "setting" string, to reject
iteration counts encoded as 36 through 39. (Solar Designer, Joey, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #51059 (crypt crashes when invalid salt are given). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #50952 (allow underscore _ in constants parsed in php.ini files).
- Fixed bug #50940 (Custom content-length set incorrectly in Apache SAPIs).
(Brian France, Rasmus)
- Fixed bug #50930 (Wrong date by php_date.c patch with ancient gcc/glibc
versions). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #50907 (X-PHP-Originating-Script adding two new lines in *NIX).
- Fixed bug #50859 (build fails with openssl 1.0 due to md2 deprecation).
(Ilia, hanno at hboeck dot de)
- Fixed bug #50847 (strip_tags() removes all tags greater then 1023 bytes
long). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50829 (php.ini directive pdo_mysql.default_socket is ignored).
- Fixed bug #50832 (HTTP fopen wrapper does not support passwordless HTTP
authentication). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #50787 (stream_set_write_buffer() has no effect on socket streams).
(vnegrier at optilian dot com, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50761 (system.multiCall crashes in xmlrpc extension).
(hiroaki dot kawai at gmail dot com, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50756 (CURLOPT_FTP_SKIP_PASV_IP does not exist). (Sriram)
- Fixed bug #50732 (exec() adds single byte twice to $output array). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50728 (All PDOExceptions hardcode 'code' property to 0).
(Joey, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50723 (Bug in garbage collector causes crash). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50690 (putenv does not set ENV when the value is only one char).
- Fixed bug #50680 (strtotime() does not support eighth ordinal number). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50661 (DOMDocument::loadXML does not allow UTF-16). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #50657 (copy() with an empty (zero-byte) HTTP source succeeds but
returns false). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50636 (MySQLi_Result sets values before calling constructor).
- Fixed bug #50632 (filter_input() does not return default value if the
variable does not exist). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50576 (XML_OPTION_SKIP_TAGSTART option has no effect). (Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #50558 (Broken object model when extending tidy). (Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #50540 (Crash while running ldap_next_reference test cases).
- Fixed bug #50519 (segfault in garbage collection when using set_error_handler
and DomDocument). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50508 (compile failure: Conflicting HEADER type declarations).
- Fixed bug #50496 (Use of <stdbool.h> is valid only in a c99 compilation
environment. (Sriram)
- Fixed bug #50464 (declare encoding doesn't work within an included file).
- Fixed bug #50458 (PDO::FETCH_FUNC fails with Closures). (Felipe, Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #50445 (PDO-ODBC stored procedure call from Solaris 64-bit causes
seg fault). (davbrown4 at yahoo dot com, Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50416 (PROCEDURE db.myproc can't return a result set in the given
context). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #50394 (Reference argument converted to value in __call). (Stas)
- Fixed bug #50351 (performance regression handling objects, ten times slower
in 5.3 than in 5.2). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50392 (date_create_from_format() enforces 6 digits for 'u'
format character). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50345 (nanosleep not detected properly on some solaris versions).
- Fixed bug #50340 (php.ini parser does not allow spaces in ini keys). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #50334 (crypt ignores sha512 prefix). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #50323 (Allow use of ; in values via ;; in PDO DSN).
(Ilia, Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #50285 (xmlrpc does not preserve keys in encoded indexed arrays).
- Fixed bug #50282 (xmlrpc_encode_request() changes object into array in
calling function). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50267 (get_browser(null) does not use HTTP_USER_AGENT). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #50266 (conflicting types for llabs). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #50261 (Crash When Calling Parent Constructor with
call_user_func()). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50255 (isset() and empty() silently casts array to object).
- Fixed bug #50240 (pdo_mysql.default_socket in php.ini shouldn't used
if it is empty). (foutrelis at gmail dot com, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50231 (Socket path passed using --with-mysql-sock is ignored when
mysqlnd is enabled). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #50219 (soap call Segmentation fault on a redirected url).
- Fixed bug #50212 (crash by ldap_get_option() with LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT).
(Ilia, shigeru_kitazaki at cybozu dot co dot jp)
- Fixed bug #50209 (Compiling with libedit cannot find readline.h).
(tcallawa at redhat dot com)
- Fixed bug #50207 (segmentation fault when concatenating very large strings on
64bit linux). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50196 (stream_copy_to_stream() produces warning when source is
not file). (Stas)
- Fixed bug #50195 (pg_copy_to() fails when table name contains schema. (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50185 (ldap_get_entries() return false instead of an empty array
when there is no error). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #50174 (Incorrectly matched docComment). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50168 (FastCGI fails with wrong error on HEAD request to
non-existant file). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50162 (Memory leak when fetching timestamp column from Oracle
database). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50159 (wrong working directory in symlinked files). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #50158 (FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL fails with valid addresses
containing = or ?). (Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #50152 (ReflectionClass::hasProperty behaves like isset() not
property_exists). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50146 (property_exists: Closure object cannot have properties).
- Fixed bug #50145 (crash while running bug35634.phpt). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #50140 (With default compilation option, php symbols are unresolved
for nsapi). (Uwe Schindler)
- Fixed bug #50087 (NSAPI performance improvements). (Uwe Schindler)
- Fixed bug #50073 (parse_url() incorrect when ? in fragment). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50023 (pdo_mysql doesn't use PHP_MYSQL_UNIX_SOCK_ADDR). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #50005 (Throwing through Reflection modified Exception object
makes segmentation fault). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49990 (SNMP3 warning message about security level printed twice).
- Fixed bug #49985 (pdo_pgsql prepare() re-use previous aborted
transaction). (ben dot pineau at gmail dot com, Ilia, Matteo)
- Fixed bug #49938 (Phar::isBuffering() returns inverted value). (Greg)
- Fixed bug #49936 (crash with ftp stream in php_stream_context_get_option()).
- Fixed bug #49921 (Curl post upload functions changed). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49866 (Making reference on string offsets crashes PHP). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #49855 (import_request_variables() always returns NULL). (Ilia,
sjoerd at php dot net)
- Fixed bug #49851, #50451 (http wrapper breaks on 1024 char long headers).
- Fixed bug #49800 (SimpleXML allow (un)serialize() calls without warning).
(Ilia, wmeler at wp-sa dot pl)
- Fixed bug #49719 (ReflectionClass::hasProperty returns true for a private
property in base class). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49677 (ini parser crashes with apache2 and using ${something}
ini variables). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49660 (libxml 2.7.3+ limits text nodes to 10MB). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49647 (DOMUserData does not exist). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #49600 (imageTTFText text shifted right). (Takeshi Abe)
- Fixed bug #49585 (date_format buffer not long enough for >4 digit years).
(Derick, Adam)
- Fixed bug #49560 (oci8: using LOBs causes slow PHP shutdown). (Oracle Corp.)
- Fixed bug #49521 (PDO fetchObject sets values before calling constructor).
- Fixed bug #49472 (Constants defined in Interfaces can be overridden).
- Fixed bug #49463 (setAttributeNS fails setting default namespace). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #49244 (Floating point NaN cause garbage characters). (Sjoerd)
- Fixed bug #49224 (Compile error due to old DNS functions on AIX systems).
- Fixed bug #49174 (crash when extending PDOStatement and trying to set
queryString property). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48811 (Directives in PATH section do not get applied to
subdirectories). (Patch by: ct at swin dot edu dot au)
- Fixed bug #48590 (SoapClient does not honor max_redirects). (Sriram)
- Fixed bug #48190 (Content-type parameter "boundary" is not case-insensitive
in HTTP uploads). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #47848 (importNode doesn't preserve attribute namespaces). (Rob)
- Fixed bug #47409 (extract() problem with array containing word "this").
(Ilia, chrisstocktonaz at gmail dot com)
- Fixed bug #47281 ($php_errormsg is limited in size of characters)
(Oracle Corp.)
- Fixed bug #46478 (htmlentities() uses obsolete mapping table for character
entity references). (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #45599 (strip_tags() truncates rest of string with invalid
attribute). (Ilia, hradtke)
- Fixed bug #45120 (PDOStatement->execute() returns true then false for same
statement). (Pierrick)
- Fixed bug #44827 (define() allows :: in constant names). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #44098 (imap_utf8() returns only capital letters).
(steffen at dislabs dot de, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #34852 (Failure in odbc_exec() using oracle-supplied odbc
driver). (tim dot tassonis at trivadis dot com)
19 Nov 2009, PHP 5.3.1
- Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.19. (Scott)
- Updated timezone database to version 2009.17 (2009q). (Derick)
- Changed ini file directives [PATH=](on Win32) and [HOST=](on all) to be case
insensitive. (garretts)
- Restored shebang line check to CGI sapi (not checked by scanner anymore).
- Added "max_file_uploads" INI directive, which can be set to limit the
number of file uploads per-request to 20 by default, to prevent possible
DOS via temporary file exhaustion. (Ilia)
- Added missing sanity checks around exif processing. (Ilia)
- Added error constant when json_encode() detects an invalid UTF-8 sequence.
- Added support for ACL on Windows for thread safe SAPI (Apache2 for example)
and fix its support on NTS. (Pierre)
- Improved symbolic, mounted volume and junctions support for realpath on
Windows. (Pierre)
- Improved readlink on Windows, suppress \??\ and use the drive syntax only.
- Improved dns_get_record() AAAA support on windows. Always available when
IPv6 is support is installed, format is now the same than on unix. (Pierre)
- Improved the DNS functions on OSX to use newer APIs, also use Bind 9 API
where available on other platforms. (Scott)
- Improved shared extension loading on OSX to use the standard Unix dlopen()
API. (Scott)
- Fixed crash in com_print_typeinfo when an invalid typelib is given. (Pierre)
- Fixed a safe_mode bypass in tempnam() identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak.
- Fixed a open_basedir bypass in posix_mkfifo() identified by Grzegorz
Stachowiak. (Rasmus)
- Fixed certificate validation inside php_openssl_apply_verification_policy
(Ryan Sleevi, Ilia)
- Fixed crash in SQLiteDatabase::ArrayQuery() and SQLiteDatabase::SingleQuery()
when calling using Reflection. (Felipe)
- Fixed crash when instantiating PDORow and PDOStatement through Reflection.
- Fixed sanity check for the color index in imagecolortransparent. (Pierre)
- Fixed scandir/readdir when used mounted points on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed zlib.deflate compress filter to actually accept level parameter. (Jani)
- Fixed leak on error in popen/exec (and related functions) on Windows.
- Fixed possible bad caching of symlinked directories in the realpath cache
on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed atime and mtime in stat related functions on Windows. (Pierre)
- Fixed spl_autoload_unregister/spl_autoload_functions wrt. Closures and
Functors. (Christian Seiler)
- Fixed open_basedir circumvention for "mail.log" ini directive.
(Maksymilian Arciemowicz, Stas)
- Fixed signature generation/validation for zip archives in ext/phar. (Greg)
- Fixed memory leak in stream_is_local(). (Felipe, Tony)
- Fixed BC break in mime_content_type(), removes the content encoding. (Scott)
- Fixed PECL bug #16842 (oci_error return false when NO_DATA_FOUND is raised).
(Chris Jones)
- Fixed bug #50063 (safe_mode_include_dir fails). (Johannes, christian at
elmerot dot se)
- Fixed bug #50052 (Different Hashes on Windows and Linux on wrong Salt size).
- Fixed bug #49986 (Missing ICU DLLs on windows package). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #49910 (no support for ././@LongLink for long filenames in phar
tar support). (Greg)
- Fixed bug #49908 (throwing exception in __autoload crashes when interface
is not defined). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49847 (exec() fails to return data inside 2nd parameter, given
output lines >4095 bytes). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49809 (time_sleep_until() is not available on OpenSolaris). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49757 (long2ip() can return wrong value in a multi-threaded
applications). (Ilia, Florian Anderiasch)
- Fixed bug #49738 (calling mcrypt after mcrypt_generic_deinit crashes).
(Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #49732 (crashes when using fileinfo when timestamp conversion
fails). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #49698 (Unexpected change in strnatcasecmp()). (Rasmus)
- Fixed bug #49630 (imap_listscan function missing). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49572 (use of C++ style comments causes build failure).
(Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #49531 (CURLOPT_INFILESIZE sometimes causes warning "CURLPROTO_FILE
cannot be set"). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49517 (cURL's CURLOPT_FILE prevents file from being deleted after
fclose). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49470 (FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL allows disallowed characters).
- Fixed bug #49447 (php engine need to correctly check for socket API
return status on windows). (Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #49391 (ldap.c utilizing deprecated ldap_modify_s). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49372 (segfault in php_curl_option_curl). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #49361 (wordwrap() wraps incorrectly on end of line boundaries).
(Ilia, code-it at mail dot ru)
- Fixed bug #49306 (inside pdo_mysql default socket settings are ignored).
- Fixed bug #49289 (bcmath module doesn't compile with phpize configure).
- Fixed bug #49286 (php://input (php_stream_input_read) is broken). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49269 (Ternary operator fails on Iterator object when used inside
foreach declaration). (Etienne, Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #49236 (Missing PHP_SUBST(PDO_MYSQL_SHARED_LIBADD)). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49223 (Inconsistency using get_defined_constants). (Garrett)
- Fixed bug #49193 (gdJpegGetVersionString() inside gd_compact identifies
wrong type in declaration). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49183 (dns_get_record does not return NAPTR records). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #49144 (Import of schema from different host transmits original
authentication details). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #49142 (crash when exception thrown from __tostring()).
(David Soria Parra)
- Fixed bug #49132 (posix_times returns false without error).
(phpbugs at gunnu dot us)
- Fixed bug #49125 (Error in dba_exists C code). (jdornan at stanford dot edu)
- Fixed bug #49122 (undefined reference to mysqlnd_stmt_next_result on compile
with --with-mysqli and MySQL 6.0). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49108 (2nd scan_dir produces segfault). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49098 (mysqli segfault on error). (Rasmus)
- Fixed bug #49095 (proc_get_status['exitcode'] fails on win32). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #49092 (ReflectionFunction fails to work with functions in fully
qualified namespaces). (Kalle, Jani)
- Fixed bug #49074 (private class static fields can be modified by using
reflection). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49072 (feof never returns true for damaged file in zip). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #49065 ("disable_functions" php.ini option does not work on
Zend extensions). (Stas)
- Fixed bug #49064 (--enable-session=shared does not work: undefined symbol:
php_url_scanner_reset_vars). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49056 (parse_ini_file() regression in 5.3.0 when using non-ASCII
strings as option keys). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49052 (context option headers freed too early when using
--with-curlwrappers). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #49047 (The function touch() fails on directories on Windows).
- Fixed bug #49032 (SplFileObject::fscanf() variables passed by reference).
- Fixed bug #49027 (mysqli_options() doesn't work when using mysqlnd). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #49026 (proc_open() can bypass safe_mode_protected_env_vars
restrictions). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49020 (phar misinterprets ustar long filename standard).
- Fixed bug #49018 (phar tar stores long filenames wit prefix/name reversed).
- Fixed bug #49014 (dechunked filter broken when serving more than 8192 bytes
in a chunk). (andreas dot streichardt at globalpark dot com, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #49012 (phar tar signature algorithm reports as Unknown (0) in
getSignature() call). (Greg)
- Fixed bug #49000 (PHP CLI in Interactive mode (php -a) crashes
when including files from function). (Stas)
- Fixed bug #48994 (zlib.output_compression does not output HTTP headers when
set to a string value). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48980 (Crash when compiling with pdo_firebird). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48962 (cURL does not upload files with specified filename).
- Fixed bug #48929 (Double \r\n after HTTP headers when "header" context
option is an array). (David Zülke)
- Fixed bug #48913 (Too long error code strings in pdo_odbc driver).
(naf at altlinux dot ru, Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48912 (Namespace causes unexpected strict behaviour with
extract()). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #48909 (Segmentation fault in mysqli_stmt_execute()). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #48899 (is_callable returns true even if method does not exist in
parent class). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48893 (Problems compiling with Curl). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48880 (Random Appearing open_basedir problem). (Rasmus, Gwynne)
- Fixed bug #48872 (string.c: errors: duplicate case values). (Kalle)
- Fixed bug #48854 (array_merge_recursive modifies arrays after first one).
- Fixed bug #48805 (IPv6 socket transport is not working). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #48802 (printf() returns incorrect outputted length). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48791 (open office files always reported as corrupted). (Greg)
- Fixed bug #48788 (RecursiveDirectoryIterator doesn't descend into symlinked
directories). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #48783 (make install will fail saying phar file exists). (Greg)
- Fixed bug #48774 (SIGSEGVs when using curl_copy_handle()).
(Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #48771 (rename() between volumes fails and reports no error on
Windows). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #48768 (parse_ini_*() crash with INI_SCANNER_RAW). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48763 (ZipArchive produces corrupt archive). (dani dot church at
gmail dot com, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #48762 (IPv6 address filter still rejects valid address). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48757 (ReflectionFunction::invoke() parameter issues). (Kalle)
- Fixed bug #48754 (mysql_close() crash php when no handle specified).
(Johannes, Andrey)
- Fixed bug #48752 (Crash during date parsing with invalid date). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #48746 (Unable to browse directories within Junction Points).
(Pierre, Kanwaljeet Singla)
- Fixed bug #48745 (mysqlnd: mysql_num_fields returns wrong column count for
mysql_list_fields). (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #48740 (PHAR install fails when INSTALL_ROOT is not the final
install location). (james dot cohen at digitalwindow dot com, Greg)
files that have been opened with r+). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #48719 (parse_ini_*(): scanner_mode parameter is not checked for
sanity). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48718 (FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL does not allow numbers in domain
components). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #48681 (openssl signature verification for tar archives broken).
- Fixed bug #48660 (parse_ini_*(): dollar sign as last character of value
fails). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48645 (mb_convert_encoding() doesn't understand hexadecimal
html-entities). (Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #48637 ("file" fopen wrapper is overwritten when using
--with-curlwrappers). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48608 (Invalid libreadline version not detected during configure).
- Fixed bug #48400 (imap crashes when closing stream opened with
OP_PROTOTYPE flag). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48377 (error message unclear on converting phar with existing
file). (Greg)
- Fixed bug #48247 (Infinite loop and possible crash during startup with
errors when errors are logged). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48198 error: 'MYSQLND_LLU_SPEC' undeclared. Cause for #48780 and
#46952 - both fixed too. (Andrey)
- Fixed bug #48189 (ibase_execute error in return param). (Kalle)
- Fixed bug #48182 (ssl handshake fails during asynchronous socket connection).
(Sriram Natarajan)
- Fixed bug #48116 (Fixed build with Openssl 1.0). (Pierre,
Al dot Smith at aeschi dot ch dot eu dot org)
- Fixed bug #48057 (Only the date fields of the first row are fetched, others
are empty). (info at programmiernutte dot net)
- Fixed bug #47481 (natcasesort() does not sort extended ASCII characters
correctly). (Herman Radtke)
- Fixed bug #47351 (Memory leak in DateTime). (Derick, Tobias John)
- Fixed bug #47273 (Encoding bug in SoapServer->fault). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #46682 (touch() afield returns different values on windows).
- Fixed bug #46614 (Extended MySQLi class gives incorrect empty() result).
- Fixed bug #46020 (with Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 on HPUX, #define HPUX).
(Uwe Schindler)
- Fixed bug #45905 (imagefilledrectangle() clipping error).
(markril at hotmail dot com, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #45554 (Inconsistent behavior of the u format char). (Derick)
- Fixed bug #45141 (setcookie will output expires years of >4 digits). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #44683 (popen crashes when an invalid mode is passed). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #43510 (stream_get_meta_data() does not return same mode as used
in fopen). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #42434 (ImageLine w/ antialias = 1px shorter). (wojjie at gmail dot
com, Kalle)
- Fixed bug #40013 (php_uname() does not return nodename on Netware (Guenter
- Fixed bug #38091 (Mail() does not use FQDN when sending SMTP helo).
(Kalle, Rick Yorgason)
- Fixed bug #28038 (Sent incorrect RCPT TO commands to SMTP server) (Garrett)
- Fixed bug #27051 (Impersonation with FastCGI does not exec process as
impersonated user). (Pierre)
30 Jun 2009, PHP 5.3.0
- Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 7.9. (Nuno)
- Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.15. (Scott)
- Moved extensions to PECL (Derick, Lukas, Pierre, Scott):
. ext/dbase
. ext/fbsql
. ext/fdf
. ext/ncurses
. ext/mhash (BC layer is now entirely within ext/hash)
. ext/ming
. ext/msql
. ext/sybase (not maintained anymore, sybase_ct has to be used instead)
- Removed the experimental RPL (master/slave) functions from mysqli. (Andrey)
- Removed zend.ze1_compatibility_mode. (Dmitry)
- Removed all zend_extension_* php.ini directives. Zend extensions are now
always loaded using zend_extension directive. (Derick)
- Removed special treatment of "/tmp" in sessions for open_basedir.
Note: This undocumented behaviour was introduced in 5.2.2. (Alexey)
- Removed shebang line check from CGI sapi (checked by scanner). (Dmitry)
- Changed PCRE, Reflection and SPL extensions to be always enabled. (Marcus)
- Changed md5() to use improved implementation. (Solar Designer, Dmitry)
- Changed HTTP stream wrapper to accept any code between and including
200 to 399 as successful. (Mike, Noah Fontes)
- Changed __call() to be invoked on private/protected method access, similar to
properties and __get(). (Andrei)
- Changed dl() to be disabled by default. Enabled only when explicitly
registered by the SAPI. Currently enabled with cli, cgi and embed SAPIs.
- Changed opendir(), dir() and scandir() to use default context when no context
argument is passed. (Sara)
- Changed open_basedir to allow tightening in runtime contexts. (Sara)
- Changed PHP/Zend extensions to use flexible build IDs. (Stas)
- Changed error level E_ERROR into E_WARNING in Soap extension methods
parameter validation. (Felipe)
- Changed openssl info to show the shared library version number. (Scott)
- Changed floating point behaviour to consistently use double precision on all
platforms and with all compilers. (Christian Seiler)
- Changed round() to act more intuitively when rounding to a certain precision
and round very large and very small exponents correctly. (Christian Seiler)
- Changed session_start() to return false when session startup fails. (Jani)
- Changed property_exists() to check the existence of a property independent of
accessibility (like method_exists()). (Felipe)
- Changed array_reduce() to allow mixed $initial (Christian Seiler)
- Improved PHP syntax and semantics:
. Added lambda functions and closures. (Christian Seiler, Dmitry)
. Added "jump label" operator (limited "goto"). (Dmitry, Sara)
. Added NOWDOC syntax. (Gwynne Raskind, Stas, Dmitry)
. Added HEREDOC syntax with double quotes. (Lars Strojny, Felipe)
. Added support for using static HEREDOCs to initialize static variables and
class members or constants. (Matt)
. Improved syntax highlighting and consistency for variables in double-quoted
strings and literal text in HEREDOCs and backticks. (Matt)
. Added "?:" operator. (Marcus)
. Added support for namespaces. (Dmitry, Stas, Gregory, Marcus)
. Added support for Late Static Binding. (Dmitry, Etienne Kneuss)
. Added support for __callStatic() magic method. (Sara)
. Added forward_static_call(_array) to complete LSB. (Mike Lively)
. Added support for dynamic access of static members using $foo::myFunc().
(Etienne Kneuss)
. Improved checks for callbacks. (Marcus)
. Added __DIR__ constant. (Lars Strojny)
. Added new error modes E_USER_DEPRECATED and E_DEPRECATED.
E_DEPRECATED is used to inform about stuff being scheduled for removal
in future PHP versions. (Lars Strojny, Felipe, Marcus)
. Added "request_order" INI variable to control specifically $_REQUEST
behavior. (Stas)
. Added support for exception linking. (Marcus)
. Added ability to handle exceptions in destructors. (Marcus)
- Improved PHP runtime speed and memory usage:
. Substitute global-scope, persistent constants with their values at compile
time. (Matt)
. Removed direct executor recursion. (Dmitry)
. Use fastcall calling convention in executor on x86. (Dmitry)
. Use IS_CV for direct access to $this variable. (Dmitry)
. Use ZEND_FREE() opcode instead of ZEND_SWITCH_FREE(IS_TMP_VAR). (Dmitry)
. Lazy EG(active_symbol_table) initialization. (Dmitry)
. Optimized ZEND_RETURN opcode to not allocate and copy return value if it is
not used. (Dmitry)
. Replaced all flex based scanners with re2c based scanners.
(Marcus, Nuno, Scott)
. Added garbage collector. (David Wang, Dmitry).
. Improved PHP binary size and startup speed with GCC4 visibility control.
. Improved engine stack implementation for better performance and stability.
. Improved memory usage by moving constants to read only memory.
(Dmitry, Pierre)
. Changed exception handling. Now each op_array doesn't contain
ZEND_HANDLE_EXCEPTION opcode in the end. (Dmitry)
. Optimized require_once() and include_once() by eliminating fopen(3) on
second usage. (Dmitry)
ZEND_ADD_INTERFACE opcode. (Dmitry)
. Optimized string searching for a single character.
(Michal Dziemianko, Scott)
. Optimized interpolated strings to use one less opcode. (Matt)
- Improved php.ini handling: (Jani)
. Added ".htaccess" style user-defined php.ini files support for CGI/FastCGI.
. Added support for special [PATH=/opt/httpd/] and
[] sections. Directives set in these sections can
not be overridden by user-defined ini-files or during runtime.
. Added better error reporting for php.ini syntax errors.
. Allowed using full path to load modules using "extension" directive.
. Allowed "ini-variables" to be used almost everywhere ini php.ini files.
. Allowed using alphanumeric/variable indexes in "array" ini options.
. Added 3rd optional parameter to parse_ini_file() to specify the scanning
mode of INI_SCANNER_NORMAL or INI_SCANNER_RAW. In raw mode option values
and section values are treated as-is.
. Fixed get_cfg_var() to be able to return "array" ini options.
. Added optional parameter to ini_get_all() to only retrieve the current
value. (Hannes)
- Improved Windows support:
. Update all libraries to their latest stable version. (Pierre, Rob, Liz,
. Added Windows support for stat(), touch(), filemtime(), filesize() and
related functions. (Pierre)
. Re-added socket_create_pair() for Windows in sockets extension. (Kalle)
. Added inet_pton() and inet_ntop() also for Windows platforms.
(Kalle, Pierre)
. Added mcrypt_create_iv() for Windows platforms. (Pierre)
. Added ACL Cache support on Windows.
(Kanwaljeet Singla, Pierre, Venkat Raman Don)
. Added constants based on Windows' GetVersionEx information.
. Added support for ACL (is_writable, is_readable, reports now correct
results) on Windows. (Pierre, Venkat Raman Don, Kanwaljeet Singla)
. Added support for fnmatch() on Windows. (Pierre)
. Added support for time_nanosleep() and time_sleep_until() on Windows.
. Added support for symlink(), readlink(), linkinfo() and link() on Windows.
They are available only when the running platform supports them. (Pierre)
. the GMP extension now relies on MPIR instead of the GMP library. (Pierre)
. Added Windows support for stream_socket_pair(). (Kalle)
. Drop all external dependencies for the core features. (Pierre)
. Drastically improve the build procedure (Pierre, Kalle, Rob):
. VC9 (Visual C++ 2008) or later support
. Initial experimental x64 support
. MSI installer now supports all recent Windows versions, including
Windows 7. (John, Kanwaljeet Singla)
- Improved and cleaned CGI code:
. FastCGI is now always enabled and cannot be disabled.
See sapi/cgi/CHANGES for more details. (Dmitry)
. Added CGI SAPI -T option which can be used to measure execution
time of script repeated several times. (Dmitry)
- Improved streams:
. Fixed confusing error message on failure when no errors are logged. (Greg)
. Added stream_supports_lock() function. (Benjamin Schulz)
. Added context parameter for copy() function. (Sara)
. Added "glob://" stream wrapper. (Marcus)
. Added "params" as optional parameter for stream_context_create(). (Sara)
. Added ability to use stream wrappers in include_path. (Gregory, Dmitry)
- Improved DNS API
. Added Windows support for dns_check_record(), dns_get_mx(), checkdnsrr() and
getmxrr(). (Pierre)
. Added support for old style DNS functions (supports OSX and FBSD). (Scott)
. Added a new "entries" array in dns_check_record() containing the TXT
elements. (Felipe, Pierre)
- Improved hash extension:
. Changed mhash to be a wrapper layer around the hash extension. (Scott)
. Added hash_copy() function. (Tony)
. Added sha224 hash algorithm to the hash extension. (Scott)
- Improved IMAP support (Pierre):
. Added imap_gc() to clear the imap cache
. Added imap_utf8_to_mutf7() and imap_mutf7_to_utf8()
- Improved mbstring extension:
. Added "mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetypes" INI directive that allows
common non-text types such as "application/xhtml+xml" to be converted
by mb_output_handler(). (Moriyoshi)
- Improved OCI8 extension (Chris Jones/Oracle Corp.):
. Added Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) and Fast
Application Notification (FAN) support.
. Added support for Oracle External Authentication (not supported
on Windows).
. Improve persistent connection handling of restarted DBs.
. Added SQLT_AFC (aka CHAR datatype) support to oci_bind_by_name.
. Fixed bug #45458 (Numeric keys for associative arrays are not
handled properly)
. Fixed bug #41069 (Segmentation fault with query over DB link).
. Fixed define of SQLT_BDOUBLE and SQLT_BFLOAT constants with Oracle
10g ORACLE_HOME builds.
. Changed default value of oci8.default_prefetch from 10 to 100.
. Fixed PECL Bug #16035 (OCI8: oci_connect without ORACLE_HOME defined causes
segfault) (Chris Jones/Oracle Corp.)
. Fixed PECL Bug #15988 (OCI8: sqlnet.ora isn't read with older Oracle
libraries) (Chris Jones/Oracle Corp.)
. Fixed PECL Bug #14268 (Allow "pecl install oci8" command to "autodetect" an
Instant Client RPM install) (Chris Jones/Oracle Corp.)
. Fixed PECL bug #12431 (OCI8 ping functionality is broken).
. Allow building (e.g from PECL) the PHP 5.3-based OCI8 code with
PHP 4.3.9 onwards.
. Provide separate extensions for Oracle 11g and 10g on Windows.
(Pierre, Chris)
- Improved OpenSSL extension:
. Added support for OpenSSL digest and cipher functions. (Dmitry)
. Added access to internal values of DSA, RSA and DH keys. (Dmitry)
. Fixed a memory leak on openssl_decrypt(). (Henrique)
. Fixed segfault caused by openssl_pkey_new(). (Henrique)
. Fixed bug caused by uninitilized variables in openssl_pkcs7_encrypt() and
openssl_pkcs7_sign(). (Henrique)
. Fixed error message in openssl_seal(). (Henrique)
- Improved pcntl extension: (Arnaud)
. Added pcntl_signal_dispatch().
. Added pcntl_sigprocmask().
. Added pcntl_sigwaitinfo().
. Added pcntl_sigtimedwait().
- Improved SOAP extension:
. Added support for element names in context of XMLSchema's <any>. (Dmitry)
. Added ability to use Traversable objects instead of plain arrays.
(Joshua Reese, Dmitry)
. Fixed possible crash bug caused by an uninitialized value. (Zdash Urf)
- Improved SPL extension:
. Added SPL to list of standard extensions that cannot be disabled. (Marcus)
. Added ability to store associative information with objects in
SplObjectStorage. (Marcus)
. Added ArrayAccess support to SplObjectStorage. (Marcus)
. Added SplDoublyLinkedList, SplStack, SplQueue classes. (Etienne)
. Added FilesystemIterator. (Marcus)
. Added GlobIterator. (Marcus)
. Added SplHeap, SplMinHeap, SplMaxHeap, SplPriorityQueue classes. (Etienne)
. Added new parameter $prepend to spl_autoload_register(). (Etienne)
. Added SplFixedArray. (Etienne, Tony)
. Added delaying exceptions in SPL's autoload mechanism. (Marcus)
. Added RecursiveTreeIterator. (Arnaud, Marcus)
. Added MultipleIterator. (Arnaud, Marcus, Johannes)
- Improved Zend Engine:
. Added "compact" handler for Zend MM storage. (Dmitry)
. Added "+" and "*" specifiers to zend_parse_parameters(). (Andrei)
. Added concept of "delayed early binding" that allows opcode caches to
perform class declaration (early and/or run-time binding) in exactly
the same order as vanilla PHP. (Dmitry)
- Improved crypt() function: (Pierre)
. Added Blowfish and extended DES support. (Using Blowfish implementation
from Solar Designer).
. Made crypt features portable by providing our own implementations
for crypt_r and the algorithms which are used when OS does not provide
them. PHP implementations are always used for Windows builds.
- Deprecated session_register(), session_unregister() and
session_is_registered(). (Hannes)
- Deprecated define_syslog_variables(). (Kalle)
- Deprecated ereg extension. (Felipe)
- Added new extensions:
. Added Enchant extension as a way to access spell checkers. (Pierre)
. Added fileinfo extension as replacement for mime_magic extension. (Derick)
. Added intl extension for Internationalization. (Ed B., Vladimir I.,
Dmitry L., Stanislav M., Vadim S., Kirti V.)
. Added mysqlnd extension as replacement for libmysql for ext/mysql, mysqli
and PDO_mysql. (Andrey, Johannes, Ulf)
. Added phar extension for handling PHP Archives. (Greg, Marcus, Steph)
. Added SQLite3 extension. (Scott)
- Added new date/time functionality: (Derick)
. date_parse_from_format(): Parse date/time strings according to a format.
. date_create_from_format()/DateTime::createFromFormat(): Create a date/time
object by parsing a date/time string according to a given format.
. date_get_last_errors()/DateTime::getLastErrors(): Return a list of warnings
and errors that were found while parsing a date/time string through:
. strtotime() / new DateTime
. date_create_from_format() / DateTime::createFromFormat()
. date_parse_from_format().
. support for abbreviation and offset based timezone specifiers for
the 'e' format specifier, DateTime::__construct(), DateTime::getTimeZone()
and DateTimeZone::getName().
. support for selectively listing timezone identifiers by continent or
country code through timezone_identifiers_list() /
. timezone_location_get() / DateTimezone::getLocation() for retrieving
location information from timezones.
. date_timestamp_set() / DateTime::setTimestamp() to set a Unix timestamp
without invoking the date parser. (Scott, Derick)
. date_timestamp_get() / DateTime::getTimestamp() to retrieve the Unix
timestamp belonging to a date object.
. two optional parameters to timezone_transitions_get() /
DateTimeZone::getTranstions() to limit the range of transitions being
. support for "first/last day of <month>" style texts.
. support for date/time strings returned by MS SQL.
. support for serialization and unserialization of DateTime objects.
. support for diffing date/times through date_diff() / DateTime::diff().
. support for adding/subtracting weekdays with strtotime() and
. DateInterval class to represent the difference between two date/times.
. support for parsing ISO intervals for use with DateInterval.
. date_add() / DateTime::add(), date_sub() / DateTime::sub() for applying an
interval to an existing date/time.
. proper support for "this week", "previous week"/"last week" and "next week"
phrases so that they actually mean the week and not a seven day period
around the current day.
. support for "<xth> <weekday> of" and "last <weekday> of" phrases to be used
with months - like in "last saturday of februari 2008".
. support for "back of <hour>" and "front of <hour>" phrases that are used in
. DatePeriod class which supports iterating over a DateTime object applying
DateInterval on each iteration, up to an end date or limited by maximum
number of occurences.
- Added compatibility mode in GD, imagerotate, image(filled)ellipse
imagefilter, imageconvolution and imagecolormatch are now always enabled.
- Added array_replace() and array_replace_recursive() functions. (Matt)
- Added ReflectionProperty::setAccessible() method that allows non-public
property's values to be read through ::getValue() and set through
::setValue(). (Derick, Sebastian)
- Added msg_queue_exists() function to sysvmsg extension. (Benjamin Schulz)
- Added Firebird specific attributes that can be set via PDO::setAttribute()
to control formatting of date/timestamp columns: PDO::FB_ATTR_DATE_FORMAT,
- Added gmp_testbit() function. (Stas)
- Added icon format support to getimagesize(). (Scott)
- Added LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT option for ldap_set_option() to allow
setting network timeout (FR #42837). (Jani)
- Added optional escape character parameter to fgetcsv(). (David Soria Parra)
- Added an optional parameter to strstr() and stristr() for retrieval of either
the part of haystack before or after first occurrence of needle.
(Johannes, Felipe)
- Added xsl->setProfiling() for profiling stylesheets. (Christian)
- Added long-option feature to getopt() and made getopt() available also on
win32 systems by adding a common getopt implementation into core.
(David Soria Parra, Jani)
- Added support for optional values, and = as separator, in getopt(). (Hannes)
- Added lcfirst() function. (David C)
- Added PREG_BAD_UTF8_OFFSET_ERROR constant. (Nuno)
- Added native support for asinh(), acosh(), atanh(), log1p() and expm1().
- Added LIBXML_LOADED_VERSION constant (libxml2 version currently used). (Rob)
- Added JSON_FORCE_OBJECT flag to json_encode(). (Scott, Richard Quadling)
- Added timezone_version_get() to retrieve the version of the used timezone
database. (Derick)
- Added 'n' flag to fopen to allow passing O_NONBLOCK to the underlying
open(2) system call. (Mikko)
- Added "dechunk" filter which can decode HTTP responses with chunked
transfer-encoding. HTTP streams use this filter automatically in case
"Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header is present in response. It's possible to
disable this behaviour using "http"=>array("auto_decode"=>0) in stream
context. (Dmitry)
- Added support for CP850 encoding in mbstring extension.
(Denis Giffeler, Moriyoshi)
- Added stream_cast() and stream_set_options() to user-space stream wrappers,
allowing stream_select(), stream_set_blocking(), stream_set_timeout() and
stream_set_write_buffer() to work with user-space stream wrappers. (Arnaud)
- Added header_remove() function. (chsc at peytz dot dk, Arnaud)
- Added stream_context_get_params() function. (Arnaud)
- Added optional parameter "new" to sybase_connect(). (Timm)
- Added parse_ini_string() function. (grange at lemonde dot fr, Arnaud)
- Added str_getcsv() function. (Sara)
- Added openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() function. (Scott)
- Added ability to send user defined HTTP headers with SOAP request.
(Brian J.France, Dmitry)
- Added concatenation option to bz2.decompress stream filter.
(Keisial at gmail dot com, Greg)
- Added support for using compressed connections with PDO_mysql. (Johannes)
- Added the ability for json_decode() to take a user specified depth. (Scott)
- Added support for the mysql_stmt_next_result() function from libmysql.
- Added function preg_filter() that does grep and replace in one go. (Marcus)
- Added system independent realpath() implementation which caches intermediate
directories in realpath-cache. (Dmitry)
- Added optional clear_realpath_cache and filename parameters to
clearstatcache(). (Jani, Arnaud)
- Added litespeed SAPI module. (George Wang)
- Added ext/hash support to ext/session's ID generator. (Sara)
- Added quoted_printable_encode() function. (Tony)
- Added stream_context_set_default() function. (Davey Shafik)
- Added optional "is_xhtml" parameter to nl2br() which makes the function
output <br> when false and <br /> when true (FR #34381). (Kalle)
- Added PHP_MAXPATHLEN constant (maximum length of a path). (Pierre)
- Added support for SSH via libssh2 in cURL. (Pierre)
- Added support for gray levels PNG image with alpha in GD extension. (Pierre)
- Added support for salsa hashing functions in HASH extension. (Scott)
- Added DOMNode::getLineNo to get line number of parsed node. (Rob)
- Added table info to PDO::getColumnMeta() with SQLite. (Martin Jansen, Scott)
- Added mail logging functionality that allows logging of mail sent via
mail() function. (Ilia)
- Added json_last_error() to return any error information from json_decode().
- Added gethostname() to return the current system host name. (Ilia)
- Added shm_has_var() function. (Mike)
- Added depth parameter to json_decode() to lower the nesting depth from the
maximum if required. (Scott)
- Added pixelation support in imagefilter(). (Takeshi Abe, Kalle)
- Added SplObjectStorage::addAll/removeAll. (Etienne)
- Implemented FR #41712 (curl progress callback: CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION).
(sdteffen[at]gmail[dot].com, Pierre)
- Implemented FR #47739 (Missing cURL option do disable IPv6). (Pierre)
- Implemented FR #39637 (Missing cURL option CURLOPT_FTP_FILEMETHOD). (Pierre)
- Fixed an issue with ReflectionProperty::setAccessible().
(Sebastian, Roman Borschel)
- Fixed html_entity_decode() incorrectly converting numeric html entities
to different characters with cp1251 and cp866. (Scott)
- Fixed an issue in date() where a : was printed for the O modifier after a P
modifier was used. (Derick)
- Fixed exec() on Windows to not eat the first and last double quotes. (Scott)
- Fixed readlink on Windows in thread safe SAPI (apache2.x etc.). (Pierre)
- Fixed a bug causing miscalculations with the "last <weekday> of <n> month"
relative time string. (Derick)
- Fixed bug causing the algorithm parameter of mhash() to be modified. (Scott)
- Fixed invalid calls to free when internal fileinfo magic file is used. (Scott)
- Fixed memory leak inside wddx_add_vars() function. (Felipe)
- Fixed check in recode extension to allow builing of recode and mysql
extensions when using a recent libmysql. (Johannes)
- Fixed PECL bug #12794 (PDOStatement->nextRowset() doesn't work). (Johannes)
- Fixed PECL bug #12401 (Add support for ATTR_FETCH_TABLE_NAMES). (Johannes)
- Fixed bug #48696 (ldap_read() segfaults with invalid parameters). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48643 (String functions memory issue). (Dmitry)
- Fixed bug #48641 (tmpfile() uses old parameter parsing).
(crrodriguez at opensuse dot org)
- Fixed bug #48624 (.user.ini never gets parsed). (Pierre)
- Fixed bug #48620 (X-PHP-Originating-Script assumes no trailing CRLF in
existing headers). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #48578 (Can't build 5.3 on FBSD 4.11). (Rasmus)
- Fixed bug #48535 (file_exists returns false when impersonate is used).
(Kanwaljeet Singla, Venkat Raman Don)
- Fixed bug #48493 (spl_autoload_register() doesn't work correctly when
prepending functions). (Scott)
- Fixed bug #48215 (Calling a method with the same name as the parent class
calls the constructor). (Scott)
- Fixed bug #48200 (compile failure with mbstring.c when
--enable-zend-multibyte is used). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #48188 (Cannot execute a scrollable cursors twice with PDO_PGSQL).
- Fixed bug #48185 (warning: value computed is not used in
pdo_sqlite_stmt_get_col line 271). (Matteo)
- Fixed bug #48087 (call_user_method() invalid free of arguments). (Felipe)
- Fixed bug #48060 (pdo_pgsql - large objects are returned as empty). (Matteo)