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| Zend Engine |
| Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Zend Technologies Ltd. ( |
| This source file is subject to version 0.92 of the Zend license, |
| that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is |
| available at through the world-wide-web at |
| |
| If you did not receive a copy of the Zend license and are unable to |
| obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to |
| so we can mail you a copy immediately. |
| Authors: Andi Gutmans <> |
| Zeev Suraski <> |
#ifndef ZEND_HASH_H
#define ZEND_HASH_H
#include <sys/types.h>
#define HASH_KEY_IS_LONG 2
#define HASH_UPDATE (1<<0)
#define HASH_ADD (1<<1)
#define HASH_NEXT_INSERT (1<<2)
#define HASH_DEL_KEY 0
#define HASH_DEL_INDEX 1
typedef ulong (*hash_func_t)(char *arKey, uint nKeyLength);
typedef int (*compare_func_t)(const void *, const void * TSRMLS_DC);
typedef void (*sort_func_t)(void *, size_t, register size_t, compare_func_t TSRMLS_DC);
typedef void (*dtor_func_t)(void *pDest);
typedef void (*copy_ctor_func_t)(void *pElement);
struct _hashtable;
typedef struct bucket {
ulong h; /* Used for numeric indexing */
uint nKeyLength;
void *pData;
void *pDataPtr;
struct bucket *pListNext;
struct bucket *pListLast;
struct bucket *pNext;
struct bucket *pLast;
char arKey[1]; /* Must be last element */
} Bucket;
typedef struct _hashtable {
uint nTableSize;
uint nTableMask;
uint nNumOfElements;
ulong nNextFreeElement;
Bucket *pInternalPointer; /* Used for element traversal */
Bucket *pListHead;
Bucket *pListTail;
Bucket **arBuckets;
dtor_func_t pDestructor;
zend_bool persistent;
unsigned char nApplyCount;
zend_bool bApplyProtection;
int inconsistent;
} HashTable;
typedef Bucket* HashPosition;
/* startup/shutdown */
ZEND_API int zend_hash_init(HashTable *ht, uint nSize, hash_func_t pHashFunction, dtor_func_t pDestructor, int persistent);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_init_ex(HashTable *ht, uint nSize, hash_func_t pHashFunction, dtor_func_t pDestructor, int persistent, zend_bool bApplyProtection);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_destroy(HashTable *ht);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_clean(HashTable *ht);
/* additions/updates/changes */
ZEND_API int zend_hash_add_or_update(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength, void *pData, uint nDataSize, void **pDest, int flag);
#define zend_hash_update(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, pData, nDataSize, pDest) \
zend_hash_add_or_update(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, pData, nDataSize, pDest, HASH_UPDATE)
#define zend_hash_add(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, pData, nDataSize, pDest) \
zend_hash_add_or_update(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, pData, nDataSize, pDest, HASH_ADD)
ZEND_API int zend_hash_quick_add_or_update(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength, ulong h, void *pData, uint nDataSize, void **pDest, int flag);
#define zend_hash_quick_update(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, h, pData, nDataSize, pDest) \
zend_hash_quick_add_or_update(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, h, pData, nDataSize, pDest, HASH_UPDATE)
#define zend_hash_quick_add(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, h, pData, nDataSize, pDest) \
zend_hash_quick_add_or_update(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, h, pData, nDataSize, pDest, HASH_ADD)
ZEND_API int zend_hash_index_update_or_next_insert(HashTable *ht, ulong h, void *pData, uint nDataSize, void **pDest, int flag);
#define zend_hash_index_update(ht, h, pData, nDataSize, pDest) \
zend_hash_index_update_or_next_insert(ht, h, pData, nDataSize, pDest, HASH_UPDATE)
#define zend_hash_next_index_insert(ht, pData, nDataSize, pDest) \
zend_hash_index_update_or_next_insert(ht, 0, pData, nDataSize, pDest, HASH_NEXT_INSERT)
ZEND_API int zend_hash_add_empty_element(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength);
typedef struct _zend_hash_key {
char *arKey;
uint nKeyLength;
ulong h;
} zend_hash_key;
typedef int (*apply_func_t)(void *pDest TSRMLS_DC);
typedef int (*apply_func_arg_t)(void *pDest, void *argument TSRMLS_DC);
typedef int (*apply_func_args_t)(void *pDest, int num_args, va_list args, zend_hash_key *hash_key);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_graceful_destroy(HashTable *ht);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_apply(HashTable *ht, apply_func_t apply_func TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_apply_with_argument(HashTable *ht, apply_func_arg_t apply_func, void * TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_apply_with_arguments(HashTable *ht, apply_func_args_t apply_func, int, ...);
/* This function should be used with special care (in other words,
* it should usually not be used). When used with the ZEND_HASH_APPLY_STOP
* return value, it assumes things about the order of the elements in the hash.
* Also, it does not provide the same kind of reentrancy protection that
* the standard apply functions do.
ZEND_API void zend_hash_reverse_apply(HashTable *ht, apply_func_t apply_func TSRMLS_DC);
/* Deletes */
ZEND_API int zend_hash_del_key_or_index(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength, ulong h, int flag);
#define zend_hash_del(ht, arKey, nKeyLength) \
zend_hash_del_key_or_index(ht, arKey, nKeyLength, 0, HASH_DEL_KEY)
#define zend_hash_index_del(ht, h) \
zend_hash_del_key_or_index(ht, NULL, 0, h, HASH_DEL_INDEX)
ZEND_API ulong zend_get_hash_value(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength);
/* Data retreival */
ZEND_API int zend_hash_find(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength, void **pData);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_quick_find(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength, ulong h, void **pData);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_index_find(HashTable *ht, ulong h, void **pData);
/* Misc */
ZEND_API int zend_hash_exists(HashTable *ht, char *arKey, uint nKeyLength);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_index_exists(HashTable *ht, ulong h);
ZEND_API ulong zend_hash_next_free_element(HashTable *ht);
/* traversing */
ZEND_API int zend_hash_move_forward_ex(HashTable *ht, HashPosition *pos);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_move_backwards_ex(HashTable *ht, HashPosition *pos);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_get_current_key_ex(HashTable *ht, char **str_index, uint *str_length, ulong *num_index, zend_bool duplicate, HashPosition *pos);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_get_current_key_type_ex(HashTable *ht, HashPosition *pos);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_get_current_data_ex(HashTable *ht, void **pData, HashPosition *pos);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_internal_pointer_reset_ex(HashTable *ht, HashPosition *pos);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_internal_pointer_end_ex(HashTable *ht, HashPosition *pos);
#define zend_hash_move_forward(ht) \
zend_hash_move_forward_ex(ht, NULL)
#define zend_hash_move_backwards(ht) \
zend_hash_move_backwards_ex(ht, NULL)
#define zend_hash_get_current_key(ht, str_index, num_index, duplicate) \
zend_hash_get_current_key_ex(ht, str_index, NULL, num_index, duplicate, NULL)
#define zend_hash_get_current_key_type(ht) \
zend_hash_get_current_key_type_ex(ht, NULL)
#define zend_hash_get_current_data(ht, pData) \
zend_hash_get_current_data_ex(ht, pData, NULL)
#define zend_hash_internal_pointer_reset(ht) \
zend_hash_internal_pointer_reset_ex(ht, NULL)
#define zend_hash_internal_pointer_end(ht) \
zend_hash_internal_pointer_end_ex(ht, NULL)
/* Copying, merging and sorting */
ZEND_API void zend_hash_copy(HashTable *target, HashTable *source, copy_ctor_func_t pCopyConstructor, void *tmp, uint size);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_merge(HashTable *target, HashTable *source, copy_ctor_func_t pCopyConstructor, void *tmp, uint size, int overwrite);
ZEND_API void zend_hash_merge_ex(HashTable *target, HashTable *source, copy_ctor_func_t pCopyConstructor, uint size, zend_bool (*pReplaceOrig)(void *orig, void *p_new));
ZEND_API int zend_hash_sort(HashTable *ht, sort_func_t sort_func, compare_func_t compare_func, int renumber TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_compare(HashTable *ht1, HashTable *ht2, compare_func_t compar, zend_bool ordered TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_minmax(HashTable *ht, compare_func_t compar, int flag, void **pData TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_num_elements(HashTable *ht);
ZEND_API int zend_hash_rehash(HashTable *ht);
static inline ulong zend_inline_hash_func(char *arKey, uint nKeyLength)
ulong h = 5381;
char *arEnd = arKey + nKeyLength;
while (arKey < arEnd) {
h += (h << 5);
h ^= (ulong) *arKey++;
return h;
ZEND_API ulong zend_hash_func(char *arKey, uint nKeyLength);
/* debug */
void zend_hash_display_pListTail(HashTable *ht);
void zend_hash_display(HashTable *ht);
#define ZEND_INIT_SYMTABLE(ht) \
#define ZEND_INIT_SYMTABLE_EX(ht, n, persistent) \
zend_hash_init(ht, n, NULL, ZVAL_PTR_DTOR, persistent)
#endif /* ZEND_HASH_H */
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