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// $Id$
// vim:ft=javascript
ARG_WITH("dba", "DBA support", "no");
if (PHP_DBA != "no") {
if (CHECK_LIB("libdb31s.lib;libdb61.lib", "dba", PHP_DBA) &&
EXTENSION("dba", "dba.c dba_cdb.c dba_db1.c dba_db2.c dba_db3.c dba_dbm.c dba_flatfile.c dba_gdbm.c dba_ndbm.c dba_inifile.c");
ADD_SOURCES("ext/dba/libcdb", "cdb.c cdb_make.c uint32.c", "dba");
ADD_SOURCES("ext/dba/libflatfile", "flatfile.c", "dba");
ADD_SOURCES("ext/dba/libinifile", "inifile.c", "dba");
AC_DEFINE('HAVE_DBA', 1, 'DBA support');
ADD_FLAG("CFLAGS_DBA", "/D DBA_DB1=0 /D DB1_VERSION=\"\\\"Berkeley DB 1.85 emulation in DB3\\\"\" /D DB1_INCLUDE_FILE=\"\\\"db_185.h\\\"\" /D DBA_DB3=1 /D DB3_INCLUDE_FILE=\"\\\"db.h\\\"\" /D DBA_FLATFILE=1 /D DBA_CDB=1 /D DBA_CDB_MAKE=1 /D DBA_CDB_BUILTIN=1 /D DBA_INIFILE=1");
} else {
WARNING("dba not enabled; libraries and headers not found");
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